These days, smartphones are an indispensable tool to most Singaporeans. Without it, modern life will be difficult, maybe even impossible. That is very true, considering that so many things are now stored digitally. Beyond sending messages and making calls, smartphones has become one’s assistant and storehouse of personal data.


If you have important data stored in your smartphone, backing it up should be a priority. There are people who ignore the importance of backing up so when the time that they encounter difficulties, they regret not backing it up. Here are some ways to back up your smartphones:

  • Google account: You can actually use your Google account to back up your files. Android users can specifically benefit from this. You only need to set your phone so it will sync calendars, contacts, pictures, etc.
  • Cloud: Cloud services are all over the place nowadays. Among the most popular cloud services today are, iCloud and Dropbox, which all let you back up and sync your data across different devices. The good thing about cloud is you can retrieve your data across all devices that you subscribed.


  • Micro SD: You can also store your data to your micro SD cards. You only need to transfer data and store in your external storage.
  • Apps: You have to know that there are many applications that you can download or purchase that can help you back up data. You can look for free applications or you can buy cheaper ones. It will be up to you.
  • Computer: If you want, you can also store your data to your computer. You can simply drag and drop the things that you want to protect to your computer. Backing up via the computer is easy.

There are many options that you can consider. You have the power to protect your data. It is up to you to maximize it.