You can freely consider liposuction if you have money and you feel you need it. But you need to be aware of its ill effects should it fail. They say that liposuction is relatively harmless but there are others that experienced complications. Here in Singapore, there was a man who died because of liposuction. The doctors who performed the procedure are facing serious charges. The two doctors were banned from doing the procedure. What are the risks of liposuction?


Here’s an idea:

Common Side Effects:

Liposuction is not perfect. It has side effects but rest assured that the side effects can be contained. Common side effects of liposuction include temporary bruising, soreness, swelling and numbness around the affected areas. Apart from that, you can see minor scarring around the affection areas and irritation may happen. You will also notice a loose skin after a few months. Ideally, the skin should pull back after a few months.


Uncommon Side Effects

There are people who experienced uncommon side effects. There are people who may experience lasting skin colour changes. There are others who endure uneven skin. Liposuction can spoil the skin and its nerves.

Dangerous Complications

God forbid, liposuction can also bring harmful complications. There are people who died from complications like excessive fluid and blood loss. It can also cause blood clotting. There are chances for an infection. A person may experience pulmonary edema (an accumulation of fluid in the lungs). Just pray that you will not endure toxic reaction. But these complications rarely happen.


Knowing this, you should seriously think about liposuction before submitting yourself to the procedure. If you still want to proceed, it is important that you seek out a clinic that is famous for its effectiveness and efficacy.