Moving can be overwhelming and very exhausting. There’s just so much to do in one day. However, having a list of to-dos when you move into your new house can make this seemingly endless task of moving a lot easier.  Here’s how to do that:

  1. Make a priority list

The moment you walk into your new house, your mind will be racing with so many to-dos. Manage this overwhelming task by keeping a notebook with you and writing down the necessary things to do to the house over the course of the day. After a day, cut the list off and then put the items in order of priority. Once you’ve completed the list, start jotting down notes again for a day, and then repeat the same process. But keep in mind that first things to be done should be about safety concerns, unpacking and cleaning.

  • Know the houses before making major changes

Before knocking down a wall, adding an upper floor or extending the bathroom, live first in the house long enough (around a year) to see the potential weaknesses of the structure and to get a feel whether you really need that change or not. It could be that you’re just too accustomed with your old home that’s why you thought you needed that kitchen renovation. What you initially think to change in the house may change after living in it for a while.

  • Change the locks

It’s just a small price for peace of mind. Even if the previous owner of the house has handed over the keys, you don’t know who else might have a copy of them. A babysitter, a dog walker, a cleaning lady or a family member? You just can’t imagine how many other people have the keys to your home, so changing the locks as soon as you move in will give you optimum security and peace of mind.

  • Clean!

If the house is turned over to you sparkly clean, you need to deep clean it before living in it. Do it from top (the attic, second storey rooms or the ceiling) to bottom (the ground floor). Clean the chandelier or any light fixtures first, scrub the walls and finish with the floor. As you work your way down, do not leave an area until they are totally clean before moving on.

  • Finish a room immediately and make it your sanctuary

You can’t expect to finish it all in a day, and it’s ideal to live in the house for several months before doing any major changes. So, choose a room that does not require too much work and make that spot cozy. While your home isn’t completely done yet, you have a place to relax and make yourself feel at home.

Work through the process one step at a time, and let this list be your guide to getting through the most stressful part of moving.