Your dining experience will never be complete without desserts. Singaporeans love desserts. Desserts offer lots of possibilities because every day, there is something new to try. Whenever there is a new Western restaurant, you head there and try their desserts but what about local desserts?


Unfortunately, local desserts here belong to the “once-popular” category. This means that not all Singaporeans are agog about it and it will be lost soon. This article will attempt to re-introduce local desserts that were once enjoyed by your parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Here are some:

  • Traffic light cakes: It is made of soft butter cakes that are garnished with fruity essence like cherry, kiwi and lemon. If you want to try traffic light cakes, you can head to Beach Road and seek the confectionery. These cakes are hard to find.
  • Bludder tarpeh: This is an Indo-Dutch dessert. This was once known for its tasty fermented tapioca. This is in danger because fermented cassava is hard to find here in Singapore. If you want to try bludder tarpeh, you can go to East Coast Road.


  • Cherries Jubilee: You will be entertained before you consume the dessert. There’s a restaurant that will flame your dessert first right in front of your eyes. The dessert presents plump and cherries which are bathed in syrup with vanilla ice cream. If you want to try cherries jubilee, you should head to River Valley Road.
  • Lamington cakes: Lamington is a burst of fruity flavour encased in coconut coating. If you want to try the lamington cakes, you can go to Kandahar Street and look for the famous café.

It is not too late to re-discover it.  You can still enjoy it because though they are struggling to be known, they are still available, for now.