There is no such thing as the impossible with the world that we have today. A lot of things can evolve but some things need to remain the same. As for the maintenance of what is natural, one just cannot forget that the root bears it all. Losing the environment would mean losing everything in this planet. That is why, the advancement of the technology doesn’t only address to making the things in life easier, it should also be dedicated to saving life.


There’s no perfect time as now. Here are some of the ideas that can actually alter the waste land futuristic idea that everybody seems to have:

1. Wind Power: At present, this has to be the cheapest and the most widespread renewable technology.

2. Solar Power: This idea has been known since the 1970’s but it is only just now that such mediums were created to put this to good use in the world. This technology has become available worldwide and is now actually affordable.


3. Grid Storage: It is more on the idea that the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow too strong to meet the electricity demand. What comes off as an appealing idea now has to store these energies in such a location that would render the solar and wind power energy as something that can be used as a medium to collect energy but can be turned off over time.

These are all just ideas – ideas that can be done in the future.