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Wedding Photography and Videography Services Online

There has been a lot of buzz going this year as it is a hot year for many couples to get married. We have seen a huge rise in Singapore wedding photographer and videographer offering their photoshoot professional services online. There are a significant number of couples who have opted for a separate wedding photography package from Singapore photographers instead of an all in one package that is offered by bridal studios.


Someday when you are old and grey you will take your old wedding album and look at the pictures of your wedding day. Looking at your pictures and wedding videos will take your back to the beautiful day you made your solemn promise to the person sitting beside you. Together you will reminisce about your wedding day and remember all the happy moments. And maybe you will even share these beautiful memories filmed by a Singapore wedding videographer with your children or grandchildren. Such is the importance of photographs. They are a reminder of the past. The one thing we hold on to, to remember the past. Without photographs it will just be our memory that keeps it alive and you can’t really share that as effectively with your loved ones. Your wedding pictures and wedding videos need to be perfect because you are going to keep them forever. The wedding photographer for the perfect wedding pictures has to be the best and has to be creative.


In Singapore there is no lack of great talented photographers. Each one is creative and unique in their own way. Over the years, wedding photography has become a serious business. The pictures are becoming more and more creative. The more bizarre the better it is. Couples are hiring the best photographers and videographers from Singapore so that they can get the best wedding pictures and videos. Pre-wedding pictures are becoming popular too. Couples go to exotic locations, sometimes even abroad, along with their wedding photographers to have photo sessions. They take pictures with the most beautiful backgrounds and the photographers capture the couples in their most romantic moments. These make for the perfect wedding pictures and film wedding videos.


How to Hire a Singapore Painting Company Online

So, you have decided to get your home painted and are looking at how to start? This is the starting point; how to hire a HDB or Condo painting service company in Singapore. Most of us would think that it is easy, after all, Singaporeans are king and queens are bargaining. But in the area of painting, many would find that they are clueless at the things which painting involve. Ignorance may cost you, as there are many facets of painting that you do not see. Here are some hints to help you get started.

Confirm the work to be done

In order to get accurate quotations from companies, it is important to specify exactly the work to be done. This includes the small little details such as cleaning of the areas to be painted, as dirty surfaces would cause the paint applied to be uneven. Things like the number of walls, surfaces and ceilings to be painted should be laid out from the start, the gloss level, colors you want, and when you need the paint work to be completed. This should form the basis of your quotations, as quotes differ upon different scopes of work.

Quote Time!

Now, it’s time to get the quote. If possible, try to call the company. This gives you immediate access to their person in charge, rather than emailing, which may take them up to a week to answer your email. If you like things to be in black and white, call the companies up, ask for the ball park range, and request for them to send you an email quotation of what you have spoken over the phone. Written quotes can be requested as well, but it may take longer for snail mail to be received.

Painting Process

Make sure you and the contractor are both agreeable to what is included in the painting process. What will the workers do for each surface which needs to be painted? This includes surface preparation (cleaning, smoothening of surface), priming (type and brand of primer) and finish coats (types of paint, brand, colors, number of coats and gloss level).

Time is of the essence

Agree on when the work will be started and when it will end. You can also enquire on how many workers will be working on your house, and whether there is any remedy if in any case that the job is not completed on time. Give an allowance of 1 day just in case as well.


Painting Services – Selecting a Good Painting Contractor Online

There are many HDB and condo painting companies, so what sets them apart? Here are some useful recommendations on finding out how to select a very good painting service provider, and the items they usually include.

Firstly, the painting service ought to include paint! Based on the brochures and color charts provided to you, you will be able to decide on the colors you need and an excellent painting service firm would buy them for you. A nice Singapore painting firm would be capable of suggesting appropriate paint sorts and colors based mostly in your housing decor, way of life and other dwelling factors.

Secondly, protecting your furnishings from paint splashes is vital. A skilled painting service provider would offer a plastic drape cloth to guard against spills or splashes of paint. The use of a plastic drape material could appear pointless, but you can be stunned at it is significance! The plastic drape is a non-slip, waterproof plastic cloth which is easily found in most Do-It-Your self retail outlets in Singapore. If in any instance that your painting company does not present one for you, it may be bought at roughly $1.50 per sheet. A 5 room HDB unit would usually want roughly three-5 sheets.

Walls and ceilings should also be painted by the painting company.Unless acknowledged otherwise, all of the above should be painted.

Some superior Singapore painting corporations bundle additional services freed from charge. Examples are housekeeping like floor mopping after painting as well as furnishings moving. We hope these little ideas have been helpful for you. Check out a Singapore Painting Company and get a fresh coat of paint!