Sometimes, a person looks like lying but is stating the truth. How will you determine it? Simply tie all the information you have gathered from different sources and when you are done, you can determine who is saying the truth. The secret to know if a person is lying, is to also know what lie is.


A Sign of Anxiety

Eye contact is a very important factor when you are stating the truth. Like for example, when you are called by your teacher for an oral recitation. You do not know the answer. Basically, you will bow down your head and you cannot look straightforward to your teacher while answering. This indicates that you are dishonest.


Knowing Who’s Saying the Truth

Most of the time, confident students who know the answer do not mind if they have an eye contact or not as long as they answer fluently and it is correct. You will notice that a person who is telling the truth is calm and fluently giving you all the information that you want. However, when a person is lying there is a sign that his eyes will not directed to you.

Truths and Half-Truths

Yes, he is speaking every detail of an incident but he is only telling a half-baked truth because he does not do eye contact with you. Aside from eye contact, many people sweat more when they are lying and sometimes they are so bothered that they cannot work properly. If these happen to a person and it is not its usual attitude, he is giving a sign that he is deceiving.