The problems associated with the usage of bifocals led to the development of bifocal contact lenses for patients of presbyopia or lao hua. However, bifocal contact lenses were a major failure since patients reported a lot of hassle and problems trying to adjust with the use of these optical aids in the sense that it was difficult to adjust and shift the focus when it comes to both distant and close range objects. However, despite their fall backs and complications, reading glasses have been the most common methods through which patients suffering from presbyopia have been able to correct their vision on a temporary basis, and it remains the most popular treatment.

You will often come across individuals in Singapore carrying a pair of reading glasses with them in order to enable them to observe objects in close range. There are basically two kinds of lenses available, the first one being bifocals and the second kind being the progressive addition lenses or commonly referred to as PAL. The main difference between both kinds of lenses is that the bifocal has a line which divides the lens in order to allow you to read while the PAL has a gradual transition across the lens between the long sighted and short sighted ones.

Other effective treatments available for presbyopia in Singapore include surgeries and natural treatments. Surgeries are the most popular kind of treatments amongst presbyopia patients since they help to resolve this condition once and for all. There are basically two kinds of presbyopia treatment in Singapore or also known as lao hua, and both are equally effective in dealing with the presbyopia condition, and several eye hospitals and clinics aoffer this service.

The LASIK surgery involves the usage of laser technology in order to produce mono vision in your eyes to cure the problem. The outcome of the surgery is that your one eye would have a long distance vision while the other eye would be more effective in focusing on close range objects. You would not need wear glasses again after you have had a LASIK surgery, however, it is recommended that you wear mono vision contact lenses before you choose to go for one in order to adjust your brain for the purpose.

The Keratoplasty Surgery on the other hand utilizes energy waves for treatment and is performed on just one eye. A very effective treatment for presbyopia happens to be vision therapy and it helps to delay the emergence of this condition, and involves you performing a few exercises on a regular basis. Modern technology and methods have allowed us to treat and provide an effective solution to our presbyopia condition and therefore, there is nothing to panic about. You can consult any eye doctor in Singapore if you feel you are suffering from symptoms of presbyopia and cure this condition.