Dogs love to play and swim, especially during hot days. When spending time outdoors with your canine pets, it’s important to be sensitive of their needs in order to avoid dangers like poisoning and heat stroke. Here are some things you need to know to keep your dog cool and safe under the sun.


  1. Put On Sunscreen

Just like humans, dogs need sun protection too. Hairless breeds; dogs with pink noses; and short-haired, light-coloured dogs are more prone to getting sunburn. You can find sunscreen specifically designed to animals at most Singapore pet shops. Just make sure to check the ingredients to see that it doesn’t contain zinc, which is toxic for dogs if ingested. Also, look for unscented types as dogs tend to lick off scented sunscreens.

  1. Provide Plenty of Fresh Water

Sun, sand, and sea are a delight for your pet’s senses, but it can leave them with a bad hangover. Discourage your pup from drinking salt water by providing fresh water often and by removing him from the sea if you see him drink seawater. Seawater can be irritating to your pet’s stomach and can cause dehydration. After getting out of the ocean, rinse your dog with freshwater to regulate body temp and keep his skin and coat healthy.


  1. Get a Life Jacket

If you or your pet is still learning to swim, having a doggie life jacket is a good idea. All dogs on rafts, kayaks, boats, canoes, etc. should be wearing a life jacket. It won’t only help save your dog, it’ll also make it easier for you to spot and grab your pet if they ever go overboard.

  1. Train Your Dog

Your dog is going to be off-leash during this time. This is why it’s essential to have your dog trained before the outing. If your dog seems headed to a trouble, you should be able to rely that he will come to you when called. That’s where emergency recall comes in useful. Before heading unleashing your dog to swim, make sure he has strong training foundation. If not, keep your dog on leash the whole time.

Whether you enjoy boating, beaching, or just staying poolside, dogs love to play with you. Take a bit of your time to do these preventive actions to ensure your furry friend’s safe fun time.