You know about Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but you are not familiar of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also a social network site but it is focused on your career. On April 18, 2014, the company announced that it has now more than 300 million members around the world. Its business orientation drew many people or members.


LinkedIn is based in Silicon Valley, California. It was founded in 2002 and it is available in more than two hundred countries around the world. LinkedIn is available in twenty languages to include English, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Malay, Indonesia, Korean, Tagalog and many more.

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. The features include:

  • It can be used to look for a job: LinkedIn can be used to look for a potential job. You can use the site to search for business opportunities especially those that are recommended by someone in your network.
  • Employers can look for potential candidates: If you are looking for employees, LinkedIn can be maximized. The site will help you search for potential candidates. Employers can of course post job listings.


  • Members can post pictures: Members need to show that their account is not bogus. In line with this, LinkedIn allows members to post pictures of members in aid of identification.
  • Members can follow companies: Members can now follow the companies and get updates or notifications.
  • Members can bookmark jobs: Members can save or bookmark the jobs they want to apply in the future.
  • Members can see who visited their page: Members can know who visited their page. This is to give them idea who viewed their page and the profile of the employer or company.

Singaporeans can also benefit from LinkedIn. If you are interested, you can always sign up. You will know lots of Singaporeans at the same time you are extending your reach.