If you’ve tried looking for a romantic partner and applying for a job, you surely know how the two can feel very much the same. There’s uncertainty and expectations, hopes and promises. As it turns out, romance and career have a lot more in common.


1. At the start, you have to play the field. In most cases, we won’t know what’s right for us until we’ve explored our options. So after you graduate, expect that you’ll work with at least a couple of companies before you find the right one for you.

2. Work on improving the relationship. Even when you’ve landed on your dream job, know that you might still face some setbacks in the future. But problems are what spurs innovation and creativity. The key is to work on them and learn from them.

3. Don’t entertain third parties. If you are to succeed on your career, you need to devote all your energies to it. If you do find a different career path that you think will make you happier, then have the decency to end your prior engagement before jumping on to the next.

4. Work together to resolve conflicts. Some of the actions you take, even if you mean well, may not conform with the policies of your company. Take this as an opportunity for growth: once tempers have cooled, work together to find a mutually-beneficial solution.


5. Experiment and keep your passion alive. It’s passion that will drive you to work harder and harder. When you’ve reached a “perfect point” – when everything becomes routine – try new ways to improve your work. This will show your dedication to the company and help you avoid losing interest in your job.

6. Make sure that you enjoy your work. You can’t keep your passion alive and work to the best of your capacity unless you genuinely enjoy doing your work. For this, you need to be adequately compensated. Discuss your engagement with your employer if you feel that you deserve more for you efforts.

7. Known when the relationship has to end. It could happen that you can no longer give what the company needs, or maybe it’s the company who can no longer help you grow or give you what you deserve – either way, make sure to end your engagement in amicable terms.