Admit it, you love to drive along the city but when your car is dirty, you get embarrassed. A muddy car is normal but it is terrible if there are hardened dirt and smudges. You can grace the roads of Singapore with clean and neat car. Perhaps car wash will interest you – at least for the weekend.


Your weekend will be productive if you personally wash your car. Many Singaporeans think that washing the car is a simple chore but it is quite the opposite actually. The mere act of scrubbing the car’s interior and exterior demands a lot of work. If you do not do it right, your efforts will surely be in vain.

There is a system when washing the car – not many know it. You are fortunate to come across this article because you will learn the secrets that will make your car look polished and neat.  This article will discuss about the common mistakes of washing the car and its remedy. Here are some mistakes Singaporeans make when cleaning the car:

  • Washing under the sun: You think that washing under the sun will quickly dry the car but that is where you are wrong. It is true that the car will dry quickly under the sun but water spots will form – which are an unpleasant sight. The best time to wash the car is at the morning or evening and never under the scourging heat.
  • Using dish washing liquid: Dish washing liquids are effective when it comes to cleaning but it should only stay in the kitchen. If you add this to your car washing regime, it can surely affect the paint which will lead to scratches. To be safe, it is crucial that you look for the right car washing liquid.


  • You need two buckets: You often see your parents wash cars using one bucket. While this may save you a lot of water and time, this is not ideal because it can cause scratching. You have to provide two buckets – one for the soap and the other one for rinsing.
  • There is no such thing as right cleaning motion: There are some who clean the car aimlessly from left to right and bottom to top. Without clear direction, you may cause streaks. The right cleaning motion should be from top to bottom and never from left to right or the combination of both.
  • Not cleaning the tires: You clean other parts of the car because you believe they are dirty but what about the tires? Tires are the dirtiest part of the car thereby it should be cleaned as well.
  • Rolling down the windows for quick drying: You roll windows to hasten the drying of your car’s interior. The average drying time of a car is about three hours. If you roll windows, you hasten the drying but it will allow water streaks.