Archery as a sport has been around for the longest time, and is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. The beauty of archery is in its simplicity in terms of equipment: bow, arrow, and target. Once you have all three, it’s really up to your technique and how frequently you practice.

If you’re only starting out in archery, it’s important to know and understand the different kinds of equipment and what makes them. Read on to find out more.

The concept of the bow is universal – the frame has to be elastic enough to support the strain from the energy exerted by the drawstring and return to its original form.

Though the earliest bows were made of wood, today’s bows can be made of different types of materials, as well as different parts. These are the following:

• Stabilizers – They stabilize and balance the bow when raised
• Grip – The handle is covered in tennis grip material to stop it from slipping
• Risers – This is the bow handle and the foundation that supports the whole bow
• Dampener – Once the arrow is released, this part minimizes the resulting vibration
• Limb – This is the part from the handle to the tip where the string is knotted.
• Clicker – This helps the archer to release at the same spot where he/she drew.

Choosing the kind of bow that you want to use is a very personal choice, but it is an important one. The kind of bow that you’re comfortable with can greatly improve your aim as well as your accuracy.

The arrow is more than a pointed stick with feathers at the end – it has to be at the right weight as well as aerodynamic in order to minimize drag. It’s also composed of different parts:
• Pile – This is the arrowhead, which penetrates the target. In modern times, the pile is shaped like a bullet.
• Nock – This is the arrow’s “butt”, which is the attachment on its rear that holds it in place in the bowstring when drawn.
• Fletching – The feathers attached to the arrow, whether real or fake, help to stabilize it during flight, and must be consistent in their color pattern.
• Shaft – The arrow’s body connects the pile to the nock, and can be made out of any substance. In modern archery, the shaft is marked with the archer’s initials to make it easier to identify who it belongs to.

The Target
This is situated seventy meters away from the archer with an incline of seventy-five to eighty degrees when following competitive archery standards.

The target’s total diameter is 122 centimeters and is divided into ten equal rings, each one measuring 12.2 centimeters, with five different colors: white, black, light blue, red, and yellow.