Sunshiny days have always been a great way to go out and enjoy the sun, but warm weather isn’t always hair and makeup friendly. So whether you’re living in a country with a hot climate like Singapore, or just escaping the cold by taking a break in a tropical country, you still look fresh and beautiful all day long even in hot weathers with these great beauty tips.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Primer

When it comes to hot weather days, applying a primer is a must. Moisturize your face first and ensure that your moisturizer has properly seeped into your skin. Apply your primer afterwards to give you a smooth base for your makeup and hold it in place, regardless of how hot the weather might get.

  1. Be Waterproofed

If you’ve tried a waterproof mascara before and didn’t get along well with it, then it’s the perfect time to give them another shot. Unlike ordinary mascaras, the waterproof ones aren’t flaky and brittle, and works great for stopping your mascara from running during humid days.

  1. Bring Blotting Papers

One not-so-good sign that you’re really feeling the heat is having an oily T-zone. Prevent your T-zone from becoming so slick by bringing along a pack of blotting paper. Just one quick press, and the shine is gone.


  1. Do The Ice Cube Trick

Most Singapore makeup experts swear by the effectiveness of the ice cube trick for hot weather makeup. Before applying any makeup, gently rub an ice cube to your face and pat your skin dry. The ice cube’s coolness will tighten your skin and close your pores, allowing your makeup to become smoother and longer-lasting.

  1. Go Light On Makeup

In the same way you choose to wear light, airy clothes for the hot weather, you should also lighten up on your makeup. Instead of applying full coverage foundations and heavy formulas, opt for light and tinted moisturizers. When travelling to countries with hot climates, bring along all of your light makeup products and keep the heavy makeup for the cold months.

  1. Double Your Lipstick

Using one coating of lipstick won’t last that long in hot weathers. Avoid running around with a blotchy lips on extreme weathers by doing this simple trick: apply the first coat of your lipstick then blot it with a clean tissue paper, and finish it off with another coat of your lipstick.

  1. Set Your Liquid Makeup Aside

Cream-based products and liquid eyeliners, are prone to run in extremely hot weather conditions. As an alternative for your liquid makeup, wear powder-based products instead. These products are less likely to run, and would even help soak your sweat.

  1. Stock Your Makeup In The Fridge

Make your beauty products smoother and longer-lasting by keeping them in the fridge. Too much heat activates solvents found in cosmetic products, which changes its consistency and causes bubbles to appear.