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Safety Tips for Buying Guitar Equipment Online


For guitar enthusiasts, a music shop online is heaven. It’s simple to find an item you are looking for, may it be a specific guitar brand you’ve always been eager to purchase or guitar amplifiers. And also, you even earn the opportunity to speak with people you’re sharing same interests with. It is an enjoyable group where you could share and grow your love for music.


For just about any of your music needs, there’s a web-based music shop that’s prepared to give you some help. Getting instruments, especially guitar equipment such as guitar amps, however, must be done properly. You ought to know how to go about the process to make sure you’re trusting the correct store. If anything, you will need to process your payment on the internet.

You’ll want an assurance that you’re obtaining the right item at the right price and also at the time you want it to be delivered. Let’s talk about several suggestions how to make your experience with an online music shop pleasant and rewarding. Request for customer referral. Like any other item you buy, whether from the internet or from physical shops, you would need to hear from other customers how the seller does business.

It is only natural for customer care staff or the sales team to be accommodating once you inquire about, for example, guitar amps they are offering. They do this to build connection with the potential customers. While that’s an extra point for the team, you simply cannot ignore what the customers have to say. Ask the music shop staff to direct you to testimonials they’re receiving on the web.


If the team is confident with their service, they won’t think twice to assist you. Check for product description. Prior to you heading out to include an item inside your cart, review the item details very carefully. You’d need to learn more details on the item and ensure that it is what you certainly need.

At the same time, when you are decided on buying the item, simply request the music shop team to send more pictures of the product. Request to not edit the photos allowing you to find out how the item looks like in actual. Read terms and conditions. Learn how long it’s going to take to have the item delivered, how purchases are processed, which courier services the music shop uses. Know how large products would be sent to customers.

You will need reassurance that your product is going to be safe being delivered. You would like to know the way the store takes care of demand for exchange or faulty items. Last but not least, look into physical address. Check if the shop has a physical store. It will be your go-to information once you have urgent problems with regards to your purchases.

You may want to be sure as well that it is a real business address that belongs to the store. If ever the store happens to be in the same address for quite some time than that is another good sign that the firm is in good standing. It’s enjoyable purchasing in an online music shop. Make your experience more advantageous with all these tips in mind.

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Using Steel Fabricators: What You Need to Know  


Is it your first time in availing the services of steel fabricators? At this point, of course, you must be clueless on how to find the company that could provide you the best services. In this post, you will learn what steel fabrication is, and what people in this industry do. With these facts, you will be guided in selecting a great service provider.

What is steel fabrication?

Steel fabrication involves metal work, namely cutting, bending, and welding. Fabrication may also be done not only to steel, but to aluminium, copper, and other kinds of metals. It is a procedure done by skilled and qualified personnel called steel fabricator.

What are the things you must consider when opting for steel fabrication?

There are a lot of steel fabricators nowadays. The services they offer and their corresponding rates may vary depending on the company that’s why it is important for you to compare them first. If you take time to make a comparison, you will be able to find out which is the best choice. Following are the list of qualities a great fabrication company must possess:

Approachable fabricators. When you are dealing with a fabricator, it is very important that you have an open communication with your service provider. Conflicts often arise when the client and the company failed to communicate with each other. Choose a company with personnel who are very approachable. Besides, you are the client and you must be able to voice out your concerns regarding their services.


Quality services at reasonable rates. Every client values his or her money, thus, you must also be provided with services that are worth the expenses you pay. For this reason, it would be a big help if you compare the rates of different steel fabricators that can render the services you deserve to receive. It is also advisable to choose a fabricator that can accommodate your fabrication needs wherever you are.

Expert crew. The fact that you avail the service of a steel fabricator company only means that you are entrusting them every procedure that has to be done in your project. It is necessary to make sure that the crew they’re sending you are composed of workers who are experts in fabricating steel. They must be able to do their job efficiently and follow any changes you may deem necessary.

Previous accomplishments. For you to be assured that they can deliver the services you need, you can ask them about the projects they have done in the past. By doing this, you will be able to tell if they are appropriate for your project and can meet your standards.

Those are just some of the factors that you have to consider when looking for steel fabricators. Once you find a company that is approachable, reasonable when it comes to rates, effective in rendering quality services, is composed of experts, and reliable based on their previous performance, then you can conclude that you have found the best service provider.



Study Grants in NUS

Good news for students out there. The EDB (Economic Development Board) gave S$5,300,000 grants to the NUS (National University of Singapore). This action was due to the discontinued law programme of NUS and NYU (New York University). There is this program that allows law students of NUS to study in NYU. Singaporean law students will then be cross trained with opportunities to take the prestigious New York bar exams.

But because of the changes of US policies, Singaporean law students will not be permitted to take New York bar exams beyond the year 2014. Studying law is very hard and challenging. There are others that survive while there are others that concede. When you enter law school, it is important that you survive and thrive. You can consider the following tips:

  • Establish a study habit. It is very important that you spend most of your time studying. There are many readings and articles that you should read and memorize. It is better if you establish a study habit or routine.
  • Eat the right food. Eating the right food and taking the right supplement can make a big difference at the end of the day. Foods and supplements can Sharpen your brain. Your brain can take all and absorb it if you eat right.
  • Exercise regularly. Other do not consider this important but exercising can increase endurance. When you exercise, you will not get sick always.
  • Uphold the law. It is imperative that you practice what you preach. You should embody the ideals and principles of a just person.
  • Maintain a positive outlook. A positive outlook will guide you to success. If you have a positive outlook, you will surely survive law school.

If you are determined, you will surely become a lawyer soon.


Support Local Dance Troupes

The support of the government is not enough if the community is unappreciative and uncooperative. It is important to support local talents regardless of the field. In this case, why not consider going to dance theatres or performances? You will surely enjoy the performances or acts. You can go to:

Singapore Dance Theatre

Singapore Dance Theatre is the nation’s official dance company. It lies in Fort Canning Centre. The company performed series of shows like the Ballet Under the Stars, Romeo and Juliet, Coppelia, Cinderella, Nutcracker, Giselle and many more. The company is comprised of 24 dancers performing at the Fort Canning Park and the Esplanade Theatre.

Line Dance

Line dancing is relatively new in Singapore but it gained popularity for a short period of time. Imagine a group of people organized in straight lines grooving to the music. The direction and the execution should be the same. The dance is for the young and young at heart. Participants sweat at the end of the number therefore it is an ideal workout session. The annual Chingay Festival showcases line dancing. You can join the fun.

Odyssey Dance Theatre

ODT (Odyssey Dance Theatre) is considered the leader when it comes to modern dance. Its aim is simple-to inspire and motivate young talents to follow their creative dreams. The ODT performed at major cultural sites like Marina Barrage, Victoria Theatre, Esplanade Concert Hall and the National museum. Aside from dancing, ODT offers community programme (the Arts4Youths) to teach Singapore’s youth about the different aspects of performance arts.

If you want more, you can have it. You should consider the world class performances of Sri Warisan, Bhaskar’s and Dance Ensemble. Aside from that, you can also witness folk dances (of Indians, Malays and Chinese). You will be entertained.


For The Love of Shows

If you are a fan of shows or live performances, you are in luck because Singapore has a lot of shows in store for you. Whether you like musicals, plays or song festivals, you will surely rejoice and look forward to it. You don’t have to go to places just to witness your favourite musicals or plays because it will come to you. All you have to do is book that event. Here are some performances you might be interested in:

Of Babies (not really) and People

This is a local play that revolves around a couple’s desire to have a child. The play will entertain you with truths about existence, love and surrogacy relative to race and religion. The show is performed in English with a few Bahasa Melayu. If you want to discuss the play, you can join the post show discussion after the performance. Admission is free. On May 25 2013, be at the Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove. Be there at exactly 6:30pm.

The Phantom of the Opera

This is an international hit. The Phantom of the Opera will visit Singapore again to perform. The show will begin on July 16, 2013 and it will end on August 11, 2013. You have plenty of time to decide what date to consider.


The Stomp Company returns to Singapore and it is better than ever. It will commence on June 18 and it will end on June 23. You should book your ticket right away before it is too late. You don’t want to wait another year for its comeback right?

There you go. Hopefully shows or live performances mentioned above are enough to make you happy. If it is not enough, expect more.


Stages in Singapore

Singapore is home to many performances and plays that will take your breath away. In fact it is regarded as the Broadway of Asia. If you want to witness one, you should head to:

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

Victoria Theatre lies in Empress Place. The theatre and the concert hall were designed by John Bennet. It was one of the finest models of colonial architecture. Since its inauguration, the theatre has been the home for Singapore’s influential cultural events such as the Singapore Sun Festival, Singapore Arts Festival and weekly presentations of Singapore Symphony Orchestra. You can directly visit their website at

Toy Factory Productions Ltd

Toy Factory Productions Ltd lies in Smith Street. Toy Factory is now regarded as the leader in bi-lingual (Mandarin and English) Theatre Company here in Singapore. The company redefined the local theatre because of its artistic and edgy presentations. Since its inauguration, the company received eleven Life! Awards. You can directly visit their website at

The Theatre Practice

The Theatre Practice lies in Waterloo Street. It is the first bi-lingual (English and Mandarin) theatre company here in Singapore. The company is famous because of its varied works and approaches like classical, traditional, modern and experimental. Aside from the performances, the company advocates arts education. You can directly visit their website at

There is always something for you. Book your tickets right away. The experience will be best if you bring your family and friends so they can appreciate the art too. Have fun and embrace the theatre’s motto: the show must go on.


Common Health Problems of Women

Research reveals that there are certain diseases most common to women. The good news is that it’s preventable. To help women boost their health, read the following common women health problems and start preventing it as early as today.

Heart Disease

Since women have lesser physical activities than men, they have bigger chances of acquiring heart diseases. Researches proved that heart disease is responsible for the 29% of death in women’s population. Save yourself by visiting your doctor regularly, doing physical exercises, avoiding spicy and junk foods, and filling up your everyday menu with fresh fruits and veggies,

Breast Cancer

This is the most common type of cancer in women. Experts stressed that the common reason why women in late ages avoid physical check-up is the fear of breast cancer. Keep in mind that breast cancer shows no symptoms that’s why it is highly recommended and important to visit the doctor regularly. Aside from seeing the doctor, you also have to take care of yourself by being active, breastfeeding (for moms with babies), limiting hormone therapy and avoiding too much exposure to pollution and radiation.


Osteoporosis threatens 68% of women according to research. The bone disease develops because of women’s behaviour in their childhood up to their early adult years.  That’s because the human body continues to produce bone mass until the age of 30. After that, the bone stops producing and concentrates on the maintenance of the bones. To avoid or delay osteoporosis, be sure to have adequate intake of Vitamin D and calcium, have regular exercise such as walking and jogging, don’t drink more than 2 glasses of liquors a day, and lastly quit smoking.


Where Backpackers Can Stay in Singapore

When you come to Singapore, your choices for accommodation range from 5-star hotels to decent hostels. Most backpackers find great deals in these hostels that are located in the heart of the city.

River City Inn

Backpackers love this hotel located along Hongkong Street for its homey ambience. The facilities in River City Inn are nice and its environment is clean. Places of interest nearby include Little India, Chinatown, Marina Square, Raffles City, The Arts House, and Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.

Beary Nice! by A Beary Good Hostel

Located along Pagoda Street, A Beary Good Hostel attracts backpackers through its useful amenities and unbeatable value. Its colourful interiors and teddy bear decorations make a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Attractions within the area include Sri Mariamman Temple and Chinatown Complex Food Centre, the biggest hawker centre in the country.

Betel Box

Betel Box Hostel is loved by backpackers for its friendly and informative staff. They serve sumptuous dishes too. Facilities include a large, cosy communal area with kitchen, dining, and lounge areas. Located along Joo Chiat Road, this hostel is not far from East Coast beach where travellers can go swimming, biking, and skating.

The Little Red Dot

For many backpackers, The Little Red Dot is a haven of rest and relaxation. Situated along Lavender Street, this hotel encourages travellers from different places to have fun together with its convenient location and good facilities.  Marina Bay Sands, Lavender Food Square, the Esplanade, and the ever-famous Merlion are just around the corner.


Ways to Save Money

Putting up a savings account is easier said than done. Most people find it difficult to save money because it will mean sacrificing wants, decreasing current consumption or deliberately changing financial habits. While some individuals incorrectly view savings as what is remaining after their needs and wants have been satisfied. All these are just some of the reasons why people have hard time finding financial means and meet financial goals such as investing for a home, purchasing a car or just simply saving up for a rainy day. But setting up a financial plan does not have to be overwhelmingly challenging, it only takes a few baby steps to attain realistic goals and get the most from your hard earned money.

Set saving goals and follow a time-frame

You need to identify your short term and long term financial goals to have a clear picture of how much you are going to save and how long it will take. For short term goals, let’s say you want to buy an apple gadget, determine how much you are going to keep from your salary every pay day and your time frame of purchasing the item. For long term goals such as putting up your own business or retirement, you need to figure out the amount of money you need 15 to 30 years after you stop working. You may also look into how investments can help you achieve your goals.

Strive to clear all your debts

Money freed from debt can easily be re-purposed to savings. Have some calculations of how much you spend for your debts every month and your target time-frame of getting fully paid. It helps to pay your debts on time since it lessens the interest amount and it can be saved instead.

Determine how much is to be saved in a day, week or month

Figure out how much you’ll need to save on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your goal and time-frame. It is important to set up a realistic goal of setting aside a fixed and an approachable amount to be saved as you also adjust it to your usual expenses.

Keep track of your expenses

Don’t spend more than what you earn is basically the idea here. Keeping track of your expenses would literally mean listing down your expenditures for a week or month. It is best to be as detailed as possible without skipping small purchases. This task can also be helpful since reviewing your list may give you a chance to remove items which don’t seem to be very important. In return, you can even save some amount.

Use your creativity and initiative

Make the effort to use your resourcefulness in saving up money without being too hard on yourself. For example, “Lunch Savings” is a mind-blowing effort to cut down your expenses! Instead of spending for your lunch every day, you can just simply pack your own lunch in a brown bag. You just need to make some budgeting on your groceries and estimate the length of time you can consume the goods so you can sustain no buying of lunch.


Combating Stress at Work

We have a number of stressors in life, especially at work, and these can be very bad for our health. Whatever it may be, what matters most is how we handle it and keep ourselves on the right track. This won’t be easy, especially if you are dealing with high-pressure stressors, but it’s important to do so as stress can dramatically affect your thoughts, behaviors and emotions and might be a risk in your work performance. Fortunately there are alternatives and means of addressing unwanted issues in the work place that will help you manage stress with flying colors.

Identify the person, things or situation that cause you stress

Effective management of stress begins with identifying sources that constantly affects you. It may not be easily identified at first since some true sources of stress may not be obvious, or you might have even overlooked them. Look closely at your habits, actions and thoughts. Ask yourself questions like, “What caused my stress?”, “What was my response?”, “What did I do to make myself feel better?”

Look at ways on how you currently cope up with stress

Evaluate your stress coping strategies and figure out if they are effectively getting you healthy. In some cases, what we think as de-stressing activities may not be working for us at all and may even just be counter-productive. If your ways of coping with stress aren’t clearly contributing to get you healthier both emotionally and physically, it’s time to find new ways. Choose techniques which makes you feel clam and in control.

Learn to adapt to different kinds of situations

You cannot always change your stressors but you can change yourself anytime. Dealing with stress is a matter of adjusting your attitude towards a person, situation or thing that causes the stress. It is very important to avoid unnecessary stress since it only adds up to your burden. Maintain a positive outlook, and always look at the benefits you’ll get if you act and think in an optimistic way.

Spare ample time to relax and have some fun

There is no more effective means of combating stress than by giving yourself a break. Take a time out to relax, have fun and savor the things or activities that bring you happiness and good vibes. Take note that if you’re not properly rested, you won’t be able to function optimally in your other endeavors. It’s also helpful if you will do some reflection on the things you are grateful for and blessed with. This will attract positive energy and will help you get re-charged to get back to work.

Start and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Go back to the fundamentals of improving your health by strengthening your system and increasing your capacity for stress. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by having a well-balanced and healthy diet, take regular physical exercises, avoid harmful substances (such as alcohol and cigarettes), avoid any types of drugs, and get enough sleep (ideally, 4-6 hours). Scientifically, we can be weak against stressors if our bodies have not taken the right amount of nutrients and care we ought to give.


Effective Presbyopia Treatment Using Lasik

The problems associated with the usage of bifocals led to the development of bifocal contact lenses for patients of presbyopia or lao hua. However, bifocal contact lenses were a major failure since patients reported a lot of hassle and problems trying to adjust with the use of these optical aids in the sense that it was difficult to adjust and shift the focus when it comes to both distant and close range objects. However, despite their fall backs and complications, reading glasses have been the most common methods through which patients suffering from presbyopia have been able to correct their vision on a temporary basis, and it remains the most popular treatment.

You will often come across individuals in Singapore carrying a pair of reading glasses with them in order to enable them to observe objects in close range. There are basically two kinds of lenses available, the first one being bifocals and the second kind being the progressive addition lenses or commonly referred to as PAL. The main difference between both kinds of lenses is that the bifocal has a line which divides the lens in order to allow you to read while the PAL has a gradual transition across the lens between the long sighted and short sighted ones.

Other effective treatments available for presbyopia in Singapore include surgeries and natural treatments. Surgeries are the most popular kind of treatments amongst presbyopia patients since they help to resolve this condition once and for all. There are basically two kinds of presbyopia treatment in Singapore or also known as lao hua, and both are equally effective in dealing with the presbyopia condition, and several eye hospitals and clinics aoffer this service.

The LASIK surgery involves the usage of laser technology in order to produce mono vision in your eyes to cure the problem. The outcome of the surgery is that your one eye would have a long distance vision while the other eye would be more effective in focusing on close range objects. You would not need wear glasses again after you have had a LASIK surgery, however, it is recommended that you wear mono vision contact lenses before you choose to go for one in order to adjust your brain for the purpose.

The Keratoplasty Surgery on the other hand utilizes energy waves for treatment and is performed on just one eye. A very effective treatment for presbyopia happens to be vision therapy and it helps to delay the emergence of this condition, and involves you performing a few exercises on a regular basis. Modern technology and methods have allowed us to treat and provide an effective solution to our presbyopia condition and therefore, there is nothing to panic about. You can consult any eye doctor in Singapore if you feel you are suffering from symptoms of presbyopia and cure this condition.