Research reveals that there are certain diseases most common to women. The good news is that it’s preventable. To help women boost their health, read the following common women health problems and start preventing it as early as today.

Heart Disease

Since women have lesser physical activities than men, they have bigger chances of acquiring heart diseases. Researches proved that heart disease is responsible for the 29% of death in women’s population. Save yourself by visiting your doctor regularly, doing physical exercises, avoiding spicy and junk foods, and filling up your everyday menu with fresh fruits and veggies,

Breast Cancer

This is the most common type of cancer in women. Experts stressed that the common reason why women in late ages avoid physical check-up is the fear of breast cancer. Keep in mind that breast cancer shows no symptoms that’s why it is highly recommended and important to visit the doctor regularly. Aside from seeing the doctor, you also have to take care of yourself by being active, breastfeeding (for moms with babies), limiting hormone therapy and avoiding too much exposure to pollution and radiation.


Osteoporosis threatens 68% of women according to research. The bone disease develops because of women’s behaviour in their childhood up to their early adult years.  That’s because the human body continues to produce bone mass until the age of 30. After that, the bone stops producing and concentrates on the maintenance of the bones. To avoid or delay osteoporosis, be sure to have adequate intake of Vitamin D and calcium, have regular exercise such as walking and jogging, don’t drink more than 2 glasses of liquors a day, and lastly quit smoking.