Getting away from your busy life every once in a while is a necessity. However, when you take shorter vacations, it’s more difficult to find ways to truly relax and unwind within very compressed period of time. To reward yourself with well-deserved weekend holiday, we want to share to you a few of our favourite techniques for making the most of your next weekend vacation.


  1. Start your vacation as soon as you leave the office.

Finish your duties before you leave your desk and make the night before your tip the ‘official start’ of your holiday. Set your mood into vacation mode by making your family a nice dinner. Avoid making work-related calls and checking your emails. Just relax and be in the moment.

  1. Make sure to do ample research.

Even with unplanned getaway, you can do a bit of planning ahead of time—ask for recommendations from friends and officemates, search the Internet for exotic sights and hidden restaurant gems. Be a traveller, not a tourist.

  1. Keep small bags readily packed at all times.

Whether or not you’re having an upcoming trip, having your travel essentials readily packed at all times and set aside in a corner takes much of the stress out of taking trips. When you have your things already prepared, it encourages you to get up and go—since you know you can be ready quickly.


  1. Look for new things to try and experience.

Look for new activities and experiences you can do during your vacation—be it be a new exotic food or an adrenaline-rushing activity to try. Making this practice a habit will give you something to look forward to and make it easier for you to get into vacation mode before you leave for the trip.

  1. Limit yourself from doing work-related activities.

Since completely unplugging is impossible for most of us, compromise by allocating an hour a day to check and respond to emails, text messages, and phone calls. Find a convenient time for you (and your family) and stick to it.

A weekend getaway may be too short, but if you know how to maximize the limited time you have, it can be as rewarding as having a full-week holiday, too. You can still unwind, relax, and come back to your everyday life feeling inspired and refreshed after an amazing weekend.