There are so many people who wish to have a better future with their partners. However, there are so many girls who are not who don’t think of the upcoming days because they are blinded by the feeling called love. Most of the time, love is the reason why there are a lot of woman cry. Nevertheless, love or your heart is dictated by your mind (physically saying).


Thus, when you have chosen to stay with a guy that is not perfect with you, it’s your minds’ choice and it is not the fault of your heart. Actually, when you love someone, you have to think first before you say to the person that you also love him, right? Mind can lead you all the way – all the way to your success or it might be to your failure. Whether you believe it or not, it up to you. But once you say that you’ve done anything but still you’re hurt, then that’s another story.


Mentally, heart dictates you mind. How? In a sense that you’ve chosen to love someone rather than your parents. It may be a dumb decision but your heart says that you must do it. In reality, if you are in love to a person you don’t listen to advices most especially from your parents. All you have is the promise that he said the he loved you.