Thinking about replacing some of your skin care products, perhaps because it’s breaking you out or it’s just not working for you at all? If you want guaranteed effective facial and skin care products, it is important to know what key ingredients to find. Mostly, these ingredients are natural oils mixed together with a couple of more beauty essences to achieve best results that you can get from the essential oil shop in Singapore for affordable and good quality oils. For a soft and luminous skin, look for these essential oils in any skin care product you will come across with.

Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil

1. Rose Oil

Rose is definitely one of those most prized beauty oils for dry and sensitive skin. Apart from its exceptional emollient properties, it also moisturizes dry skin and offers astringent and antiseptic properties to treat redness, inflammation, and acne. It also helps refine the texture of the skin for flawless look and combats skin diseases, like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Rosa centifola and rosa damascena are the most used rose species in skin care products.

However, products with rose oil can be very expensive as thousands of plants have to be used to be able to extract an ounce of this essential oil. The good news, though, is that because it’s so concentrated, it only requires a few drops of rose oil to reap its benefits.

2. Lavender Oil

Because of its antibacterial properties, Singapore aroma therapists and dermatologists say that lavender oil is one of those natural oils best for treating acne and other skin problems caused by bacterial infection. Its powers do wonders to both oily/sensitive and dry/aging skin types. Also, this versatile essential oil smells very soothing and relaxing, the very reason why fragrant household products like candles and air fresheners are lavender-scented. Look for this natural ingredient in your next beauty product, and you’re sure to get a sweet-smelling, blemish-free skin.


3. Chamomile

There are actually two types of chamomile: the Roman chamomile and the German chamomile. Both of these types have superior calming properties and can solve a plethora of skin problems, not to mention the captivating smell it emits in every drop of this oil.

There’s a major difference, however, in the intensity and value of each essential oil. Roman chamomile is more common and available almost everywhere in Singapore, and can treat more basic skin problems, as well as safe for the babies. On the contrary, the potent German chamomile is so intense that it is a medicinal solution for more serious skin issues, like hives and eczema. Generally, chamomile is a popular ingredient for cosmetics and skin care because of its properties that help diminish inflammations, redness, scarring, and uneven skin tone.

4. Almond Oil

Almond oil contains generous amounts of vitamins E and K, which are essential for regeneration and maintenance of skin elasticity. Moreover, almond oil is a natural UV blocker, making it an ideal skincare product for people who usually spend more time under the sun.

Also, if you’re one of those people who do not enjoy the smell of botanical oils, or whose employers don’t allow the wearing of strong scented oils in the office, almond oil offers the added benefit of being odourless. The essential oil ifrom Singapore sn’t as oily in consistency and sinks into the skin relatively quickly.

Skin care can be challenging especially in particular times of the year. In summertime, the skin can be too greasy and thus accumulation of bacteria can be very easy, causing pimples, acnes, and blackheads. During the cold or rainy season, the skin tends to get really dry and patchy, which could then cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear earlier than expected. To combat these problems and keep the skin looking vibrant and healthy at all times, seek for products with these essential oils the next time you drop by your favourite beauty shop.