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Archive for July, 2013


The Life of a Law Student

If you are inclined to law and upholding it, you should pursue your studies. Law school is challenging and difficult but if you survive it, great rewards await. You should learn how to cope up to its demands. If you cannot cope up, you will surely be left behind. If you do your best, you will thrive. There are no secrets in surviving law school. You only need few practices. What you should practice when you are in law school:

Maintain a positive mind

When you enter law school, you should be emotionally and mentally ready. Maintaining a positive mind will guide you to success. If at the onset you are doubtful, you will surely fail.

Set a study habit

Law school is very demanding in terms of studying and reading. You should set a study habit so it will be easier for you. You can study in the morning or in the afternoon.


You should know that if you eat right, your brain would function well. If you want, you can also take supplements. Vegetables and fruits should be considered.


If your body is ready, you will last long. Other people forget that exercise strengthens and conditions the body. If you have a healthy or fit body, you will survive without getting sick.

Practice what you learned

As a law student, it is important that you uphold the law. You should practice whatever you learned inside the classroom.

Law students in NUS (National University of Singapore) wants to avail of the dual programme. This programme will train graduates in NYU (New York University). NUS graduates are then  given the chance to take the high esteemed New York Bar exams but lately, due to some changes of US policies, the dual programme is not possible. It is regretful but the decision to terminate the programme has to be respected.


Study Grants in NUS

Good news for students out there. The EDB (Economic Development Board) gave S$5,300,000 grants to the NUS (National University of Singapore). This action was due to the discontinued law programme of NUS and NYU (New York University). There is this program that allows law students of NUS to study in NYU. Singaporean law students will then be cross trained with opportunities to take the prestigious New York bar exams.

But because of the changes of US policies, Singaporean law students will not be permitted to take New York bar exams beyond the year 2014. Studying law is very hard and challenging. There are others that survive while there are others that concede. When you enter law school, it is important that you survive and thrive. You can consider the following tips:

  • Establish a study habit. It is very important that you spend most of your time studying. There are many readings and articles that you should read and memorize. It is better if you establish a study habit or routine.
  • Eat the right food. Eating the right food and taking the right supplement can make a big difference at the end of the day. Foods and supplements can Sharpen your brain. Your brain can take all and absorb it if you eat right.
  • Exercise regularly. Other do not consider this important but exercising can increase endurance. When you exercise, you will not get sick always.
  • Uphold the law. It is imperative that you practice what you preach. You should embody the ideals and principles of a just person.
  • Maintain a positive outlook. A positive outlook will guide you to success. If you have a positive outlook, you will surely survive law school.

If you are determined, you will surely become a lawyer soon.


Support Local Dance Troupes

The support of the government is not enough if the community is unappreciative and uncooperative. It is important to support local talents regardless of the field. In this case, why not consider going to dance theatres or performances? You will surely enjoy the performances or acts. You can go to:

Singapore Dance Theatre

Singapore Dance Theatre is the nation’s official dance company. It lies in Fort Canning Centre. The company performed series of shows like the Ballet Under the Stars, Romeo and Juliet, Coppelia, Cinderella, Nutcracker, Giselle and many more. The company is comprised of 24 dancers performing at the Fort Canning Park and the Esplanade Theatre.

Line Dance

Line dancing is relatively new in Singapore but it gained popularity for a short period of time. Imagine a group of people organized in straight lines grooving to the music. The direction and the execution should be the same. The dance is for the young and young at heart. Participants sweat at the end of the number therefore it is an ideal workout session. The annual Chingay Festival showcases line dancing. You can join the fun.

Odyssey Dance Theatre

ODT (Odyssey Dance Theatre) is considered the leader when it comes to modern dance. Its aim is simple-to inspire and motivate young talents to follow their creative dreams. The ODT performed at major cultural sites like Marina Barrage, Victoria Theatre, Esplanade Concert Hall and the National museum. Aside from dancing, ODT offers community programme (the Arts4Youths) to teach Singapore’s youth about the different aspects of performance arts.

If you want more, you can have it. You should consider the world class performances of Sri Warisan, Bhaskar’s and Dance Ensemble. Aside from that, you can also witness folk dances (of Indians, Malays and Chinese). You will be entertained.


For The Love of Shows

If you are a fan of shows or live performances, you are in luck because Singapore has a lot of shows in store for you. Whether you like musicals, plays or song festivals, you will surely rejoice and look forward to it. You don’t have to go to places just to witness your favourite musicals or plays because it will come to you. All you have to do is book that event. Here are some performances you might be interested in:

Of Babies (not really) and People

This is a local play that revolves around a couple’s desire to have a child. The play will entertain you with truths about existence, love and surrogacy relative to race and religion. The show is performed in English with a few Bahasa Melayu. If you want to discuss the play, you can join the post show discussion after the performance. Admission is free. On May 25 2013, be at the Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove. Be there at exactly 6:30pm.

The Phantom of the Opera

This is an international hit. The Phantom of the Opera will visit Singapore again to perform. The show will begin on July 16, 2013 and it will end on August 11, 2013. You have plenty of time to decide what date to consider.


The Stomp Company returns to Singapore and it is better than ever. It will commence on June 18 and it will end on June 23. You should book your ticket right away before it is too late. You don’t want to wait another year for its comeback right?

There you go. Hopefully shows or live performances mentioned above are enough to make you happy. If it is not enough, expect more.


Stages in Singapore

Singapore is home to many performances and plays that will take your breath away. In fact it is regarded as the Broadway of Asia. If you want to witness one, you should head to:

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

Victoria Theatre lies in Empress Place. The theatre and the concert hall were designed by John Bennet. It was one of the finest models of colonial architecture. Since its inauguration, the theatre has been the home for Singapore’s influential cultural events such as the Singapore Sun Festival, Singapore Arts Festival and weekly presentations of Singapore Symphony Orchestra. You can directly visit their website at

Toy Factory Productions Ltd

Toy Factory Productions Ltd lies in Smith Street. Toy Factory is now regarded as the leader in bi-lingual (Mandarin and English) Theatre Company here in Singapore. The company redefined the local theatre because of its artistic and edgy presentations. Since its inauguration, the company received eleven Life! Awards. You can directly visit their website at

The Theatre Practice

The Theatre Practice lies in Waterloo Street. It is the first bi-lingual (English and Mandarin) theatre company here in Singapore. The company is famous because of its varied works and approaches like classical, traditional, modern and experimental. Aside from the performances, the company advocates arts education. You can directly visit their website at

There is always something for you. Book your tickets right away. The experience will be best if you bring your family and friends so they can appreciate the art too. Have fun and embrace the theatre’s motto: the show must go on.


The Phantom of the Opera Comes To Singapore

If you are beginning to like musicals, you should know basic things about it. Musicals feature singing, instrumental accompaniment and dance scenes which are integrated into a dramatic plot. There are many musicals you can consider but The Phantom of the Opera is the best choice. If you want to consider it, here’s the detail:


The Phantom of the Opera is an original novel by Gaston Leroux. There are many adaptations but the most famous is the adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Andrew Lloyd Webber is also the man behind the success of Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and Cats. The Phantom of the Opera is considered as the longest running show in Broadway. The cast, crew and the whole of production will visit Singapore in July 2013.

The story is about a mysterious Phantom who lives beneath the Paris Opera House. The Phantom was obsessed with the young singer Christine therefore devoting all his time to help Christine be the new opera star. But Christine is committed to Raoul. The Phantom terrorizes the whole of the opera house and desperately wishes to get the love of Christine.

When: The musical shows will begin on July 16 and will end on August 11, 2013. The screening time will vary depending on the chosen date or day. For weekdays, it will begin at exactly 8:00pm. For weekends, you can choose to book the 2:00pm or the 8:00pm shows.

Where: The venue will be at Marina Bay Sands-Grand Theatre, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore.

Restrictions: The musical show is for everyone.

Tickets: You should buy tickets as soon as possible to get the best seat. You can pick the VIP (S$230.00), VIP box of 4 (S$920.00), A Reserve (S$165.00), B Reserve (S$145.00), C Reserve (S$125.00), D Reserve (S$95.00) and E Reserve (S$55.00).