Contact lenses and glasses are simply the popular choices for those people who need some sort of vision correction. The Epi Lasik and Lasik surgery in Singapore have been a better way, as it offers permanent corrective action against those people who have poor eyesight. The only thing is that, since it offers a permanent solution, it is a costly one. Well, no matter where you search online, you would surely get a straight answer regarding the cost of Epi Lasik and Lasik surgery, since there are different factors determining the real cost of this matter.

Firstly, not everyone could take this kind of surgery. If you happen to be not a good candidate for this one, you may surely consider taking other eye treatments. Keep in mind, Lasik surgery in Singapore simply involves slicing a flap of tissue over the top of your cornea, leaving it open and start using the laser in order to reshape your cornea.

After then, once the cornea has been reshaped, the doctor would then replace the flap tissue back right over your cornea. There had been videos being shown that would present how the Epi LASIK and LASIK surgery would be like.

On the other hand, do you have any idea about how much would be the cost of Epi-Lasik and Lasik surgery in Singapore? Usually, you could expect like $2999 for an eye and about $3000 or more. Do not just merely have the surgery done by a certain doctor who would like to pursue the procedure for a charge of $299, though they are giving you simple reasons why this surgery could be this cheap. You must then consider everything prior to making up your decision.

Whenever you see the actual cost of LASIK, it would be on the “per eye” basis. It only means that you would be paying the price for every eye that receives the treatment. There would also be some instances in which you don’t need to have your eyes treated. Thus, you would not be paying for both of the eyes in this manner. Epi LASIK and Lasik surgery in Singapore may even cost slightly higher rather than what it was used to. However, the procedures being offered are much better.