If you are inclined to law and upholding it, you should pursue your studies. Law school is challenging and difficult but if you survive it, great rewards await. You should learn how to cope up to its demands. If you cannot cope up, you will surely be left behind. If you do your best, you will thrive. There are no secrets in surviving law school. You only need few practices. What you should practice when you are in law school:

Maintain a positive mind

When you enter law school, you should be emotionally and mentally ready. Maintaining a positive mind will guide you to success. If at the onset you are doubtful, you will surely fail.

Set a study habit

Law school is very demanding in terms of studying and reading. You should set a study habit so it will be easier for you. You can study in the morning or in the afternoon.


You should know that if you eat right, your brain would function well. If you want, you can also take supplements. Vegetables and fruits should be considered.


If your body is ready, you will last long. Other people forget that exercise strengthens and conditions the body. If you have a healthy or fit body, you will survive without getting sick.

Practice what you learned

As a law student, it is important that you uphold the law. You should practice whatever you learned inside the classroom.

Law students in NUS (National University of Singapore) wants to avail of the dual programme. This programme will train graduates in NYU (New York University). NUS graduates are then  given the chance to take the high esteemed New York Bar exams but lately, due to some changes of US policies, the dual programme is not possible. It is regretful but the decision to terminate the programme has to be respected.