Traveling is one of the most enriching if not memorable experience one could ever ask for. Though we will spend some money, nothing compares to the joy we feel whenever we discover something new, exciting and amazing. For newbies, we seek the advice and thoughts of experts to avoid gaffes during traveling.


To save ourselves from the headaches and hassles of traveling, here are some gaffes that we need to avoid:

• Purchasing airline tickets for the incorrect day: It is okay if the airline allows you to transfer or refund the tickets but that is beyond hoping. You know perfectly well that no matter the circumstances, the airlines will never transfer or refund tickets. If you do not want to waste money, be sure when you are booking it.

• Missing the boarding announcement: The greatest mistake that you will ever make is to miss the boarding announcement. When your flight is delayed because of something, make sure that you are always updated of its status. Be attentive.

• Going to the wrong destination: Discovering the place is a unique experience but when the family is steered to the wrong direction because of your navigation prowess, you wasted your precious time.


• Catching the wrong train: Catching the wrong train is both a memorable experience and a funny one. It is not every day that you catch the wrong train. When you are boarding a train, make sure that you are in the right railway especially if you cannot afford to delay a day.

• Drugging yourself before the flight: Taking pills (specifically Ambien) is common for those who want to sleep soundlessly during the travel. There are even those who take pills before leaving home. The challenge here is when the flight is delayed and you fall asleep in the lounge and wake up missing the flight – this is an expensive mistake.

• Using the wrong words: There are some words lost in translation and that is something that you need to be careful about. You do not know you are inviting trouble with just a mispronounce word. Before going to a specific place, make sure to learn some basic words and know how it is pronounced. However, you are a tourist, you are welcome to make mistakes especially about the language.

• Not traveling enough: For those who haven’t travelled enough, perhaps it is one of their greatest regret in life. When you are young and adventurous, you should travel more and not live to regret it when you become old.
Now that you know some gaffes, you are ready to leave Singapore and be on your next travel.