In every year, ongoing maintenance for a condominium is conducted via online and offline methods. The condo management company in Singapore must sign a contract with every condo owners association they work with. An administrating contract will be signed, and the condominium management starts its business in exchange for a monthly fee. However, besides the specifications from the MCST contract, you might also discover that you or other strata title owners need some other services. For example, taking care of the green areas around the block is not a part of the classic real estate management contract, but you could add it if the majority of the owners request this service. Getting contractors to paint the common parts of the condo is another task of a Singapore condo management firm’s responsibilities. The condo owners must tell the condominium management company about their plans to paint the condominium in the future, and the MCST company must come with a plan in the shortest time possible. It is the responsibility of the strata title owners to pay their bills on time, but the real estate company executes the works requested immediately after the sums were gathered. The property management Singapore company is responsible to maintain and change the condo sanitation installations, cleaning the common spaces and making sure the garbage is disposed at least twice a week. The condominium management company must also offer you services of repairing and replacing the roof. The MCST company has contracts with several materials providers, so once the money is paid for a work of this kind by the strata title owners, the real estate company must begin the work immediately.


The professional property management Singapore must not wait for the condo owners to complain about different problems. On the contrary, the condominium management company must always propose new improvements and reparations to the locators. The pipes might have leaks, the gas installation might be old, and it is the responsibility of the MCST company to observe and to propose solutions to the strata title owners. Be sure to keep in regular touch with your managing agent to ensure that proper communication is kept throughout the tenure in order to have good working relations between the condo management firm and the council members and owners of your condominium in Singapore.