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Relaxation and Recreation


A Beginner’s Guide to the Different Archery Equipment

Archery as a sport has been around for the longest time, and is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. The beauty of archery is in its simplicity in terms of equipment: bow, arrow, and target. Once you have all three, it’s really up to your technique and how frequently you practice.

If you’re only starting out in archery, it’s important to know and understand the different kinds of equipment and what makes them. Read on to find out more.

The concept of the bow is universal – the frame has to be elastic enough to support the strain from the energy exerted by the drawstring and return to its original form.

Though the earliest bows were made of wood, today’s bows can be made of different types of materials, as well as different parts. These are the following:

• Stabilizers – They stabilize and balance the bow when raised
• Grip – The handle is covered in tennis grip material to stop it from slipping
• Risers – This is the bow handle and the foundation that supports the whole bow
• Dampener – Once the arrow is released, this part minimizes the resulting vibration
• Limb – This is the part from the handle to the tip where the string is knotted.
• Clicker – This helps the archer to release at the same spot where he/she drew.

Choosing the kind of bow that you want to use is a very personal choice, but it is an important one. The kind of bow that you’re comfortable with can greatly improve your aim as well as your accuracy.

The arrow is more than a pointed stick with feathers at the end – it has to be at the right weight as well as aerodynamic in order to minimize drag. It’s also composed of different parts:
• Pile – This is the arrowhead, which penetrates the target. In modern times, the pile is shaped like a bullet.
• Nock – This is the arrow’s “butt”, which is the attachment on its rear that holds it in place in the bowstring when drawn.
• Fletching – The feathers attached to the arrow, whether real or fake, help to stabilize it during flight, and must be consistent in their color pattern.
• Shaft – The arrow’s body connects the pile to the nock, and can be made out of any substance. In modern archery, the shaft is marked with the archer’s initials to make it easier to identify who it belongs to.

The Target
This is situated seventy meters away from the archer with an incline of seventy-five to eighty degrees when following competitive archery standards.

The target’s total diameter is 122 centimeters and is divided into ten equal rings, each one measuring 12.2 centimeters, with five different colors: white, black, light blue, red, and yellow.


Safety Advisories for Pokemon Go Players


Kids and the kids at heart are gaga over the new game Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is extremely popular not only here in Singapore but around the world developed by Niantic, Inc. In fact, it surpassed Candy Crush Saga, which was the most downloaded game in the history. Everyone welcomed the game but the developers never could have anticipated the safety repercussions it presented.

Many reports claimed that the game lead to more accidents and cases of trespassing. In fact, there are players who reported of getting robbed because they were too engrossed to notice other people around them. The non-playing society is showing concerns. If you are into this game, to give your parents or loved ones peace of mind when hunting, you have to heed the following safety advisories:

Do ocular inspections

The good news is that most of the Poke Gyms or Stops are in public places but still you should never be complacent. Things happen too even in broad daylight and in public places. To be safe, you should first conduct ocular inspections before actually indulging there. Know the neighbourhood especially if you are new at the scene. Researching the area is the best thing that you can do for your safety and protection.

Look for someone with the same interest

Two is not a crowd. In fact, being with someone in a new place will give you peace of mind. If you know someone with the same interest, invite him/her to join you in Poke Gyms or Stops so you do not have to deal with everything alone.

Be attentive of your surroundings

It is too easy to be lost in the abyss especially if you are enjoying it. That is dangerous because you might not make it back in one piece. Many people with crazy intentions will target you and if you are not attentive, you will be stripped off of something. If you are in a urban place, make sure to cross the street attentively. That is a start.

Do not consider trespassing

Trespassing can get you in jail so you better be careful which fence you cross or climb. If it is private property, you should not pursue it unless you have the permission of the owner. If you are very persistent about it, you should simply ask the permission of the owner.

Do not go out at night

Hunting for Pokemons at night is not a good thing because many things are bound to happen in the dark. Do not give other people motives to harass or abuse you. As much as possible go while there is light.

When playing, always exercise extreme caution especially if you are a stranger in a specific Poke Stops or Gyms. Good luck!


Making the Most of Your Short Weekend Vacation


Getting away from your busy life every once in a while is a necessity. However, when you take shorter vacations, it’s more difficult to find ways to truly relax and unwind within very compressed period of time. To reward yourself with well-deserved weekend holiday, we want to share to you a few of our favourite techniques for making the most of your next weekend vacation.


  1. Start your vacation as soon as you leave the office.

Finish your duties before you leave your desk and make the night before your tip the ‘official start’ of your holiday. Set your mood into vacation mode by making your family a nice dinner. Avoid making work-related calls and checking your emails. Just relax and be in the moment.

  1. Make sure to do ample research.

Even with unplanned getaway, you can do a bit of planning ahead of time—ask for recommendations from friends and officemates, search the Internet for exotic sights and hidden restaurant gems. Be a traveller, not a tourist.

  1. Keep small bags readily packed at all times.

Whether or not you’re having an upcoming trip, having your travel essentials readily packed at all times and set aside in a corner takes much of the stress out of taking trips. When you have your things already prepared, it encourages you to get up and go—since you know you can be ready quickly.


  1. Look for new things to try and experience.

Look for new activities and experiences you can do during your vacation—be it be a new exotic food or an adrenaline-rushing activity to try. Making this practice a habit will give you something to look forward to and make it easier for you to get into vacation mode before you leave for the trip.

  1. Limit yourself from doing work-related activities.

Since completely unplugging is impossible for most of us, compromise by allocating an hour a day to check and respond to emails, text messages, and phone calls. Find a convenient time for you (and your family) and stick to it.

A weekend getaway may be too short, but if you know how to maximize the limited time you have, it can be as rewarding as having a full-week holiday, too. You can still unwind, relax, and come back to your everyday life feeling inspired and refreshed after an amazing weekend.