We just want to fly comfortably regardless of the length of travel. Whether it is near or long-hauled flights from Singapore to some place, we only want to avoid the discomfort from cramped seats to intolerable cabin temperature. We can avoid discomfort by upgrading to first class but is it necessary?


Do we need to spend more just to be comfortable as much as possible? Fortunately, there are different strategies that we can consider for flying comfortably without upgrading. Here are some strategies:

• Drink water: Not all people know that flying takes out a lot of fluids. Pilots are recommending that passengers drink lots of water during the travel. Hydrating is the key to being comfortable. According to some experts, you have to drink at least one quart of water every four hours.

• The potential of pills: For passengers embarking on long journeys, they consider pills if they want to sleep but it need proper timing. Do not take pills upon leaving the house because sometimes, flights are delayed and you will be out of it by the time you board. It is better to experiment before the big day so you will know how long it can affect you.

• Do not drink: Experts are highly recommending the passengers not to drink. If you want to feel rested and fresh during and after the journey, you should avoid drinking. If you prefer to drink to facilitate sleeping, just limit it to one glass.


• Choose healthy foods: The food is something that you can consider in advance. When travelling, it is crucial that you choose healthy meals. If you did not want to get it from the airline, just grab healthy foods like protein bars, fruit and almonds. The meals should be light. If you want to fend-off thirst, just bring a gum since it can bring saliva.

• Dress comfortably: As much as you want to dress and travel in style, the reality is that it can be pretty damning. The key here is to dress comfortably – even if it is just flats, jeans and shirts.

• Look for entertainment: If you do not consider sleeping at all, you have to think of diversions or entertainments. You can for instance bring your laptop, a book or a crossword puzzle. If that is not enough, you can download movies at home and screen it when you are in the plane.

• Block it: If you are really plan on sleeping all throughout the journey, the best way is to block everything out. You just need to bring head phones, eye masks and earplugs.