Your little angel’s first set of teeth plays a crucial role in his growth and development. They serve as placeholders for their permanent teeth and also important for eating and speaking clearly. That is why caring for your baby’s dental health and keeping them decay-free should be every mother’s priority.

1. Brush your baby’s teeth every single day
It may be a hassle to brush your baby’s teeth, because more often than not they will resist and even throw tantrums on you. However, just like adult’s teeth, baby’s teeth require regular brushing. Use a baby finger toothbrush for easier cleaning and fluoride toothpaste that tastes fruity and sweet.

2. Avoid acidic food
Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons can be great sources of vitamin c, but they can also wreak havoc to your baby’s teeth. Other than the citrus, fruits in general have more acid content than vegetables, so try introducing vegetable based meals to your baby instead.

Additional tip: If you happen to add something acidic to your infant’s meal, brush their teeth before instead of after eating. The tooth enamel becomes temporarily softer after consuming acidic food, thus posing risks to teeth when you brush them immediately after eating.

3. Minimize Sugary Treats
Occasional candy treats won’t hurt, but too much can lead to tooth decay. It’s important to check the sugar content of any product when buying sweet treats. This way, you’ll be able to compare which one have lesser sugar content and is safe for your baby’s dental heath. However, we still advise to stick to natural sugars (if you must buy sweets) instead of opting for foods with high artificial sugar content.

4. Encourage chewing by introducing solids
Even if you can’t see any tooth yet, incorporate soft solids into your baby’s diet to encourage chewing. Start with soft chunks of veggies to prepare your baby for slightly firmer foods before moving onto solid foods once they are comfortable with chewing.

5. Have regular dental visits
Not only you are keeping your little one’s teeth strong and healthy, but you are getting your baby used to dentist environment. Regular dental check-ups from a very young age will benefit your child a lot. With being familiar of a dental clinic’s environment, your child will grow up not scared of the dentist.

After weeks of drooling and fussing, you finally noticed a little tooth popping out of the gums. Make sure to take good care of it from day one to encourage healthy development of your baby’s dental health.