If you don’t mind your enterprise going bust, then sure, ignore it. If you want your company to do well, your staff to do things fast, reliably, securely, and of course, your company to earn big bucks, then you should really show concern towards this problem. You need to solve this problem by carrying out innovations in regards to performance, reliability and security.

Researches have shown that several enterprises in Singapore are using the newest technology, such as video conferencing, in order to increase productivity of staff. At the same time, CIOs have to watch over costs, making sure that they’re not exceeding any budget, but also giving higher performance. Performance, reliability and security are the three things in an enterprise that cannot be forgotten – since enterprises cannot afford to forget these three properties. These are also things that you will see in almost every enterprise’s network, enterprises that care about these three things. To reduce the required energy and space for productivity isn’t difficult at all. Once you get the right network to fit within those three requirements (performance, reliability and security), you’re on your way to achieving more work using less energy and space.

There is also an enemy of productivity, security and reliability. This is enemy is formed by the complexity of two different networks trying to connect together. These networks are known as a storage area network and an Ethernet backbone. The result of this ‘connecting together’ process will not only cost you much more money, it will also cause more complexity.