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GiveTuesday_700xThe season of giving is coming. This year, Singaporeans are becoming generous because more than toys and candies, money and time are given for the benefit of the communities. On December 3, 2013, individuals and business entities joined GivingTuesdaySG.

GivingTuesday is spearheaded by America in 2012. This is a movement to neutralize the extreme consumerism of people after Black Friday. The movement encourages individuals and business entities to give back and help other people. The movement spread across the world. Here in Asia, Singapore is the first country to embrace the movement.


Singaporeans should never think that giving is once a year only. Everyday should be a giving day. When you give back, it doesn’t mean that you need a lot of money. Even if you do not have money, you can make a difference. You can begin by:

  • Smiling – A simple thing as smiling can warm the hearts of many people. Smiling is contagious and it can change the person’s mood.
  • Volunteer your time and services – If you have spare time, why not spend it on worthy things? You can volunteer your time and services to your chosen charity.
  • Teach – If you are good at teaching, you can spend your spare time by teaching someone. Whether it is a kid or an adult, the important thing is you shared your knowledge.
  • Listen – If your friend is in trouble, you can offer him/her your ears and your shoulder. Sitting there and listening to a friend can help alleviate the feelings of your friend.
  • Show appreciation – Showing appreciation is a small gesture but if you practice it all the time, it feels good to hear it. Saying thank you or praising someone can help the person.

There are many things that you can do to help others. Helping others will give you a sense of meaning and fulfilment. You will surely feel happy.



A Guide for Your Cycling Journey in Singapore

ocbc-jun-rong1While there are SMRT and taxis available as a form of transportation, bikes also flood in Singapore roads because it is also a mode of transportation for some. In addition, bikes are used for recreational purposes. There are bikes in the city that are for rent while you can purchase one. And with that, Singapore Government placed bike lanes for the convenience of bike commuters.

Cycling Guide

  1. Because Singapore is known for its hot and humid climate, bikers are wearing loose clothes. It is true that wearing tight pants and/or shirts in uncomfortable.
  2. If you’re new to the city, buy a map. This will help you find your way to the destination you want to go.
  3. While on the road, stay cycling at the left side. According to Singapore traffic rules, bicycles should always keep to the left side of the street/highway so that other commuters will not be bothered that can sometimes lead to accidents.
  4. Make a signal whenever, you turn right or left or whether you are going to stop and slowing down. This is for the benefit of other bikers following you. Sometimes, drivers usually look at the bikers hand because hand signals are the only way that bikers can do to indicate a move.
  5. If you are going to drive bicycles by night, be sure that you have headlights and reflectors so that you’ll be having a safe trip.


It is rewarding to ride a bike in Singapore. Aside that you enjoy it, you can also benefit from it especially when it talks about health.




Biking Plans? Visit These Biking Spots in Singapore

Do you have plans for your weekend? Well, biking can be one of your choices. Since biking is popular in Singapore, many bike paths and trails are situated in the country. Some of these bike paths are well-liked by foreign bikers as well as bike enthusiasts in the country.

Bike Paths with Beach Scenery

It is very unusual that a bike path is located near beaches. But in Singapore, bikers can enjoy biking near the beach at Sentosa’s Siloso. However, if you don’t have your own bicycle, there are bikes that are available for rent. What more? You can take pleasure in biking while watching the fine-looking beach scenery.


Connected Biking Trails

In the Western region of the city located the Western Adventure Park Connector Network. It connects 8 different trails with different challenges and sceneries which include breath-taking trails such as forested trails, undulating paths and rocky trails. Apart from this nice journey, adventurous bikers can experience nature while having fun.

Olympic Bike Park

Selected as the venue for the opening of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games’ BMX and mountain bike competition, Tampines Bike Park provide a difficult ride for bikers as it has a different paths. Whether going up or going down or even going left or right, this bike park has an immense level of complexity.

IMBA Passer

Due to its difficult but safe trails, Ketam Mountain Bike Park passed the set standards of International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). IMBA is one of the highest governing bodies for mountain bike trails and set different trails in which bikers can be challenged.



The Life of a Law Student

If you are inclined to law and upholding it, you should pursue your studies. Law school is challenging and difficult but if you survive it, great rewards await. You should learn how to cope up to its demands. If you cannot cope up, you will surely be left behind. If you do your best, you will thrive. There are no secrets in surviving law school. You only need few practices. What you should practice when you are in law school:

Maintain a positive mind

When you enter law school, you should be emotionally and mentally ready. Maintaining a positive mind will guide you to success. If at the onset you are doubtful, you will surely fail.

Set a study habit

Law school is very demanding in terms of studying and reading. You should set a study habit so it will be easier for you. You can study in the morning or in the afternoon.


You should know that if you eat right, your brain would function well. If you want, you can also take supplements. Vegetables and fruits should be considered.


If your body is ready, you will last long. Other people forget that exercise strengthens and conditions the body. If you have a healthy or fit body, you will survive without getting sick.

Practice what you learned

As a law student, it is important that you uphold the law. You should practice whatever you learned inside the classroom.

Law students in NUS (National University of Singapore) wants to avail of the dual programme. This programme will train graduates in NYU (New York University). NUS graduates are then  given the chance to take the high esteemed New York Bar exams but lately, due to some changes of US policies, the dual programme is not possible. It is regretful but the decision to terminate the programme has to be respected.


Should I Care About Using The Latest Technology?

If you don’t mind your enterprise going bust, then sure, ignore it. If you want your company to do well, your staff to do things fast, reliably, securely, and of course, your company to earn big bucks, then you should really show concern towards this problem. You need to solve this problem by carrying out innovations in regards to performance, reliability and security.

Researches have shown that several enterprises in Singapore are using the newest technology, such as video conferencing, in order to increase productivity of staff. At the same time, CIOs have to watch over costs, making sure that they’re not exceeding any budget, but also giving higher performance. Performance, reliability and security are the three things in an enterprise that cannot be forgotten – since enterprises cannot afford to forget these three properties. These are also things that you will see in almost every enterprise’s network, enterprises that care about these three things. To reduce the required energy and space for productivity isn’t difficult at all. Once you get the right network to fit within those three requirements (performance, reliability and security), you’re on your way to achieving more work using less energy and space.

There is also an enemy of productivity, security and reliability. This is enemy is formed by the complexity of two different networks trying to connect together. These networks are known as a storage area network and an Ethernet backbone. The result of this ‘connecting together’ process will not only cost you much more money, it will also cause more complexity.


Is Less Work Equivalent to More Efficiency?

Simplicity, in these days, seems to work much better than all those complex methods. For a company to survive, they need to simplify the way they do their businesses. Even though doing less will reap you more, strategies will still have to be made in order to retain customers and to increasing marketing efforts. In times of recession, identifying simplicity of business aspects is the solution to success, and hence, businesses will be able to reinvent themselves as an organisation and to constantly innovate.

In these days where customers are priority, companies must attain and make use of the most suitable technology to keep track of customers’ records. Documentation takes both time and space, and technology is also needed to properly maintain these documents so that a company will be able to work with higher efficiency. Data security is used to protect the safety of these important information which might be classified information that cannot be leaked out to rival companies. The documents can also be secured by encryption which can be set by the user other than scanning and copying at high speed and resolution. Greater efficiency and convenience are attainable with storage of documents, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and the one-step scan. Companies will have the capability to access, sort and store information as needed if they use the correct document solution. Companies will need to use the correct way of storing their documents so that they will be able to access important files for instant decision making.