What are the chances that your phone will blow up? There is a remote chance. It is crucial that you know the things that can contribute to its blowing up and how you can prevent it. Your phone blowing up is unusual but it pays to be prepared.


Here are some things that you can do to prevent your phone from blowing up:

  • Do not purchase low-quality bats: You can find many low-quality bats here in Singapore but it will not do you good. Low grade batteries is a bad idea because of quality and care issues. Low-quality bats do not follow the necessary standard. That should alarm you.
  • Look for a place with ventilation during charger: When you are charging, look for a place that is well-ventilated. It is not a good idea to cover your phone with your pillow. The safest thing to do is keep it away from fabrics and other electronics should it overheat.


  • Have it checked by professionals: If your phone fell to the water, do not attempt to save it. Even if you salvaged it, corrosion and short circuit are likely to happen. You have to look for professionals and have it checked. There are many professionals/technicians here in Singapore. Do not worry.
  • Do not use it while charging: The most basic thing that you should do is not use your phone when you are charging it. Charging and using it at the same time can lead to overheating. You wouldn’t want that.

You really cannot be sure of the phone you are using. Just be cautious so you will not end up blowing your ear or hands.