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Mistakes to Avoid During Traveling

Traveling is one of the most enriching if not memorable experience one could ever ask for. Though we will spend some money, nothing compares to the joy we feel whenever we discover something new, exciting and amazing. For newbies, we seek the advice and thoughts of experts to avoid gaffes during traveling.


To save ourselves from the headaches and hassles of traveling, here are some gaffes that we need to avoid:

• Purchasing airline tickets for the incorrect day: It is okay if the airline allows you to transfer or refund the tickets but that is beyond hoping. You know perfectly well that no matter the circumstances, the airlines will never transfer or refund tickets. If you do not want to waste money, be sure when you are booking it.

• Missing the boarding announcement: The greatest mistake that you will ever make is to miss the boarding announcement. When your flight is delayed because of something, make sure that you are always updated of its status. Be attentive.

• Going to the wrong destination: Discovering the place is a unique experience but when the family is steered to the wrong direction because of your navigation prowess, you wasted your precious time.


• Catching the wrong train: Catching the wrong train is both a memorable experience and a funny one. It is not every day that you catch the wrong train. When you are boarding a train, make sure that you are in the right railway especially if you cannot afford to delay a day.

• Drugging yourself before the flight: Taking pills (specifically Ambien) is common for those who want to sleep soundlessly during the travel. There are even those who take pills before leaving home. The challenge here is when the flight is delayed and you fall asleep in the lounge and wake up missing the flight – this is an expensive mistake.

• Using the wrong words: There are some words lost in translation and that is something that you need to be careful about. You do not know you are inviting trouble with just a mispronounce word. Before going to a specific place, make sure to learn some basic words and know how it is pronounced. However, you are a tourist, you are welcome to make mistakes especially about the language.

• Not traveling enough: For those who haven’t travelled enough, perhaps it is one of their greatest regret in life. When you are young and adventurous, you should travel more and not live to regret it when you become old.
Now that you know some gaffes, you are ready to leave Singapore and be on your next travel.



Strategies for Flying Comfortably

We just want to fly comfortably regardless of the length of travel. Whether it is near or long-hauled flights from Singapore to some place, we only want to avoid the discomfort from cramped seats to intolerable cabin temperature. We can avoid discomfort by upgrading to first class but is it necessary?


Do we need to spend more just to be comfortable as much as possible? Fortunately, there are different strategies that we can consider for flying comfortably without upgrading. Here are some strategies:

• Drink water: Not all people know that flying takes out a lot of fluids. Pilots are recommending that passengers drink lots of water during the travel. Hydrating is the key to being comfortable. According to some experts, you have to drink at least one quart of water every four hours.

• The potential of pills: For passengers embarking on long journeys, they consider pills if they want to sleep but it need proper timing. Do not take pills upon leaving the house because sometimes, flights are delayed and you will be out of it by the time you board. It is better to experiment before the big day so you will know how long it can affect you.

• Do not drink: Experts are highly recommending the passengers not to drink. If you want to feel rested and fresh during and after the journey, you should avoid drinking. If you prefer to drink to facilitate sleeping, just limit it to one glass.


• Choose healthy foods: The food is something that you can consider in advance. When travelling, it is crucial that you choose healthy meals. If you did not want to get it from the airline, just grab healthy foods like protein bars, fruit and almonds. The meals should be light. If you want to fend-off thirst, just bring a gum since it can bring saliva.

• Dress comfortably: As much as you want to dress and travel in style, the reality is that it can be pretty damning. The key here is to dress comfortably – even if it is just flats, jeans and shirts.

• Look for entertainment: If you do not consider sleeping at all, you have to think of diversions or entertainments. You can for instance bring your laptop, a book or a crossword puzzle. If that is not enough, you can download movies at home and screen it when you are in the plane.

• Block it: If you are really plan on sleeping all throughout the journey, the best way is to block everything out. You just need to bring head phones, eye masks and earplugs.



Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedure

Perhaps by now, you have heard about non-invasive liposuction techniques that promise to reduce body fat without undergoing a surgery. Although traditional liposuction is the ideal method for larger amounts of fats, these non-invasive techniques seem to be more beneficial, especially to those with lesser body fats to dissolve.

While all of these lipo techniques fall under the same umbrella of non-invasive fat reduction procedure, each of them uses varied mechanisms to melt fat cells. Read to learn more about the different choices for non-invasive fat reduction.
• Cool Sculpting

Cool sculpting aims to selectively cool bodily fats without harming the healthy tissue. With the use of cooling panels strapped around a certain body part, this slimming procedure freezes body fats, triggering cell-death process called apoptosis. Then, the dead fatty tissues are cleared by the body’s natural cleansing process. After the zeltiq coolsculpting for men and women Singapore procedure, expect to experience minor bruising, redness, numbness, tingling sensation, or a bit of discomfit in the treated area, which is a normal reaction following the procedure.

• Endermologie
One of the popular non-invasive techniques of shaping the body in Singapore, Endermologie makes use of a hand-held device with small motorized rollers that gently suction, lift, and massage the part of the body you want to trim. Originally used to reduce appearance of scars and rehabilitate muscle tissues, this procedure is now used for reducing cellulite by melting pockets of fats and releasing toxins through the lymphatic and venous systems. A single session of this procedure only lasts for 40 minutes and is repeated at least two times a week until satisfactory improvement is reached.
Belly plastic correction, isolated, white background
• Body Wrap
Relieving you from excess water retention and body toxins, a body wrap is a non-invasive temporary solution for slimming down in a single visit. Typically following a facial treatment, an elastic material is wrapped around the abdomen are to absorb body toxins. Acting like a thermal blanket, this wrap induces sweating and helps shed off unnecessary bodily fluid. As toxins and excess water are removed from the body, you can instantly experience a loss of three to four inches on your waistline. Other benefits include decrease of acne, relief from joint and muscle pains, and body detoxification.

• Acoustic Wave Therapy
This aesthetic clinic service involves the use of sound waves to generate vibrations that penetrates under the skin, breaking up and melting down fat cells. In breaking up cellulite, this procedure should result in less dimpled and smoother skin surface. The only downside though, is that most Singapore aesthetic clinic usually requires at least five sessions to complete the treatment.

• Liposonix
This procedure uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to heat and melt fat. The body’s immune cells will then eliminate the melted fat through a natural process called macrophage. Being an effective circumferential reduction on the flanks and abdomen, including the love handles, you can lose as much as 2.5cm or one jeans size after a single session. Apart from the flanks and abdomen, aesthetic clinic Singapore also uses this non-invasive method for fat reduction on the back of the arms, lower back, and the fat deposits in the bra line.
When to Consider Non-Invasive Weight Loss Procedure

Apart from knowing the different options for instant weight loss, you must also know the appropriate circumstances on when you should consider a non-invasive fat reduction procedure.

• If you want to remove undesirable but limited fat deposits around the flanks, abdomen, lower back, and/or thighs.
• If you’re struggling to reduce fat deposits that are resistant to exercise and diet.
• If you want a more shapely appearance without undergoing a surgery.

Pros and Cons of Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedures

Like any other aesthetic procedures, surgical or non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction also has a couple of advantages and disadvantages.

• Pros:
– It’s an outpatient procedure with almost no downtime and very minimal discomfort
– No incisions needed
– Effective in reducing unwanted body fats in stubborn areas of the body
• Cons:
– Small burns, though extremely rare, may be experienced due to the use of ultrasound devices
– Multiple sessions is usually required to achieve satisfactory results
– Temporary numbness and redness may be experienced after the procedure

These are just a few and the most common pros and cons of non-invasive fat reduction procedures. If you want to know more, consult your aesthetic clinic surgeon.

When deciding whether or not to pursue a fat reduction procedure, understand that these methods are not a solution for instant weight loss. These non-invasive methods are appropriate only for treating limited fat volumes in the flanks, abdomen, back, and thigh area. Larger volumes of fat may not be suitable with these procedures as such cases require more sessions than most non-invasive treatments can provide.


Fitness Apps for the Apple Watch  


Despite the name, the Apple Watch isn’t just simply a watch to be used for telling time. It isn’t just a fashion accessory or even a status symbol either. It is actually a useful piece of technology that, despite the gaudy price tag, is useful for certain daily activities particularly those that involve fitness. There are apps that help you track your fitness via the Apple Watch and here are some of the best.


  1. Gymaholic

As the name implies, this app is useful for those who love working out at the gym. If you’re into fitness, you would know that one of the best ways of cutting down body fat is to keep your heart rate up as much as possible. The Gymaholic app actually monitors your heart rate via your wrist in order for you to track your beats per minute (BPM) and will even prompt and alert you whenever you fall below your target BPM.


  1. MyFitnessPal

This fitness app has been one of the best mobile fitness apps ever develop. Not only does it keep track of your workouts, it also keeps track of your diet and prompts you whether you have exceeded your daily calorie allowance.


  1. 3 Minute Mindfulness

One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is to have as much rest as possible and to keep stress away from your daily activities. 3 Minute Mindfulness actually helps you relieve the stress of work or school via the meditation and breathing exercises you can do from your Apple Watch.


  1. Pocket Yoga

The benefits of yoga cannot be overlooked. Yoga helps you stay calm and stress free. Well, Pocket Yoga helps you do yoga with simple photo instructions visualized on your Apple Watch.



What We Know About the Avengers: Infinity War


The Avengers film franchise has become one of the best film franchises in history because of how it blended several other superhero films together to form epic film adventures. The Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain American films have been very popular and successful in their own right. So imagine how big of a film it is to blend all those characters together in one film. Anyway, both Avengers films have broken box office records and we’re only halfway through in the series. There are two more upcoming films and both will be halves of the Avengers: Infinity War. The first half was reported to release in at least two years. In the meantime, what do we know about it?


  • The Enemy

First of all, what we know is that the enemy will be Thanos, who is said to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe if not the most powerful. Thanos, the Mad Titan, is said to be in possession of several infinity stones one of which is his iconic Infinity Gauntlet. Even without the stones, Thanos is already powerful in his own right and could be physically stronger than even the Hulk himself. For all intents and purposes, he is a ‘god’ in the Marvel universe especially with the infinity stones in his possession.

With all that, we now know that the Avengers will have to pull-off all of the stops in order to at least stand a chance against the Mad Titan. They will get more allies in future stand-alone films so at the very least they won’t lack the numbers to face Thanos.


  • No More Captain

There have been speculations that the death of Captain America is inevitable in the upcoming Civil War film. Steve Rogers, as he is also known, will probably be dead by the time the Avengers go toe-to-toe with Thanos but the mantle of Captain America is set to be passed on to Steve’s bestfriend Bucky Barnes. Adding up to the speculations is the fact that Chris Evans’ (Steve Rogers’ actor) contract is only up until Civil War.


  • The Infinity Stones Will All Make an Appearance

From the title itself, it won’t take a genius to figure out that the infinity stones will play the biggest role in the upcoming Avengers film. The thing we can take out is that all of them will probably be together in the two-part film unlike in previous Marvel films where only one infinity stone appears.


  • New Heroes

As we know from the previous Avengers film, some of the heroes may not return for the final films (particularly Iron Man and Hulk). But Avengers won’t be short of new heroes either because Marvel is set to unveil a new generation of characters for Phase Three of the Avengers franchise. The Guardians of the Galaxy already have history with the Mad Titan from their first film. So they might ally themselves with earth’s mightiest heroes. The Ant-Man film has already been released and he might also join the roster. Among others who are set to be the new faces of the Avengers are Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and the Inhumans.



Common Misconceptions of Grown-ups about Youngsters    


You think you know everything because you are old but you have to give younger generations due credit. Yes, they still need to prove their selves and it is not always a smooth journey but it doesn’t give you the right to criticize and make assumptions about them based on whatever you see.


Young generations these days are being stereotyped. Many people think of younger generations as miserable, fearless, bold and selfish. You have to know that stereotyping is not good and not necessary true. You have to believe that younger generations are capable of setting things right.

In a study, Dr. Jeffrey Arnett from Clark University created the “emerging adulthood”. When you hear it, it refers to a period between ages eighteen and twenty nine. He found out that grown-ups oftentimes misinterpret emerging adults. Grown-ups think of the following about “emerging adults”:


  • Emerging adults are depressed and stressed: It is true that emerging adults feel depressed, anxious and stressed-out but not all the time. Even if that is the case, they still find the light and feel excited or enthusiastic about something. Sometimes, you envy their vigour and strength. The point here is emerging adults are not that depressed and stressed-out all the time.
  • Emerging adults are narcissistic and selfish: Older people often judge an emerging adult’s rapid switching of job as a sign of selfishness and laziness. Dr. Arnett doesn’t believe so. You may see this as an act of selfishness and hastiness but in truth, emerging adults are idealistic. If emerging adults are not happy, they would rather resign from their stable job than to get stuck to it even if it pays well.
  • Emerging adults are cynical about relationships: You cannot blame the dwindling of marriages to emerging adults because they are distrustful of its essence. Marriages break and that is not entirely the fault of emerging adults. The truth is, Dr. Arnett’s study revealed that emerging adults expect to have a marriage that will last a lifetime.    

This period in an individual’s life is critical and so the parents together with teachers should guide them. Life will not always be rainbows and butterflies. The important thing is as young as you are, you already know some realities.

Here in Singapore, emerging adults are the future so there is no reason to doubt them. They are capable of making decisions – whether good or bad, it can affect Singapore at the end of the day.



Car Washing Practices to Avoid  


Admit it, you love to drive along the city but when your car is dirty, you get embarrassed. A muddy car is normal but it is terrible if there are hardened dirt and smudges. You can grace the roads of Singapore with clean and neat car. Perhaps car wash will interest you – at least for the weekend.


Your weekend will be productive if you personally wash your car. Many Singaporeans think that washing the car is a simple chore but it is quite the opposite actually. The mere act of scrubbing the car’s interior and exterior demands a lot of work. If you do not do it right, your efforts will surely be in vain.

There is a system when washing the car – not many know it. You are fortunate to come across this article because you will learn the secrets that will make your car look polished and neat.  This article will discuss about the common mistakes of washing the car and its remedy. Here are some mistakes Singaporeans make when cleaning the car:

  • Washing under the sun: You think that washing under the sun will quickly dry the car but that is where you are wrong. It is true that the car will dry quickly under the sun but water spots will form – which are an unpleasant sight. The best time to wash the car is at the morning or evening and never under the scourging heat.
  • Using dish washing liquid: Dish washing liquids are effective when it comes to cleaning but it should only stay in the kitchen. If you add this to your car washing regime, it can surely affect the paint which will lead to scratches. To be safe, it is crucial that you look for the right car washing liquid.


  • You need two buckets: You often see your parents wash cars using one bucket. While this may save you a lot of water and time, this is not ideal because it can cause scratching. You have to provide two buckets – one for the soap and the other one for rinsing.
  • There is no such thing as right cleaning motion: There are some who clean the car aimlessly from left to right and bottom to top. Without clear direction, you may cause streaks. The right cleaning motion should be from top to bottom and never from left to right or the combination of both.
  • Not cleaning the tires: You clean other parts of the car because you believe they are dirty but what about the tires? Tires are the dirtiest part of the car thereby it should be cleaned as well.
  • Rolling down the windows for quick drying: You roll windows to hasten the drying of your car’s interior. The average drying time of a car is about three hours. If you roll windows, you hasten the drying but it will allow water streaks.



Exotic Foods – and Why It Might Not be a Good Idea to Try Them


We cannot choose what other Singaporeans will eat but we only hope that whatever they eat is safe. However, there are few Singaporeans who want to eat what others do not even dream of touching. Exotic foods are present here and it is a matter of boldness to try it.


Here are some exotic foods and its dangers:

  • Echizen kurage: Echizen kurage is a Japanese dish. Some people want to eat a raw jellyfish. It is possible but we have to remove the toxic parts first.
  • Fesikh: Fesikh is an Egyptian dish. Though it is just a fermented fish, some died from poisoning.
  • Pangium edule: Pangium edule is a Southeast Asian fruit. This kind of fruit is especially poisonous because it contains hydrogen cyanide. Proper preparations are needed if one wants to eat it.


  • Cassava: Cassava is a common root crop in South America. To some, it looks harmless but many people were poisoned by it. It should be steamed, boiled or baked not to be eaten raw because it can contains linamarin which can become cyanide when eaten raw.
  • Absinthe: Absinthe is famous in Europe. It should be in the form of liquid. If directly eaten, it can be addictive and it can cause hallucinations.
  • Monkey brains: Who in their right mind will eat monkey brains? Well, there are some. We have to know that monkey brains are dangerous. It can carry illness called Jakob disease.

Hopefully our fancy of something dangerous will be sated before it is too late for us. We have to be safe always and not try to trick death.



Tips for Mitigating Hangovers


Drinking is normal here in Singapore especially after a day’s work. There is nothing wrong if we drink and laugh with our friends or colleagues but the aftermath will be uncomfortable that we do not want to drink again. Despite the discomfort, we still drink anyway.


For those who do not want to miss the drinking for the world, there are useful hangover tips that we have to consider. Hangover is inevitable but we can lessen its effects through the following:

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach: We know that we will drink and that is our advantage. When we know drinking is looming, we have to make sure that we eat enough. Others believe that greasy foods help prevent bad hangovers.
  • Avoid mixing drinks: Alcohols are toxins and we have to give it time to process it. If we mix beer with hard liquor, we are just hastening the absorption.


  • Drink water in between shots: Hangover is the body’s way of telling us that it needs more water. It would be useful if we drink water in between shots of liquor or beer.


  • Choose lighter drinks: We have to remember that darker alcohol is high in congeners. Congeners are a by-product of fermentation and are believed to be the main reason for hangover. The best and wise thing to do is to choose light colored drinks.

The things mentioned above can lessen if not avoid that dreaded hangover. We just need to follow it and not ignore it. The important thing here is we hydrate ourselves in order to hasten our recovery.



Making the Most of Your Short Weekend Vacation


Getting away from your busy life every once in a while is a necessity. However, when you take shorter vacations, it’s more difficult to find ways to truly relax and unwind within very compressed period of time. To reward yourself with well-deserved weekend holiday, we want to share to you a few of our favourite techniques for making the most of your next weekend vacation.


  1. Start your vacation as soon as you leave the office.

Finish your duties before you leave your desk and make the night before your tip the ‘official start’ of your holiday. Set your mood into vacation mode by making your family a nice dinner. Avoid making work-related calls and checking your emails. Just relax and be in the moment.

  1. Make sure to do ample research.

Even with unplanned getaway, you can do a bit of planning ahead of time—ask for recommendations from friends and officemates, search the Internet for exotic sights and hidden restaurant gems. Be a traveller, not a tourist.

  1. Keep small bags readily packed at all times.

Whether or not you’re having an upcoming trip, having your travel essentials readily packed at all times and set aside in a corner takes much of the stress out of taking trips. When you have your things already prepared, it encourages you to get up and go—since you know you can be ready quickly.


  1. Look for new things to try and experience.

Look for new activities and experiences you can do during your vacation—be it be a new exotic food or an adrenaline-rushing activity to try. Making this practice a habit will give you something to look forward to and make it easier for you to get into vacation mode before you leave for the trip.

  1. Limit yourself from doing work-related activities.

Since completely unplugging is impossible for most of us, compromise by allocating an hour a day to check and respond to emails, text messages, and phone calls. Find a convenient time for you (and your family) and stick to it.

A weekend getaway may be too short, but if you know how to maximize the limited time you have, it can be as rewarding as having a full-week holiday, too. You can still unwind, relax, and come back to your everyday life feeling inspired and refreshed after an amazing weekend.



Avoid Overpaying for Your Hotel Accommodation with These Smart Tips


Are you planning for your next vacation? If so, making sure you’re getting the best deals for your accommodation is among the major factors when it comes to choosing a hotel to stay in. There are several things you can do to ensure you’re getting a good price without worrying about getting poor quality services and amenities. Here’s how to book your hotel accommodation smartly for a fraction of a price.


  1. Know When’s the Right Time to Book

You can greatly benefit from knowing when the high and low seasons are. Obviously, expect to pay more if you head to the Caribbean islands during summer season. However, keep in mind that busy times can also vary from day to day. Schedule your trip on a weekend and you’ll likely pay double than what you’d pay on a weekday.

  1. Go Direct Booking

Many hoteliers believe that in order for the consumers to book directly through their official website, rather than through sites like Agoda and Expedia, they should offer good value for their accommodations, such as offering rewards points and/or discounted prices. Use aggregator sites to check out prices across different brands, but when booking a specific hotel, it’s worth checking the direct booking rate.


  1. Check for Additional Fees

When checking out prices, don’t immediately believe the upfront price you see online—do your research. Always check for additional fees, and include them when comparing brands. Some of the additional and hidden fees that aren’t included in the display price are Internet fees, housekeeping fees, pet fees, safe fees, and cancellation fees. It’s common to see that the cheapest hotel ends up not being the best deal after all.

  1. Take Advantage of Last-Minute Offers

Contrary to early bookings, great bargains can also be found in last-minute bookings. Last-minute bookings have lower average rates as hoteliers aim to fill as many hotel rooms as possible.

These tips can help you save more than you think on great hotels. So instead of booking a hotel that’s farther away from your destination’s attractions, consider these tips to find nicer and more convenient accommodation that’s perfect for your budget.



5 Common Leg Woes and Their Quick Fixes

Most women share the frustration that no amount of squats, sunbathing or waxing can guarantee flawless legs. While some of our leg woes are simply genetic, our limbs also face problems like freckles and sunspots that are caused by environmental factors. But worry not, fellow leg-baring lovers – where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. Here, we’ve listed down five of the most common leg woes as well as the quick fixes to these pesky problems.


  1. Discoloured or Pale Legs. Your summer beach trip may have left you with a gorgeous tan, but as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever. However, a faded tan isn’t the only thing that can cause discolouration on your legs. Skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, hyperpigmentation or sun spots can also bring about uneven skin tone. Luckily, these conditions can be easily masked by applying leg makeups like Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs all over your limbs. With this, you’ll be able to even out and create a livelier skin tone.


  1. Visible Hair Follicles and Large Pores. Suffering from the dreaded ‘strawberry legs’? Worry not, for you don’t have to live with the seed-like dots on your legs forever. These dark spots are a result of excess sebum clogging the enlarged follicles and can be easily prevented by exfoliating your skin. Using an exfoliating scrub, you’ll be able to slough off dead skin cells that causes your pores to clog.


  1. Razor Burns and Ingrown Hairs. Despite being highly unpleasant, these shaving hazards can actually be easily remedied. Ingrown hairs are usually caused by tiny hair follicles that curve and grow back into the skin. Minimize your risk of having ingrown hairs by using an ingrown hair eliminating pad that contains glycolic and salicylic acids that aids in fighting post-shaving irritation. For razor burns, use a shaving gel that has hydrating properties that’ll let your razor glide smoothly over your legs.


  1. Freckles and Veins. These leg woes are two common occurrences and are often out of your control. If either of these problems makes you feel self-conscious, then reach for your favourite leg makeup to easily and quickly cover up your leg imperfections.


  1. Cellulite. Contrary to popular belief, a trip to the gym isn’t enough to get rid of this beauty woe. Cellulite is a condition where fat is pushed against the skin’s connective tissues, creating a rippled appearance. If a dietary change and exercise can’t seem to solve your cellulite problem try using topical solutions like Mio Skincare Shrink to Fit Cellulite Smoother to improve your circulation and make your skin firmer.

Experiencing any of these leg issues can be really frustrating, but by properly caring for your body, you’ll definitely be able to prevent these leg woes from creeping into your almost-flawless limbs.

Five Beauty Brands You May Not Have Tried (6)


4 Water Safety Tips for Your Pup


Dogs love to play and swim, especially during hot days. When spending time outdoors with your canine pets, it’s important to be sensitive of their needs in order to avoid dangers like poisoning and heat stroke. Here are some things you need to know to keep your dog cool and safe under the sun.


  1. Put On Sunscreen

Just like humans, dogs need sun protection too. Hairless breeds; dogs with pink noses; and short-haired, light-coloured dogs are more prone to getting sunburn. You can find sunscreen specifically designed to animals at most Singapore pet shops. Just make sure to check the ingredients to see that it doesn’t contain zinc, which is toxic for dogs if ingested. Also, look for unscented types as dogs tend to lick off scented sunscreens.

  1. Provide Plenty of Fresh Water

Sun, sand, and sea are a delight for your pet’s senses, but it can leave them with a bad hangover. Discourage your pup from drinking salt water by providing fresh water often and by removing him from the sea if you see him drink seawater. Seawater can be irritating to your pet’s stomach and can cause dehydration. After getting out of the ocean, rinse your dog with freshwater to regulate body temp and keep his skin and coat healthy.


  1. Get a Life Jacket

If you or your pet is still learning to swim, having a doggie life jacket is a good idea. All dogs on rafts, kayaks, boats, canoes, etc. should be wearing a life jacket. It won’t only help save your dog, it’ll also make it easier for you to spot and grab your pet if they ever go overboard.

  1. Train Your Dog

Your dog is going to be off-leash during this time. This is why it’s essential to have your dog trained before the outing. If your dog seems headed to a trouble, you should be able to rely that he will come to you when called. That’s where emergency recall comes in useful. Before heading unleashing your dog to swim, make sure he has strong training foundation. If not, keep your dog on leash the whole time.

Whether you enjoy boating, beaching, or just staying poolside, dogs love to play with you. Take a bit of your time to do these preventive actions to ensure your furry friend’s safe fun time.



5 Trick to Finding Your Personal Style

From hot hairstyles to clothing trends, we never fail to stay updated on the latest fashion pulse. But while it’s fun to stay updated with all things fresh and new, fashion isn’t just about following the trends – it’s about expressing yourself through your clothing, and the best way to do it is to develop your personal style using the following tips.


  1. Look for Inspiration. One of the simplest ways to create and develop your personal style is to jot down the names of your favourite fashion icons and do some research on Google, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also create a list of your favourite styles and write the elements that they have in common. Pulling in different inspiration from various sources is a great way to figure out what you like and dislike.


  1. Clean Up Your Closet. Take a good look at your closet and the pieces that you own, then toss out the ones that you haven’t worn in the past years. If you want, you can sell those pieces and use the money that you’ll earn to buy quality clothing pieces and fill your closet with spot-on clothes.


  1. Consider Your Lifestyle. A wardrobe shouldn’t just represent your creativity and personality, it should also be tailored based on your lifestyle and the field of work that you’re in. Add some sharp and professional pieces if you’re in the business industry, some on-trend pieces if you’re planning to work in fashion, and purchase more jeans and knits if you’re working on a more casual environment.


  1. Accessorize. Wearing the right accessories is the easiest way to pull any look together. Update your white-shirt-and-jeans look using a bold necklace, or give your dress a more feminine feel by wearing delicate jewelleries. Learn to explore the accessories that you have on hand so that you can achieve the look that you want without spending too much.


  1. Be Authentic. The most important thing in developing your style is to stay true to yourself. Don’t focus on the designer label or the size. Instead, continue experimenting with different textures, patterns, shoes and accessories until you find the style that you feel comfortable with.

Refining your personal style all boils down to feeling confident in your own skin. So be proud of your own style and see fashion as a way to express who you are and who you want to be.



5 Tips to Live Healthy on a Budget

As an adult, living a healthy lifestyle can be quite challenging. Fitting cooking and exercising into our busy schedules is just difficult – if not impossible. Also, there are the monthly expenses: car payments, utilities and rents, which is why it feels all too overwhelming to also budget for fitness and healthy foods. It’s tough, we get that. Still, there are some ways on how you can eat healthy and fit your fitness needs on your budget. Curious yet? Then try out the following tips to achieve a healthy, but budget conscious lifestyle.


  1. Plan Ahead. Eating well even on budget starts before you get to step in the grocery store. You can do this by simply planning your meals throughout the week and buying all the ingredients in one go. If you want to save more shopping time, create a grocery list of the healthy goods you want to eat. Also, one good trick to help you shop healthily is to avoid lingering into the aisles of packaged and processed goods.


  1. Be Educated. To eat or not to eat organic is a hot topic these days. If you’re interested in going organic but just can’t afford to buy everything that way, then do check the list created by the Environmental Working Group to help you decide what product is worth buying organic. If you can’t seem to afford organic at all, then don’t worry. Eating non-organic goods is still better than skipping a produce altogether.


  1. Exercise Outdoors. From parks and trails to lakes and oceans, there are just a so many outdoor locations to use for an awesome outdoor workout. Whether it’s walking, running, biking or swimming, there are numerous ways that you can stay in shape – while enjoying the vitamin D bonus – without any cost.

  1. Enrol in a Free Workout Class. Gym memberships are expensive that’s for sure, but there are many fitness studios and gyms that offer free trial classes. Some cities even have and offer free fitness classes to their residents. But if you’re still interested in getting an affordable gym membership, then keep an eye on for some membership deals.


  1. Get Enough Rest. Getting a good rest is what helps in regulating our appetite and making better food choices throughout the day. Other than that, sleep also helps in making better working out decisions that reduces the risk of getting injured while exercising. Truly the perfect way to stay healthy for free.

Living a healthy lifestyle, even on budget, doesn’t really have to be that hard. All you’ve got to do is follow the aforementioned tips, and see how you can easily live a healthy, budget conscious lifestyle.