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Archive for May, 2018


Qualities to Look for in a Plumber

If you need plumbing services from a reliable plumber or invest in renovations with a plumbing contractor in Singapore, you should keep in mind these qualities and qualifications.

A reliable plumber is prepared when called especially if it’s an emergency. During the first day of the job, the licensed plumber must have all the tools of the trade and knows all the functions of the equipment when asked for clarifications. Any plumbing works must not be entrusted to a plumber who still borrows items from you because they forgot to bring the required items.

A 24 hours plumber in Singapore should show up on time and will advise you how long you need to wait and instruct you what you should do in case there is a leak. If the plumbing services company respects your time, they will ask when it is most convenient for one oft heir plumbers to perform an inspection and will not be late for the job.

Respect for Property
If there is a major plumbing project in your home, the plumber might have to stay at your home for hours at a time. Any professional should know not to meddle with your affairs or poke around the areas in your house where they are not allowed. The plumbing services contractor to repair toilet pipe leakage should also have the sense to protect your home from any potential damage that might result from poor quality work.

Experience and Credentials
The first thing any reliable plumber in Singapore such as should show you are the credentials. He/she should be able to answer your questions about the problem in your plumbing, his/her experience with the same problem, and the type of training he/she went through. Besides the list of services, the plumber should show you a clear and updated pricing of the services and items.

Fair Prices
A clear estimate of the plumbing services should be discussed before any work can commence to avoid surprise charges. The more detailed the pricing or list, the better. If the plumber can only offer estimates, he/she should be upfront about the exact price he/she will ask from you instead of a vague answer. If possible, ask for a bill or statement so you can have a record or proof of the agreed price.

Good Communication Skills
A professional plumber should be able to answer any question about plumbing problems. Without having to be too technical about it, you should be able to understand what the plumber is trying to do to solve the problem and what are the possible steps to avoid experiencing the same issue in the future. Not all homeowners know how plumbing works and what the parts do after all.

Guarantee of Work
The plumber must be able to guarantee you quality work and is willing to correct mistakes if there are issues even after the repair. Even the best can make mistakes, but they should have plans to compensate for that.


Which Activities Should You Invest Your Time In?

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’m too old to be doing this”? Well, if you have said that to yourself, it’s quite clear you’ve collected a good number of years. Some people do their bust to stay young and have become obsessed with trying to keep their spirits at youth. Now, there are some things we should never forget and there are some things that are better left in the past. How do we determine these?

Here are a few ways to determine which things we should bring with us into our age and things we should leave behind:

1. Can I still do it?
Maybe as simple as doing a hundred push-ups or maybe even doing a cartwheel, ask yourself if you can really do it. This is the first step since some people jump into conclusions right away. Some people without a doubt think that they are as fit and nimble as they used to be back then but sadly, they aren’t.

2. Is it still good for me?
Yikes! What would you gain if you are going to do the things you used to do. Now surely they did have a huge effect on your life either positive or negative. Ask yourself if what you want to do is actually good for you. There may be a huge gap between the age you used to do what you used to do and the age you are now. Let’s be honest, is it really still good for you?

3. What effect would this have on my future?
Now although you’ve collected quite a good number of years, you still have to make sure the rest of your years are spent productively. Hey, it may be an old habit you used to do to pass the time. Does it have a positive effect on your future or does it have a negative one? That’s entirely up to you to decide.

4. Is it worth it?
Now is it worth going through the trouble of reprogramming your life once again? After all, you’ve changed quite a bit. Is it wise to change back into who you used to be? Some things are great but then again not worth the trouble. Maybe you just miss the old days. Maybe it’s time to leave the past in the past.

To be young at heart has many definitions. In fact, you wouldn’t run out of ways to describe yourself as young at heart. You could think of something new every day to keep you feeling young. But hey, having a couple of years more than others is perfectly normal. Besides, there are people with a couple years more than yours.


A Night at The Ottomani

Where will you and your partner spend your next date? Well, there are definitely so many places out there you can spend a special evening in, but obviously you want the best! Let’s say you’re looking for a place that isn’t too popular but at the same time classy. Let’s say you want a place that’s private but also not isolated.

Let’s say you want a place that’s perfect for just you and your partner. Well, The Ottomani is a great place for you! Okay, some couples like to be seen being romantic in public, but maybe not you. Maybe you’d enjoy privacy with your partner because after all, the whole point of going out with your partner is to be with your partner and not with other people.

Maybe the Ottomani is the perfect place for you. Oh yeah! Here’s the best part, there’s also a bit of secrecy and adventure to this place. In fact, you might not even be able to spot it right away. Located next to the classy Fat Prince café and bar is one of the hidden jewels of Singapore, the Ottomani.

Inspired by restaurant in the Middle East, the Ottomani not only looks luxurious but also serves luxurious food making you and your partner fee like royalty. Enjoy your meals as you sit on plush couch for extra comfort and enjoyment. The best way to start your dining experience at the Ottomani is by going for the Hokkaido Scallops which cost about 24 Sing Dollars and are served with mojama (or salt-cured tuna), fennel, and pomelo amba, which provides the dish with some acidity.

Starting off with this dish is a guarantee in itself that your night will be perfect! Enjoy the night with your partner at the Ottomani. Oh yeah! Once you’re done with dinner and are looking to order a couple of drinks, you can just head over to the bar where you can enjoy a couple of drinks, a couple of laughs, and most importantly, a couple of smiles with your partner.

Don’t just fill the night with romance, turn the night into romance itself! You can’t go wrong with taking your partner to the Ottomani. It’d be really hard to ruin a night set in this perfect restaurant.

Finding the Ottomani might be quite hard which adds to the thrill but for your sake, here are the directions. We don’t want you to spend your Valentines having to roam around in circles. Better get a reservation! Even if this place isn’t flooded by the general public, other couples might also want to spend their Valentines at the Ottomani.

The Ottomani is located at 48 Peck Seah St 079317.