Constant heat can make our feet sweat and afterwards smell horrendously stinky. With Singapore’s humid weather, smelly feet are a common problem for many. How are you going to eliminate the funky smell? Keep reading for six simple cures you can do at home to get rid of odour-causing bacteria on your feet.


  1. Soak Your Feet in Tea Mixture

The acid found in teas closes the pores, therefore limiting the amount of sweat produced by the skin. Also, the tea acts as an antibiotic, killing odour-causing bacteria on the feet. To make a tea mixture, add two bags of black tea to one pint of tap water and let it boil for about 15 minutes. In a large basin, combine the boiling tea mixture with 1.5 litres of tap water. Soak your feet for half an hour, and make sure to religiously do this every day for an entire week.

  1. Dry the Feet With Saltwater

Salt can naturally strip the moisture out of the skin, reducing the chances of bacteria from building up in the area. In a large basin of warm water, dissolve half a cup of kosher salt. Then, immerse your feet in the mixture and let it stay there for 20 to 30 minutes once a day for two weeks.

  1. Spray Shoes With Disinfectant

Does your favourite pair of kicks stink? Don’t trash them yet. A disinfectant spray can salvage even the smelliest shoes. Because of ethanol and its sanitizing contents, disinfectant sprays can kill all the bacteria lingering inside your shoes.  To effectively disinfect, spray first the insides of the shoes. Then, spray a clean pair socks before placing them inside the shoes. The socks allow more disinfectant to sanitize the shoes.


  1. Get the Right Socks

Socks made with nylon traps moisture around the feet. Cotton, on the other hand, lets the skin breathe. If you sweat more than an average person, always bring an extra pair of socks and change halfway through the day.

  1. Use Powder

No need to purchase fancy deodorizing sprays or powders; standard baby powders—or even baking soda—are just as good. Just sprinkle some powder on each foot before putting on your socks. The powder absorbs the extra moisture and makes sure that your soles are dry before they’re enclosed in a tight and humid environment.

Just always remember that the key to odour-free footsies is a drier habitat. Keep your feet and your shoes free from moisture to eliminate bacteria from thriving and creating that embarrassingly foul odour.