Smartphone is part of Singapore’s society. You cannot go far without it. Somewhat it is true but you do not need your smartphone when you go to the sink or toilet. One day, a terrible thing happened – you accidentally dropped your smartphone in the toilet or sink.

KENSINGTON - 83 per cent use smartphones in the bathroom

You learned your lesson (that you should never go near bodies of water when you are holding your precious smartphone) however, it is too late to regret because your smartphone is immersed in water. Fear not because you can still save your phone.

You only need to think of the following things:


  • Do not turn it on: You want to know if the phone is still alive but it will not do good to your phone. No matter what happens, control the urge of turning it on. Turning it on right away may cause short-circuit.
  • Do not use hair dryer: You think that hair dryer can help but in truth, it will make things worse. The hair dryer may fry your internal components that are delicate.
  • Quickly take it apart: Look for a towel and quickly take your phone apart. You have to remove the rear cover, battery, SIM card and the microSD card. After taking it apart, gently wipe the parts. You have to get as much water from the phone.
  • Use vacuum cleaner: You cannot dry everything. The vacuum cleaner can help you with drying it further. Do not place the vacuum too close to the phone because it will fry the internal components.

If you are too afraid to give first-aid solution to your phone, you can bring it immediately to technicians. There are many technicians here in Singapore.