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Too Much Information is a Lie

Most of the time, a person immediately defends himself when he is lying. Sometimes, he would state all unnecessary information that will make him more suspected. One of the most important signs that a person is lying is by listening at his statement.

lies 4

Giving too many information indicates falseness. This is very common to all. Most of the time, it happens when you want to cover yourself to a deed that you have done. It is not a mistake if you give details to a person. You can even give him all the details that he wants to know as long as you don’t act as if you are too defensive.

It’s like answering a question that can be answerable by Yes or No. For example, “Have you dated last weekend?” You can simply say yes or no to that question.


Now, if your answer is like this: “Last weekend Rey and I go at gun shop and then go fishing. After that, we go to some massage center and eat at a famous restaurant in Jason St. At six o’clock we waited for Rey’s mother near the bridge at Cannington St. and after few hours of waiting, her mother doesn’t show up so we went home.”

There is something wrong with the person when he answer just like that. It’s something that can be simply determined. Answering like this is an indication that you are defending yourself when in the first place, you are only asked a very simple question and there is no need to elaborate.



The Truth is Hidden in a Lie

Sometimes, a person looks like lying but is stating the truth. How will you determine it? Simply tie all the information you have gathered from different sources and when you are done, you can determine who is saying the truth. The secret to know if a person is lying, is to also know what lie is.


A Sign of Anxiety

Eye contact is a very important factor when you are stating the truth. Like for example, when you are called by your teacher for an oral recitation. You do not know the answer. Basically, you will bow down your head and you cannot look straightforward to your teacher while answering. This indicates that you are dishonest.


Knowing Who’s Saying the Truth

Most of the time, confident students who know the answer do not mind if they have an eye contact or not as long as they answer fluently and it is correct. You will notice that a person who is telling the truth is calm and fluently giving you all the information that you want. However, when a person is lying there is a sign that his eyes will not directed to you.

Truths and Half-Truths

Yes, he is speaking every detail of an incident but he is only telling a half-baked truth because he does not do eye contact with you. Aside from eye contact, many people sweat more when they are lying and sometimes they are so bothered that they cannot work properly. If these happen to a person and it is not its usual attitude, he is giving a sign that he is deceiving.



Some Futuristic Ideas That Can Help Rebuild the Planet

There is no such thing as the impossible with the world that we have today. A lot of things can evolve but some things need to remain the same. As for the maintenance of what is natural, one just cannot forget that the root bears it all. Losing the environment would mean losing everything in this planet. That is why, the advancement of the technology doesn’t only address to making the things in life easier, it should also be dedicated to saving life.


There’s no perfect time as now. Here are some of the ideas that can actually alter the waste land futuristic idea that everybody seems to have:

1. Wind Power: At present, this has to be the cheapest and the most widespread renewable technology.

2. Solar Power: This idea has been known since the 1970′s but it is only just now that such mediums were created to put this to good use in the world. This technology has become available worldwide and is now actually affordable.


3. Grid Storage: It is more on the idea that the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow too strong to meet the electricity demand. What comes off as an appealing idea now has to store these energies in such a location that would render the solar and wind power energy as something that can be used as a medium to collect energy but can be turned off over time.

These are all just ideas – ideas that can be done in the future.



Finding the Best Orthodontic Care

Your smile is one of your most precious assets; therefore, a full dental service is necessary to keep your teeth looking good and healthy. A flawless set of teeth is absolutely an integral part of your overall health and wellness.

Orthodontic Treatment

However, if you have an improper bite and or other teeth problems, you just do not see an ordinary dentist but a professional orthodontist. So, if you are thinking of going through an orthodontic treatment of any kind, make sure that you do it right. People do not visit an orthodontist very often in their lives, but certain problematic people may need to at some point in their lives. It could be you or your child. Who knows!

It is both the duty and responsibility of a parent to ensure that your child’s teeth are growing the way they should be. If the problem is crooked teeth, he may need quality cheap invisible braces to help correct it. With the many choices, shapes and sizes, treatment is endless.


Although choosing an expert can be difficult because you have to consider certain factors, you will never go wrong with your choice of an expert from Singapore. Cost of the treatment, location of the facility, convenience of appointment time is just a few of the many factors when picking the right practitioner.

There are those who offer affordable prices, with a clinic conveniently located, and the practitioner appears kind and knowledgeable. However, be mindful of the quality of treatment because if not, then you better leave and look for someone else that’s board certified.




The Health Benefits of Lemons

You ignore lemons because of its tang but you need to know that it contains lots of health benefits. Lemons are simple looking but the power resides within. If you want to know about the health benefits of lemons, you should read further. Here are some health benefits worth mentioning:

Lemon slices background

  • Lemons contain lots of nourishing elements: The first thing that you should know is that lemons contain lots of nourishing components like vitamin B, vitamin C, carbohydrates, protein and phosphorus.
  • It helps in indigestion and constipation: Believe it or not lemons can help indigestion and constipation-related problems. You only need to add few drops of lemon on your favourite dish and it will do the trick.


  • It helps nourish the skin: Lemons can act as a natural antiseptic. It can cure skin-related problems. For example, it can alleviate pain from sun burn. It does not end there because it can also help get rid of acne.
  • It helps nurture the hair: Lemons prove to be useful when it comes to hair and scalp treatment. Lemons can help when you have dandruff. It can also be used to treat hair loss and other hair-related problems. You only need to apply lemon juice directly.

Actually, the list goes on. Now you know the health benefits of lemon. You will not ignore it and make good use of it. If you want your kids to benefit from lemons, you can make lemonade by mixing water and lemon juice. You can also add honey.

Lemons are famous cleaning agent. It will effectively remove stains and the scent can repel mosquitoes. If you just give lemons a chance, they will make your lives better.




Orchids in Singapore

More than tall buildings and the modern civilization, Singapore’s charm and appeal can be attributed to its flowers. There are many flowers here but the Vanda Miss Joaquim will always command attention because of its beauty and vibrancy. Vanda Miss Joaquim is an orchid hybrid and it is considered as Singapore’s national flower.


In case you do not know, Singapore has many interesting species of orchids. In fact, there is a new hybrid named after United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The orchid is named Dendrobium UNESCO.

If you are interested in native orchids, here are some that you can consider:

  • Den crumenatum – This orchid is often referred as a pigeon orchid. This orchid is a common sight here. Nine days after heavy rainstorm, you will see the blossoming of this flower.
  • Dendrobium leonis – This orchid is small. Its bloom is about 1.5 cm but it is famous because of its sweet scent. You can smell its scent from a distance of 5m.
  • Dendrobium secundum – This orchid is extinct. Its characteristic is the leafless steam which presents many flower inflorescences.



  • Bulbophyllum vaginatum – This orchid is often seen covering the branches of Rain Trees. If it is in full bloom, they present a spectacular sight.
  • Bulbophyllum membranaceum – This orchid is one of the smallest native orchids here.
  • Eria javanica: This orchid is a pleasant sight to marvel because of its blooming in large bundles. It also releases light fragrance.
  • Arundina gramminifolia – If you pass Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, you will see beautiful orchids. They are arundina gramminifolia.
  • Grammatophyllum speciosum – This orchid is also called Tiger Orchid. It is also touted as the world’s largest orchid plant because of its weight.



Fall in Love with These Coffee Shops

Whether it’s raining or unbearably hot as we are now well into summer, going to coffee shops never seems to go out of fashion. From the time coffee shops became a hit, until now we see more and more of them sprouting like mushrooms at every corner across the country. With so many to choose from, it’s quite impossible to visit each one of them. So which ones are worth taking the time to visit? To answer your query, here’s a compilation of Singapore’s noteworthy coffee shops.


Loysel’s Toy Cafe

When you’re sipping that good cup of coffee, all you want to do is relax and be as laid-back as possible. At Loysel’s Toy Cafe, you get to do exactly just that. Known for their freshly brewed coffee, Loysel’s Toy Cafe continues to pack a steady number of followers.  Why wouldn’t they keep coming back? The place serves good coffee, there’s plenty of seating both indoor and outdoor, and the overall feel of the place is simple and rustic. So if you feel like you just want to hang out, either by yourself or with a couple of friends, take a ride to Loysel’s Toy Cafe at 66 Kampong Bugis, #01-01 Sam Tat Building Singapore 338987.

Necessary Provisions

The best thing about this place is everything! When you go here, you simply imbibe that general sense of warmth and wellbeing. With a sign that says: “this home runs on love, laughter, and cups of strong coffee,” you’ll instantly feel like you belong in a genuine community. And as you have a taste of their great selection of brews and delightful meals, you’ll discover for yourself why so many people are such fans of Necessary Provisions. They’ve got espresso based coffees, hot chocolate, hot and cold teas, sandwiches, pasta, rice dishes, and even craft beers. And all of these are available at reasonable prices. This lovely coffee shop is indeed worth checking out, so head straight to 21 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 598993 and expect no less than a feel good experience.


Papa Palheta

Such a die-hard coffee addict that you don’t just want to drink it but you also want to brew it yourself? Then hone your barista skills at Papa Palheta as they are not only a coffee boutique experienced in providing coffee lovers with great-tasting specialty brews but they also offer workshops from proper espresso extraction and milk texturing to the fundamentals of free pour latte art. For more details on their complete selection of coffees and the different classes they offer, do check their site at or visit their shop at 150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207563.




Time to De-stress

With the ever-increasing stress that our daily lives entail, it would sure be nice to just pause for a while and relax. One great way to de-stress is through meditation. Even if you’re a newbie when it comes to meditation, that’s no problem because there are many groups here in Singapore that do offer classes to guide you through it step by step .

The de-stress diet_6

Singapore Free Meditation Group

This community of various professionals was founded on October 3rd, 2012 with an aim to offer programs and workshops on meditation to their fellow Singaporeans. They are non-denominational, non-religious and anyone who’s interested is very much welcome to join for free. The sessions are conducted in English every Tuesday, starting from 8PM until 9PM and the venue is at The Makeup Room, 236A River Valley Road, Singapore 238294. For more details refer to their site at

Singapore Breath Meditation

The Singapore Breath Meditation Group teaches meditation through the simple yet effective act of proper breathing. It is also a non-religion based group which seeks to assist others in achieving an inner state of well-being and better balance in one’s life. Their two upcoming meet-ups, totally free of charge, will be on April 27th and May 4th, 2014. To reserve your slot, you need to join their group on their website at


Sahaja Yoga Meditation Society

As a non-profit organisation, the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Society aims to share the knowledge of meditation, self-realization, and the promotion of healthy lifestyle in the community. In Sanskrit, sahaja is the word for “spontaneous” while yoga means “union”, which translates to what the society is encouraging – spontaneous union with the self through channeling the energy within us. To experience the benefits of this meditation, everyone is free to join. Their classes held at One Commonwealth #09-28 have four available schedules while the classes at 2 Sembawang Crescent are only held on Saturdays.



Singapore’s Food Festival – Tasting the Delectable Local Dishes

Even if you go outside your country or maybe your city, there is no doubt that you will miss the foods that you are traditionally eating since your childhood days. Because of that, you will actually find some ways to bring back that taste that you wanted.  It may be a battle of choice for cooking the dishes. You may cook the food far from your homeland or just find some ways to leave where you are and go home.


When it talks about Singapore foods, expect that you would commit a sin – gluttony. With the mouth-watering, tasty and delicious cuisines, there’s no way that you will share at least half. In Singapore, foods are typically sold in many business establishments like food eateries, restaurant and street foods.

Basically, Singapore local foods vary from different classes and prices. As usual, prices at restaurant are higher than the regular price. On the other hand, foods sold in the food stalls are also expensive. However, it is not that pricey compared to getting food orders at a restaurant. But when it talks about recipes that are being sold near the street or what they called street foods.


The year 1994 is the debut of the festival – the annually celebrated Singapore Food Festival. Once the festival starts, expect a plate full of food most especially Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines. However, what matters most is that people will appreciate and eat every delicious foods in the plates of different Singaporeans.




Singapore’s National Day

Every year, it is a must for every country to celebrate ever y significant day whether it is a bad experience or good or perhaps it is a success or defeat. Why? This is because it is part of history – the past events that can never be replaced, altered or edited. Every August 9 marks the most important day for all Singaporeans. This is the country’s National Day – a day that the nation achieved independence from Malaysia.


The National Day was first held at Padang in the year 1966. This year, the country will celebrate its 48th day of independence. In the past decades where Singapore was not freed yet, they took their problem as a challenge instead of plunging themselves to the problem. Because they accepted and won the challenge, a sweet triumph was obtained by the country.

When August 9 hits the Singapore calendar, the city changes its appearance – from a vibrant city to a patriotic one. In the entire country, you will see national flags on almost all establishments which includes business firms/buildings, convenience stores as well as public houses.


Patriotism is not the only act that is seen in the metro because there are also act of entertainment. This is by the performances by different groups that will perform on during the said holiday. Also, it is not forgotten that every year, Singapore officials are making yearly reports and updates on the activities, financial status, infrastructure projects, technological advances and other updates which involve the plans of the government.

08-Jimmy Chan-08



How to Handle Missed Credit Card Payment

You have credit cards but you miss payment last month for reasons you only know. You are not alone. Here in Singapore, according to the Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS), a large number of people missed payments on their bills last year. The role of CBS is to deliver bank information to fortify their risk assessment.


CBS found out that about 14.64% of clients missed at least payment on their accounts in 2013. If you recently forgot about your credit card payment, you have to act immediately before the bank summons you. Here are some things that you should do to handle missed credit card payments:

  • Pay immediately: When you realized that you miss the payment, you should make the payment right away. Do not wait for the next billing statement. You should know that creditors will report your delinquency after 30 days so do not wait for the next statement. If you have money, pay it.


  • Ask for leniency: You have to call your bank and ask for leniency if you will make a late payment. Creditors will be lenient to you especially if you are not a late payer by nature. There are creditors who will waive late payments if you ask for it.
  • Remember your due: The best thing that you can do is to remember your due date. You can put it in your smartphones as a reminder. You can even post the due date in your notebook. It will be up to you.  

If you cannot sustain the payment, you should let the bank know right away and have your card cut. It is better to consider debit card than credit card.



Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painting Service Contractor

Your house could be the most expensive investment you have ever made in your life. That’s why it is very important to choose only the best when it comes to your house painting. Look for professional Singapore painting services provider to ensure top quality works. By doing that, you will know that your hard-earned lifetime investment is in good hands. However, before you start calling those self-proclaimed “professional” house painters, first know the basic questions to ask in order to hire the right house painting contractor.

Brushes and paint-roller on a colour guide

1. “Are you insured?”
The insurance will help protect your bases. If an accident happened at some point during the house painting process, the insurance will be able to protect both you and the painting services contractor. So if the answer to this question is “no,” then don’t proceed any further. Scratch the painter off the list and proceed to another one. The moment you get “yes” for an answer, that’s the time you proceed to the next question.

2. “How long have you been in the business?”
You need someone who has been in the Singapore painting services industry for several years. Years of experience highly matters in any kind of work. Being in business for years will reflect that the company is reputable enough to be trusted by many over a long time. To verify this, request for names and contact numbers of their past clients and call several of them. Ask questions like how the results of the contractor’s work are doing so far and how the company worked with you.

3. “What pre-painting procedures do you usually do?”
Good pre-painting procedure will greatly help in making the paint look better and last longer. Make sure your hired affordable painting services Singapore contractor are going to wash and scrape off old paint remains appropriately. This part is what painters usually skip if they’re working on a cheap budget. If you want a cheaper overall cost, you can do the pre-painting procedure yourself. Any level of pre-painting procedure is acceptable as long as you get everything off before the contractor starts painting.


4. “How long will the job take?”
The answer to this question depends on you. If you need the job to be done as soon as possible, then there’s no point in negotiating with a contractor who would only be able to start the job several weeks from now. Your patience and the urgency of the job will determine if you can wait that long. However, a painting services contractor that is going to take longer to finish the job for a more thorough and better results could be a good investment of your effort, time, and money.

5. “Who will work in my house?”
The person you negotiated with about the price and quality of work will probably not be the same person who will do the actual house painting job. Ask who the team leader is and the employees they will be sending to do the job. Also, ask what kind of skills training they have undergone and whether they have done background checks on these workers before hiring them. If possible, ask for certifications and proof of these claims to ensure that these people can be trusted as they will be working closely with you, your family, and your home.



Features of LinkedIn

You know about Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but you are not familiar of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also a social network site but it is focused on your career. On April 18, 2014, the company announced that it has now more than 300 million members around the world. Its business orientation drew many people or members.


LinkedIn is based in Silicon Valley, California. It was founded in 2002 and it is available in more than two hundred countries around the world. LinkedIn is available in twenty languages to include English, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Malay, Indonesia, Korean, Tagalog and many more.

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. The features include:

  • It can be used to look for a job: LinkedIn can be used to look for a potential job. You can use the site to search for business opportunities especially those that are recommended by someone in your network.
  • Employers can look for potential candidates: If you are looking for employees, LinkedIn can be maximized. The site will help you search for potential candidates. Employers can of course post job listings.


  • Members can post pictures: Members need to show that their account is not bogus. In line with this, LinkedIn allows members to post pictures of members in aid of identification.
  • Members can follow companies: Members can now follow the companies and get updates or notifications.
  • Members can bookmark jobs: Members can save or bookmark the jobs they want to apply in the future.
  • Members can see who visited their page: Members can know who visited their page. This is to give them idea who viewed their page and the profile of the employer or company.

Singaporeans can also benefit from LinkedIn. If you are interested, you can always sign up. You will know lots of Singaporeans at the same time you are extending your reach.



Different Precincts in Chinatown

Singapore’s Chinatown is located within Outam. The Chinatown of today is significantly less of a territory than it once was due to the fact that the largest ethnological group in the county is Chinese. The term Chinatown is a term given by the British as Chinatown and is usually used today by non-Chinese Singaporeans to refer to the place. Chinese Singaporeans on the other hand commonly refer to the place as Niu Che Shui because the name Chinatown commonly refers to territories of Chinese people in regions wherein Chinese individuals are the minority). 


Nonetheless, the area does maintain important cultural and historical status. Large parts of the area have been declared national heritage sites that are officially indicated for preservation by the country’s Urban Redevelopment Authority. Chinatown consists of a number of precincts which are Telok Ayer, Kreta Ayer, Ann Siang Hill, Bukit Pasoh and Tanjong Pagar. Telok Ayer was the original focal point of settlement in the area. The precinct is home to many Muslim mosques as well as Chinese temples that have been present since the first days of Chinatown.


Drinking establishments and restaurants have recently begun emerging in the precinct’s streets. Kreta Ayer is deemed by a number of people to be the center of Chinatown. The precinct houses attractions such as the Kreta Ayer Wet Market, Chinatown Night Market, Chinatown Food Street and Chinatown Heritage Centre. Kreta Ayer is both a favoured place for local cuisine as well as a famous tourist attraction. Ann Siang Hill is a precinct that is named in honor of a rich Hokkien Chinese sawmiller who obtained the area to serve as his house and estate property in the 1800s.

Presently, the slopes of the Ann Siang Hill are full of cafes, drinking places and quirky shops, consequently making it a popular hangout place for the younger generations. Bukit Pasoh, commonly known as the Street of Clans is a historic and current home of a number of Chinese clan and cultural associations. Tanjong Pagar was once the center of operations for rickshaw pullers. Today, the precinct is popular for its large number bridal saloons. The area also houses the country’s tallest flat which is the Pinnacle at Duxton.




Cultural Distinctions and Attractions in Little India

Little India is an ethnic area in the county that is west of the Singapore River, located east of the river across from Chinatown and north of Kampong Glam. Both Little India and Chinatown is part of the Urban Planning Area of Rochor. The area is commlony referred to as Tekka by the local Tamil community.


The area is unique from the Chulia Kampong area which was initially a division of colonial Singapore under the Raffles Plan of Singapore wherein Tamil immigrants would dwell in under the British policy of cultural separation. Nonetheless, as the Chulia Kmapong area became more and more populated and as the struggle for available residential land escalated, a number of ethnic Tamils moved out into an area which is presently known as Little India.

Serangoon Road is the key commercial access road in the area. The road crosses Bukit Timah Sungei Road and Rochor Canal Road. The Tekka Mall, the Tekka Centre, Mustafa Centre, the Little India Arcade and the Serangoon Plaza can be located along Serangoon road. Farrer Park Fields is situated in the area.


A number of mosques, Hindu temples and many other places of worship such as Kampong Kapor Methodist Church, Foochow Methodist Church, Angullia Mosque, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Jalan Mosque, Sri Vadapathira Kailamman Temple and the Central Sikh Gurdwara, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Buddhist Sakyamuni Buddha Gaya Temple (features a high tower or gopuram), Leong San See Temple and Abdul Gafoor mosque (features Renaissance and Arabian style architecture) can be located within the area.