Are you familiar with medical clowning? This is an idea developed at Haifa University, Israel. Patients of the Children’s Cancer Foundation here in Singapore got to see and experience medical clowning. “Dush the clown” along with some toys, balloon animals and hand puppets aim to give smile and happiness to children. Medical clowning is also therapeutic for elderly especially for those who are enduring dementia.


Medical clowning will help reduce patient’s fears. Apart from that, medical clowning can also assist patients to recuperate faster. Laughing is indeed the best medicine. There are many benefits of a good laugh. Here are some benefits of a good laugh:

1.       Boosts immune system

You may find laughing irrelevant when it comes to boosting your immune system but that is where you are wrong. Laughing can indeed boost the immune system. Research found that when you laugh, you release IgA (immunoglobulin A) which can fight infections and bacteria.

2.       Decreases stress

No doubt that laughing can decrease stress levels. You should know that when you laugh, stress hormones (like epinephrine and cortisol) will decrease. The presence of these hormones can restrain the immune system.

3.       Makes coping easier


There are things that we cannot control in life. You lost a loved one or a job; it is disheartening but if you laugh, you will surely feel light and at ease. Laughing can indeed make coping easier. Yes, we cannot control things but we can control how we react to such things.

4.       Improves blood flow and pressure

You may not believe it but laughter can improve blood flow and pressure. Research found out that laughter revives blood circulation and amplifies blood’s oxygenation. Laughter, simple as it may seem, can improve cardiovascular health.

There are many benefits that you will find. Regardless of what you are going through or what you want to get rid of, it is important that you start laughing.