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Why Relationships Go Boring After a While (and How to Avoid It)

When you think of romantic relationships, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the start or the end of them.

But no one really talks about the middle, which is when both parties start to settle in and get used to each other’s presence and involvement in their lives. After the initial “honeymoon phase”, the excitement seems to fade, and this adjustment period is crucial.

Comfortable vs. Boring: What’s the Difference?
There are a few simple signs that help you distinguish whether you’re comfortable with your partner or just bored, such as the following:

• The desire for something new – Boredom essentially means you’re bored, and you want something new. Comfort, meanwhile, feels as if your partner is your “home”, and the person you want to be with when you let down your guard.

• The need for a solution – If you’re bored, you’ll start looking for ways to “not be bored”. This doesn’t happen when you’re comfortable with your significant other.

• The need for happiness – Boredom is never a positive emotion, while comfort feels as if you’ve found “the one” and you’re just taking the time to settle in with your partner.
When you start to notice these signs in how you think and go about your routine, be sure to talk about it with your partner.

How to Bring Back the Spice
The key to any healthy, long-lasting relationship is not falling into the trap of boredom, which is the slow, but ultimate, killer.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to keep yourselves from going into this rut. Here’s how you can bring back a little more excitement:

• Add the element of surprise. The biggest reason why couples get bored of each other quickly is because of routine. While it’s great to have one, it’s also easy to feel lazy and get stuck in them, and this is can go south very quickly.

• Do the things that matter to them. With any mature couple, passion comes with a genuine understanding of your partner’s needs – and this extends to doing things that make them happy, even if it doesn’t make sense to you.

• Find change in yourself. Don’t try to change your partner into what you want him/her to be. Instead, try to find a part of yourself where you’re not doing so well, and try to improve it. If you’re not sure where you can improve as a person, ask your partner for feedback!

No love story is like the movies – almost all rom-coms you see are highlight reels of what actually happens, and real life is much more complex than that.

While it’s possible to have a completely fulfilling and satisfying relationship, you also need to accept that you will have a lot of ups and downs with the person you live – and sometimes, even its own dull moments.


5 Study Habit Tips for Your Child

Is there a need for a conducive place to study? Is there an ideal time to study? Is there a need for a tutor?
It has been a common trend nowadays to hire tutors once difficulties in studying arise. This may be the easy option but only if money isn’t an issue. But for average earning families, this may just be another problem they have yet to solve, on top of all other financial concerns.

We often hear actual stories of child achievers from primary to collegiate levels who have practiced simple study habits. Parents everywhere visualize their children doing the same, if not more.

There goes a saying “Teach your child the way he should go and he will not depart from it”. This biblical wisdom also applies in this advocacy. If given notice, every parents’ dream of having an achiever in the family can become a reality as well.

Here are simple tips parents might give a try to inculcate successful study habits in their children:

1. Having a “Learned” Attitude
Be an example. Every child is very keen on their observations at home. Parents, especially mothers are the first teachers of every child. If one of the parents is fond of reading books before retiring at night, expect that the child will mimic their ways even at a tender age. What started as just a mimicking of behaviour might just increase a child’s comprehension and reading skills. Without knowing it, the child reaches for the book on his own, without modelling the parents.

2. Establish a routine
One hour every night of regular reading is enough. Prolonged study time may not be healthy for kids, and even for adults as well.

Encourage your child to make it a habit to read lessons for at least an hour before going to bed. You have to make sure that the child doesn’t merely memorize stuff from school, or else comprehension will be quite low. Establish this routine in a cumulative manner. That is, Monday lessons should still be read on top of Tuesday lessons. Same goes with Wednesday lessons and so forth. This keeps subject matter fresh in the kid’s mind, engraving it deeper with practice.

Encourage children to just read and understand the lessons, don’t pressure them. After a while, you’ll see progress in academic performance.

3. Conducive environment
If we have a student at home, it is a must to provide a space conducive for study in our homes. Most study nooks are in kid’s bedrooms, to minimize distractions and keep noise to a minimum if none at all. Adequate lighting also encourages good studying.

4. Be Consistent
If the child from his learned attitude to his routine study continues to persist, such consistency will benefit him at as easy pace during his primary school up to collegiate levels, thus creating the right attitude. Furthermore, parents especially mothers, should support their child to be consistent in his readings every night.

5. Encourage time management
With a regular reading time at night, the child will form the habit even amidst school activities and home life. The child will have time for play, time for study and time for rest. Of course, with the supervision of parents, the child will soon learn to manage his or her time, compartmentalizing activities accordingly, even at a young age.


5 Precautionary Actions to Avoid Age Lines

Wrinkles – who isn’t afraid of them? They make us look a little older than we really are, lowering our self-esteem every time they appear. We almost feel a little less than ourselves when these lines steal the scene.
Our lifestyle and pollution contribute to their formation so we might want to regulate these factors as much as we can.

Add to that some other measures that could help curve the chances these unwanted lines from forming.
Here are a few tips to help avoid wrinkles:

1. Sleep well
Getting plenty of sleep is just as important as its quality. When we sleep, our bodies replenish HGH or human growth hormone. This is responsible for growth and cell production (even on the integument or skin). If we are fond of pulling all-nighters, our bodies produce cortisol, which in turn slows growth, disrupts tissue maintenance and causes dry skin. As we age, we produce lesser HGH, so you might want to push back those nightly schedules and catch up on some zzz.

2. Eat lots of saturated fats
Not all fats are harmful, and saturated fats are one of the safe ones. Good saturated fats take part in a healthy diet and therefore produces healthy glowing skin. Consuming generous amounts of grass-fed butter, coconut oil and avocados in your diet is the key for more elastic skin. It also helps keep skin resistant to oxidative damage caused by exposure to the sun.

3. Use face masks
If your aren’t fond of sparing a few minutes before bedtime to pamper your skin, you might want to reconsider. One way to keep those unwanted wrinkles out of the way is to apply moisturizing masks at least once a week or in two weeks. Of course, stick to natural moisturizing masks, which may include but not limited to avocado honey mask, gelatin and egg mask or clay masks.

4. Switch to non-toxic sunscreen
You may have heard of this advice to chase away those wrinkle lines. But check your product first and take a good look at its toxin levels. We hate to break it to you, but most products actually have high levels of toxins, which defeats the purpose altogether, since toxins actually produce wrinkles. So re-check before you grow older way before your time.

5. Incorporate gelatin to your diet
Our bodies start harboring wrinkles as we age because of lesser collagen levels. So to augment this given fact, try adjusting your diet with a few doses of collagen from gelatin derived from cooked collagen. This basically comes from pigs and cows. Gelatin supplements are added to juices, yogurt or cereals. Whatever suits your liking, this go to wrinkle-buster does the trick.


5 Benefits of Switching to Better CRM Solutions

Customer relationship management, or the implementation of strategies for better interactions with customers and prospects, can be improved with the best CRM software in Singapore. Any existing CRM system will now be streamlined so that the sales and management team can focus on improving other aspects of their performance.

When switching to a better client managing solution, you will be enjoying the benefits of improved business relationships made up of the following core advantages:

Better Record-Keeping

Understanding your customers better starts with accurate and updated sales tracking system. With a CRM software, your sales team in Singapore can track new sales enquiries and personalize interactions with customers to better suit their unique needs. A good client relations means that you will retain loyal customers who can also help you promote your services and/or products through recommendations and word-of-mouth. Think of it as building a good reputation to the public, a tactic that works better than paid advertisements. The accumulated sales reports can also help your sales department come up with potential customers for future sales.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

With improved account management through reporting and tracking, it will now be easy for your employees to accurately predict sales and find more leads in the future. If your company wishes to expand its line of products and/or services for example, accuracy in the data is important to make educated guesses and important decision-making. You can also project how much your company will be earning because you have loyal customers and you can continuously improve customer services even after sales have been made.

Excellent Tracking and Management

Lead management is vital in attracting potential customers, but to be successful, your business must be able to come up with a profile of clients who might find your products and/or services useful. Once you have a profile of potential customers, it will now be easy to manage prospects by tailoring to their needs. This will lead to effective campaigns and advertisements because you already understand your customer.

Improved Customer Service

It’s important to stay connected with your customers in Singapore even if you are not selling them anything. It will send a positive message that you care about them and their feedback and that they are not forgotten. With the CRM system, it will be easy to get feedback from customers through consumer contacts so that your employees always have valuable insight to improve their customer service. But can small businesses also enjoy the CRM features? You do not need to own hardware and software for such a system because cloud CRM is cheaper and accessible for any type of business. Not only is it affordable, but there is no need for complicated installations, it’s easy to use, secure, and is seamless. A cloud CRM is just as reliable as a full clientele information software.

Enhanced Team Performance

Having an effective CRM software does not mean that you will automatically get higher sales, but it gives you better sales management tools to understand what works on loyal customers and how not to fail in attracting prospective customers. A streamlined process fosters a more productive sales team who will be more than happy to improve on their performance. This in turn leads to better sales and more leads. But how about the other departments in your office? With enterprise resource planning or erp software, human resources, accounting, inventory, and customer relationship management are integrated and streamlined into one system.


Common Household Items That Can Clean Your Car

Take a look at your bathroom or kitchen and you’ll be surprised how much of those you can use to clean your car. When you make use of items you have at home, cleaning your automobile is much easier and more straightforward. They are cheap, gentle and easy to use on your vehicle.

1. Hair Conditioner
A hair conditioner that contains lanolin in it will help clean your car easily. Plus, it leaves a shiny finish to your car’s surface, making it look freshly waxed. Your hair conditioner can make your locks look shiny, and it’ll do the same too your shoes, tools and car, too.

2. Cola
Unpredictable sunny-rainy weather can turn your windshield into a streaky and blotchy mess. Get rid of the dirt by pouring some cola over your windshield glass, but be sure to stretch a heavy absorbent fabric along the bottom part of the windshield to protect the paint of the car hood. The cola bubbles will simply fizz away the dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly the sticky cola afterwards, or else you’ll end up attracting more dust and dirt.

3. Vodka
When the windshield-washer runs out, search through your liquor cabinet to make your own washer refill. Mix three cups of vodka, four cups of water and two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid. Shake it well and pour the mixture into the reservoir.

4. Wet Wipes
Wet wipes—you may even have this in your glove compartment. You can quickly clean your car windows, windshield, dashboard and mirrors with it. What could be easier than this?

5. Window Cleaner
Keep your headlights clean and bright (and yourself safe) by using a window cleaner to polish it clean. Wet a lint-free fabric with a window cleaner and rub it vigorously onto your headlights to remove water stains and grime.

6. Ammonia
If you have dirty windshield wiper blades, they will streak the glass rather than cleaning it and keeping it free from debris. Make a solution of one quart cold water and a quarter cup of household ammonia. Lift the blades gently and wipe both sides with paper towel or soft cloth soaked in the solution. Before lowering them back to their places, wipe them dry with a lint-free cloth.

Your car may be one of your biggest investments, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to keep it clean. If the time doesn’t really allow for a thorough car wash, these household items can be your quickest solution until your next professional car washing in an automobile shop.


5 Helpful Tips for Looking After Your Baby’s Dental Health

Your little angel’s first set of teeth plays a crucial role in his growth and development. They serve as placeholders for their permanent teeth and also important for eating and speaking clearly. That is why caring for your baby’s dental health and keeping them decay-free should be every mother’s priority.

1. Brush your baby’s teeth every single day
It may be a hassle to brush your baby’s teeth, because more often than not they will resist and even throw tantrums on you. However, just like adult’s teeth, baby’s teeth require regular brushing. Use a baby finger toothbrush for easier cleaning and fluoride toothpaste that tastes fruity and sweet.

2. Avoid acidic food
Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons can be great sources of vitamin c, but they can also wreak havoc to your baby’s teeth. Other than the citrus, fruits in general have more acid content than vegetables, so try introducing vegetable based meals to your baby instead.

Additional tip: If you happen to add something acidic to your infant’s meal, brush their teeth before instead of after eating. The tooth enamel becomes temporarily softer after consuming acidic food, thus posing risks to teeth when you brush them immediately after eating.

3. Minimize Sugary Treats
Occasional candy treats won’t hurt, but too much can lead to tooth decay. It’s important to check the sugar content of any product when buying sweet treats. This way, you’ll be able to compare which one have lesser sugar content and is safe for your baby’s dental heath. However, we still advise to stick to natural sugars (if you must buy sweets) instead of opting for foods with high artificial sugar content.

4. Encourage chewing by introducing solids
Even if you can’t see any tooth yet, incorporate soft solids into your baby’s diet to encourage chewing. Start with soft chunks of veggies to prepare your baby for slightly firmer foods before moving onto solid foods once they are comfortable with chewing.

5. Have regular dental visits
Not only you are keeping your little one’s teeth strong and healthy, but you are getting your baby used to dentist environment. Regular dental check-ups from a very young age will benefit your child a lot. With being familiar of a dental clinic’s environment, your child will grow up not scared of the dentist.

After weeks of drooling and fussing, you finally noticed a little tooth popping out of the gums. Make sure to take good care of it from day one to encourage healthy development of your baby’s dental health.


What Do You Need to Do to Register Your Trademark?

Do you need help to protect your brand from impostors and copycats? Or do you want to prevent your company from infringing on a trademark? There are a lot of benefits to a registered logo or name, but the process can be tedious for entrepreneurs who are still new to the business. However, it is important to register trademark as early as possible to enjoy the protection of intellectual property laws.

Designating a Country (Madrid Protocol)

For international establishments that wish to protect their trademark here in the country, Singapore can be designated for international registration. This means that your trademark must already be a registered mark in the country or territory of origin before you can designate another country. The application is facilitated by the WIPO, and the documents will be submitted to and examined by IPOS. The entire process takes about 9 months if there are no objections.

Once the examination is done, the trademark will be published in the Trade Marks Journal so that the public can inspect it for two months. If there are objections during the examination, you can still create a TM by presenting all the requirements or giving the appropriate response within four months.

If there are no objections during the publication, the owner will be granted the certificate or Statement of Grant of Protection by IPOS, which is valid for 10 years. To enjoy the continuous protection of your trademark, you should renew the trademark registration before the validity ends.

Registration in the Country

When planning for trademark application, there’s a list of requirements you need to secure. Important documents to file your product name in Singapore TM registry include the following: name and address of the owner, graphical representation of the mark, list and classes of goods and/or services, declaration of the intent to use the trademark, and application fees.

Next, IPOS will examine and perform a trade mark search before a logo or brand name can be published in the Trade Marks Journal. For amendments in the trademark application, you will need to submit and fill out forms and pay the necessary fees and bureau charges. If there are no objections to the publication within two months, the owner will be issued a Registration Certificate valid for 10 years.

Registration Outside the Country

For companies in Singapore that want to register trademark in other territories, they must first register their TM at IPOS. This means that the mark must already have been granted the Registration Certificate.

To apply for intellectual property protection outside the country, you should file an international application via Madrid Protocol at IPOS. You will need to pay the administrative and WIPO fees, too. Next, the brand is reviewed by IPOS and then examined by WIPO’s International Bureau. If there are missing requirements, the owner will be given a deadline to submit them or to make amendments for the application.

If the requirements are complete, the trademark is published in the WIPO Gazette, a brand name registry, for public examination, and the owner will be given an international registration number. If there are objections or irregularities in the brand name recording, the owner will also be given a grace period to respond accordingly. How much the cost of filing a trademark varies from country to country.

Finally, the International Bureau will send the trademark registration to the designated country for another examination. If approved, the brand can enjoy the maximum protection and benefits in the designated country.