There is nothing wrong if you are a foodie. There are many cuisines and dishes here in Singapore worth the taste. There are old restaurants that stood the test of time. But now, let us give chance to new and blossoming restaurants. If you want to discover what is new and you want to taste what they have to offer, you should begin with:

  1. SKIRT Grill. If you want Wagyu steak, SKIRT grill can give it to you. The steakhouse is famous for their simple yet very tasty steaks.
  2. Sur Nuevo Latino. If you are into South American cuisines, you should go here. You should try their sandwiches.
  3. Spathe Public House. For casual days, you can go to Spathe Public House. The place is famous for its big potions at a reasonable price.
  4. The Pelican. The Pelican is a seafood restaurant. They will indulge you with their seafood platter with lobsters, clams, oysters, prawns, etc. The good thing about this restaurant is its affordability.
  5. The Halia. This restaurant is located in Raffles Hotel. The original outlet is at the Botanic Gardens.  The restaurant is proud of its “big and small” plates. You must try their oriental duck.

Indulging to restaurants sometimes is not a sin. When you feel like hungry and you want to try something new, just do it. Trying and tasting new is an  adventure worth taking. If you want, you can include your friends and family. Whether it is expensive or not, the food and the company counts so do not think about the price. You do not eat at fancy restaurants all the time anyway. Just give yourself a chance and experience it.