If you are beginning to like musicals, you should know basic things about it. Musicals feature singing, instrumental accompaniment and dance scenes which are integrated into a dramatic plot. There are many musicals you can consider but The Phantom of the Opera is the best choice. If you want to consider it, here’s the detail:


The Phantom of the Opera is an original novel by Gaston Leroux. There are many adaptations but the most famous is the adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Andrew Lloyd Webber is also the man behind the success of Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and Cats. The Phantom of the Opera is considered as the longest running show in Broadway. The cast, crew and the whole of production will visit Singapore in July 2013.

The story is about a mysterious Phantom who lives beneath the Paris Opera House. The Phantom was obsessed with the young singer Christine therefore devoting all his time to help Christine be the new opera star. But Christine is committed to Raoul. The Phantom terrorizes the whole of the opera house and desperately wishes to get the love of Christine.

When: The musical shows will begin on July 16 and will end on August 11, 2013. The screening time will vary depending on the chosen date or day. For weekdays, it will begin at exactly 8:00pm. For weekends, you can choose to book the 2:00pm or the 8:00pm shows.

Where: The venue will be at Marina Bay Sands-Grand Theatre, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore.

Restrictions: The musical show is for everyone.

Tickets: You should buy tickets as soon as possible to get the best seat. You can pick the VIP (S$230.00), VIP box of 4 (S$920.00), A Reserve (S$165.00), B Reserve (S$145.00), C Reserve (S$125.00), D Reserve (S$95.00) and E Reserve (S$55.00).