We have a number of stressors in life, especially at work, and these can be very bad for our health. Whatever it may be, what matters most is how we handle it and keep ourselves on the right track. This won’t be easy, especially if you are dealing with high-pressure stressors, but it’s important to do so as stress can dramatically affect your thoughts, behaviors and emotions and might be a risk in your work performance. Fortunately there are alternatives and means of addressing unwanted issues in the work place that will help you manage stress with flying colors.

Identify the person, things or situation that cause you stress

Effective management of stress begins with identifying sources that constantly affects you. It may not be easily identified at first since some true sources of stress may not be obvious, or you might have even overlooked them. Look closely at your habits, actions and thoughts. Ask yourself questions like, “What caused my stress?”, “What was my response?”, “What did I do to make myself feel better?”

Look at ways on how you currently cope up with stress

Evaluate your stress coping strategies and figure out if they are effectively getting you healthy. In some cases, what we think as de-stressing activities may not be working for us at all and may even just be counter-productive. If your ways of coping with stress aren’t clearly contributing to get you healthier both emotionally and physically, it’s time to find new ways. Choose techniques which makes you feel clam and in control.

Learn to adapt to different kinds of situations

You cannot always change your stressors but you can change yourself anytime. Dealing with stress is a matter of adjusting your attitude towards a person, situation or thing that causes the stress. It is very important to avoid unnecessary stress since it only adds up to your burden. Maintain a positive outlook, and always look at the benefits you’ll get if you act and think in an optimistic way.

Spare ample time to relax and have some fun

There is no more effective means of combating stress than by giving yourself a break. Take a time out to relax, have fun and savor the things or activities that bring you happiness and good vibes. Take note that if you’re not properly rested, you won’t be able to function optimally in your other endeavors. It’s also helpful if you will do some reflection on the things you are grateful for and blessed with. This will attract positive energy and will help you get re-charged to get back to work.

Start and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Go back to the fundamentals of improving your health by strengthening your system and increasing your capacity for stress. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by having a well-balanced and healthy diet, take regular physical exercises, avoid harmful substances (such as alcohol and cigarettes), avoid any types of drugs, and get enough sleep (ideally, 4-6 hours). Scientifically, we can be weak against stressors if our bodies have not taken the right amount of nutrients and care we ought to give.