Most of the time, a person immediately defends himself when he is lying. Sometimes, he would state all unnecessary information that will make him more suspected. One of the most important signs that a person is lying is by listening at his statement.

lies 4

Giving too many information indicates falseness. This is very common to all. Most of the time, it happens when you want to cover yourself to a deed that you have done. It is not a mistake if you give details to a person. You can even give him all the details that he wants to know as long as you don’t act as if you are too defensive.

It’s like answering a question that can be answerable by Yes or No. For example, “Have you dated last weekend?” You can simply say yes or no to that question.


Now, if your answer is like this: “Last weekend Rey and I go at gun shop and then go fishing. After that, we go to some massage center and eat at a famous restaurant in Jason St. At six o’clock we waited for Rey’s mother near the bridge at Cannington St. and after few hours of waiting, her mother doesn’t show up so we went home.”

There is something wrong with the person when he answer just like that. It’s something that can be simply determined. Answering like this is an indication that you are defending yourself when in the first place, you are only asked a very simple question and there is no need to elaborate.