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Love and Relationships


Marriage Myths You Should Stop Believing


We are often told that getting married will make us happy. That we get to live happily ever after with the man of our dreams, when oftentimes, it is not the case. Believing in many marriage myths is what causes us to create unrealistic expectations, which later leads to disappointments. A good way to avoid such feeling is to stop believing in unhealthy marriage myths and here are some of those myths that are definitely worth leaving behind.


  1. Love is all that matters and all you’ll need in marriage. While love is a prerequisite in marriage, it won’t really get you farther than the altar. Other than love, there are other factors that you’ll need to work on to make your marriage work, and these factors include commitment, kindness, realistic expectations, tolerance, shared values and more importantly, communication. So stop believing that love is all that’s necessary in having a good marriage.
  1. You complete each other’s shortcomings. Complementing each other can be very helpful in establishing a good relationship, but thinking and expecting that your partner will make up for your shortcomings and complete you is one of those unrealistic expectations in marriage. Yes, you can ask your partner to help you in your shortcomings, but never think that he or she can complete you.


  1. You share anything and everything. Although sharing means caring, sharing almost everything is quite unrealistic too. You should never feel obliged to share everything with your partner and the same thing goes for him or her as well. Also, don’t expect that your partner will share everything with you, when you yourself isn’t into the idea of sharing everything with him or her.
  1. Having babies will bring you closer. Other than marriage, babies are what makes a couple forever entwined. However, some studies showed that even the birth of the first child pushes people apart as one parent starts to focus more on the child, leaving her partner alone most of the time.
  1. Everything falls into place when you’re with Mr. or Mrs. Right. Believing in Mr. and Mrs. Right isn’t entirely wrong. What’s wrong is believing that everything will fall perfectly into place when you’re with them, because in reality, there will still be times when things will get rough whether or not you’re with your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Both time and effort are necessary for marriage to work. So instead of believing in these marriage myths, you should just spend your time nurturing yourself and your relationship with your partner to ensure that your marriage become a lifetime bond.



Indications of a Good Partner

There are so many people who wish to have a better future with their partners. However, there are so many girls who are not who don’t think of the upcoming days because they are blinded by the feeling called love. Most of the time, love is the reason why there are a lot of woman cry. Nevertheless, love or your heart is dictated by your mind (physically saying).


Thus, when you have chosen to stay with a guy that is not perfect with you, it’s your minds’ choice and it is not the fault of your heart. Actually, when you love someone, you have to think first before you say to the person that you also love him, right? Mind can lead you all the way – all the way to your success or it might be to your failure. Whether you believe it or not, it up to you. But once you say that you’ve done anything but still you’re hurt, then that’s another story.


Mentally, heart dictates you mind. How? In a sense that you’ve chosen to love someone rather than your parents. It may be a dumb decision but your heart says that you must do it. In reality, if you are in love to a person you don’t listen to advices most especially from your parents. All you have is the promise that he said the he loved you.



Parents are Always Right

Listening to you parent’s advice when you are in a serious relationship is really an important matter. You need to consult to your parent if you are doubtful about the guy or the girl that you are going to marry. Most of the time, predictions and advices of your parents are true.


Whatever their decision is, it is still up to you if you choose to stay with your partner because in marriage, you will not rely to your mother and father. You have to stand on your own. Take the best choice and live a happy life. All of us wants to have a perfect marriage life. Basically, there’s no perfect marriage or even relationship because everything goes to a process.


It is very rare to see a couple that has no problems in their relationship. Actually, even if you re financially stable or not, problem will always hunt you. You cannot avoid it instead you have to embrace it and come up with the best solution that you need. In reality, if you are rich, you’ll think on how to have time to your family which is a very difficult one.

On the other hand, if you are struggling with your finances, you will also think about it. The fact is, you cannot escape problems, you have to get you head up and get ready for the large waves that will come to you. Eventually, you will be get into it and once you are already gained experience, problems would be likely a part of your daily routine.