Doctors also make mistakes. They are also human beings. Mistakes can occur anywhere in the health care centers, birthing places, clinics, hospitals, nurse rooms, pharmacies and more. These medical mistakes include the wrong prescription of medicines, wrong type of injection used to patients, malfunctioned equipment and laboratory results. It is true that medical practitioners are fully equipped with knowledge. But they can also commit mistakes once they are on the floor doing their job.


Actually, there were group of surgeons who were sued for the death of a girl who was scheduled it blood transfusion. After the operation, doctors thought that it was successful until the patient shows unusual act. The doctors then realized that they have injected the wrong type of blood to the patient. They tried to rescue the girl and conduct another operation but the girl died. Today, the most common error of doctors is the facial surgery. A lot of people nowadays want to improve their face. Most individuals who did these were actors and actresses.


They spend millions of dollars just to see improvement on their faces. They don’t care about what will possibly happen as long as they achieve the look that they want. But they have to do it because they want to look younger. Most individuals who undergo a facial operation are women who are in the age of 40 years old and above. They want to stay younger by having a surgery to eliminate all elements that contribute to skin and face aging.