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Archive for April, 2015


Pack Light, Pack Right

6 Smart Packing Tips for Female Travellers

Do you ever get accused of bringing your entire closet every time you travel? Most busy Singapore women really find it hard to fit all of their essentials in just a single bag, which is why they end up with a luggage bag, a hand-carry bag, and a purse. But female travellers don’t need to worry anymore. Here are some useful tips that any female wanderer can do to quickly and efficiently pack their essentials into a single luggage.


  1. Go on layers and wear convertible clothes

Wearing uncomfortable clothes is one of the things that you should avoid when travelling. Instead of packing your favourite college hobo sweatpants, pack some of your most comfortable clothing pieces for your long flights and long travel days. Go for cotton shirts, pants and skirts, as well as layering pieces like cardigans, which you can re-wear over and over again, and a good pair of thick black leggings. Leave your fancy outfits at home, unless you’re attending a wedding or a conference.

  1. Use a backpack with a small canvas tote as your carry on

Travelling with a backpack is lot easier than dragging a suitcase around. This can be a good travelling hack especially if you’re going to travel outside Singapore, and encounter airlines that have a strict policy when it comes to weight limits. You can use the small canvas tote as an extra bag to hold the things you’ll be using during your flight, such as food, your tab, or laptop.

  1. Pack extra clothes in your hand-carry bag

You’ll never know when your luggage might get lost and if you’ve been travelling for about 24 hours already, not being able to change into clean clothes might become your breaking point. Avoid such situation by packing extra set of clothes in your hand-carry bag. Just pack one light cotton dress, your undergarments, or socks, depending on the climate of your destination.


  1. Just bring three pairs of shoes

Shoes are heavy, and takes a lot of space and weight in the luggage. Instead of bringing all pairs of shoes that you own, just stick to three pairs. If your destination has a warm climate, bring your flats and flip-flops. It would also be wise if you’ll wear your boots on the plane if it’s the peak of winter season on the place you’re headed to. For a rainy weather, pack a pair of waterproof shoes.

  1. Keep some extra money in your suitcase

Being mugged or pickpocketed is one of the worst things that could happen while you’re travelling. A good way to avoid or cope up with such situation is to divide your money, and keep some of it in your suitcase, away from wallet.

  1. Bring portable batteries or a USB charger

If you keep all your important details in your gadgets, such as flight details, maps or directions to hotels, then your portable USB charger isn’t something that you should miss out on your packing list. Keep these items in a separate Ziploc bag, so that you’ll avoid rushing to charging outlets when your battery drains out.

For women, packing for a flight is a stressful task. But following the aforementioned packing tips will definitely make a big difference in your packing, and even save some space on your hand-carry bags.



Stay Beautiful Even On a Hot Weather  

Sunshiny days have always been a great way to go out and enjoy the sun, but warm weather isn’t always hair and makeup friendly. So whether you’re living in a country with a hot climate like Singapore, or just escaping the cold by taking a break in a tropical country, you still look fresh and beautiful all day long even in hot weathers with these great beauty tips.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Primer

When it comes to hot weather days, applying a primer is a must. Moisturize your face first and ensure that your moisturizer has properly seeped into your skin. Apply your primer afterwards to give you a smooth base for your makeup and hold it in place, regardless of how hot the weather might get.

  1. Be Waterproofed

If you’ve tried a waterproof mascara before and didn’t get along well with it, then it’s the perfect time to give them another shot. Unlike ordinary mascaras, the waterproof ones aren’t flaky and brittle, and works great for stopping your mascara from running during humid days.

  1. Bring Blotting Papers

One not-so-good sign that you’re really feeling the heat is having an oily T-zone. Prevent your T-zone from becoming so slick by bringing along a pack of blotting paper. Just one quick press, and the shine is gone.


  1. Do The Ice Cube Trick

Most Singapore makeup experts swear by the effectiveness of the ice cube trick for hot weather makeup. Before applying any makeup, gently rub an ice cube to your face and pat your skin dry. The ice cube’s coolness will tighten your skin and close your pores, allowing your makeup to become smoother and longer-lasting.

  1. Go Light On Makeup

In the same way you choose to wear light, airy clothes for the hot weather, you should also lighten up on your makeup. Instead of applying full coverage foundations and heavy formulas, opt for light and tinted moisturizers. When travelling to countries with hot climates, bring along all of your light makeup products and keep the heavy makeup for the cold months.

  1. Double Your Lipstick

Using one coating of lipstick won’t last that long in hot weathers. Avoid running around with a blotchy lips on extreme weathers by doing this simple trick: apply the first coat of your lipstick then blot it with a clean tissue paper, and finish it off with another coat of your lipstick.

  1. Set Your Liquid Makeup Aside

Cream-based products and liquid eyeliners, are prone to run in extremely hot weather conditions. As an alternative for your liquid makeup, wear powder-based products instead. These products are less likely to run, and would even help soak your sweat.

  1. Stock Your Makeup In The Fridge

Make your beauty products smoother and longer-lasting by keeping them in the fridge. Too much heat activates solvents found in cosmetic products, which changes its consistency and causes bubbles to appear.




Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service

Whether you’re about to make a website for your business or just an Internet savvy who simply wants to blog and post audio/video materials – choosing the best web hosting service in Singapore to accommodate your needs is absolutely important. Without an excellent hosting service, you will be missing out all sorts of business deals, contracts, and other more business opportunities. However, finding one from the vast selections available in the market could be very difficult. To help you pick the best web hosting service, here are the 3 key essential questions to bear in mind.

What would be my site’s function?

The first thing you have to determine is whether your website will only be for personal use or will be used for selling multiple products. All web hosting services has different packages to offer depending on the purposes that you intend to use your website for.

For a website that would only contain personal blogs, the requirements are substantially less than those business websites that sell products online. Many web host providers sell more hosting choices for “personal” users. Personal hosting package is one of the low cost and best-selling hosting options used by most bloggers and small/starting businesses in Singapore. On the other hand, Singapore establishments and “high-end” users usually utilize advanced website hosts from HostMerlion web hosting services in Singapore such as the “business plus” and “unlimited pro” web hosting. These website hosting servers are a bit costlier than the personal hosting services since it offers full support, larger space and bandwidth to accommodate marketing purposes.

What package to choose?

Most people always opt for the least expensive item. However, when it comes to website hosting, choosing a cheap web hosting package is not always the best solution for you. Low cost hosting plans, like shared hosting server, may not allow you to expand when the need arises. Furthermore, shared hosting server may not provide full customer support, which is supposed to be one of the key essentials in website hosting. So check whether your potential host offers 24/7 support, not just for customers but as well as in configuring, maintaining and marketing the website.

Can the web hosting service support heavy connection traffic?

Logically, the aim of the users is to grow their site traffic, so make sure that your chosen host can handle heavy connection traffic. Ask if you will be notified if ever you are about to reach the bandwidth limit, and how can you upgrade to a larger space and bandwidth. There are web hosting companies that provide lists of all their hosted websites for their clients’ references. You can go to those sites and see how fast those sites operate. Or on the contrary, if you like a particular website, you can find out who hosts them by going to sites like, and track whoever operates behind your favourite website. Moreover, ask how many sites they host per server and compare them to other hosting services. The server with the lowest number of sites is your best choice if you opt for a shared web hosting service.