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Archive for June, 2018


The Best Science Fiction Anime for Beginners

Most of the famous anime series are usually about romance and adventure, but there are also gems in the science fiction genre that every anime fan should try.

These are the best titles for beginners in science fiction anime.

Zankyou no Terror (2014)
After an attack at a nuclear facility left the authorities baffled, a strange video of two men appeared and challenged the police to solve puzzles before acts of terrorism can be performed. However, it seems that the acts are not simply about terrorism, because the two young men are motivated by their traumatic experiences.

Cowboy Bebop (1998)
Considered a classic, the series is not only about a group of people who came together because of a hostile world. It also features the most important concepts explored in most science fiction works.

No.6 (2011)
This dystopian series explores the ideas of friendship between an educated, privileged boy who meets a skillful outlaw. Shion is about to learn the dark history of the city he has been calling home.

Psycho-Pass (2014)
Imagine a world where criminals can be identified by just simply assessing the mental state using a high-tech pistol. In a world where it’s easy to pass judgment using tools that are supposedly accurate, an unusual criminal will challenge the system and makes the enforcers question their reliance on technology.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)
This apocalyptic series features a different Tokyo trying to survive attacks from creatures named angels. Viewers will notice the use of symbols from Judeo-Christian beliefs and a different take on the mecha genre.

Steins;Gate (2011)
When a group of friends discover a way to travel through time, they use the opportunity to send warnings to influence present events. However, simply influencing the events does not always guarantee the best outcome.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002)
Set in a world where cyborgs are common, the story focuses on a special task force assigned to track and solve crimes, specifically incidents involving a prolific hacker and a terrorist.

Fractale (2011)
The name Fractale is used on an A.I. that was set up to guide humanity into happiness and prosperity, but like any sophisticated virtual reality system, there are imperfections that cannot simply be ignored.

Persona 4: The Animation (2011)
Based on the popular video game, the anime features Yu Narukami and friends who are learning to control their powers to save people from a mysterious series of deaths.

Texhnolyze (2003)
In an underground city called Lux, three groups are trying to take control through a series of conflicts threatening to destroy the place. During it all, an orphan and a young prophet try to reveal the secrets of the city to save it from destruction.

Last Exile (2003)
In a world torn by an unending conflict between two nations, three friends set out on a mission to try to reconcile the two factions to bring peace at last.

This list is compiled in no particular order.


4 Tips for a Better Night’s Rest

According to a poll by SingHealth, 4 in 10 Singaporeans are sleep deprived, which means that on a weekday, they sleep less than the recommended hours of sleep (7 hours). But we all know that sleep deprivation has a lot of ill-effects on your health. Some of these problems include lowering your ability to concentrate, a weakened immune system, plus a host of complications like diabetes and weight gain. But getting better sleep isn’t too hard. Here are a few tips and tricks to beat sleep deprivation.

1. Dim your room
One of the biggest obstacles against a good’s night rest is bright lights. Early humans never had to deal with artificial lighting and went to sleep when the sun did. Eventually, we developed what scientists call the circadian rhythm, an internal clock that tells us when to sleep and when to wake up. However, in our modern world, our bright, artificial lights disrupt our circadian rhythm. If you want to sleep better, you would need to avoid artificial lighting, from light bulbs to electronics.

If you really need to use your electronics before going to bed, there are apps that can dim your phone or tablet so that it doesn’t disrupt your circadian rhythm as much. However, it’s always a good idea to go to sleep without bright lights and electronics to get your body back to its proper circadian rhythm.

2. Keep your room cool
Aside from a dim room, another thing you should make sure of is to keep our room cool. According to studies, optimal temperatures for sleep are at 20 or 21 degrees Celsius. If you don’t have air conditioning, there are other things you could do to cool down your room. For example, open the windows of your room, or use sheets that are light and breathable.

3. Avoid caffeine
Everyone knows that you should avoid caffeine before going to sleep, but not everyone puts this knowledge to practice. Studies have shown that caffeine can affect your sleep even six hours after consumption, so avoid consuming caffeine late in the afternoon. Also remember that there are other sources of caffeine that you probably aren’t aware of, like tea, chocolate, and soda. To stay on the safe side, check the labels of your food when eating anything before bed.

4. Create an evening ritual
All of us have an evening routine, but not everyone has an evening ritual. Our routines usually consist of brushing our teeth, turning off the lights, and falling asleep (after few minutes—or hours– of tossing and turning). But what separates routines from rituals is the intention behind it; rituals make going to bed a thing that you can look forward to. A good ritual can include seemingly unnecessary things like a short walk, drinking a cup of caffeine-free tea, or a few minutes with a paperback, that can make going to bed an enjoyable experience.


How to Clean Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a cheaper alternative to wall paint, although cleaning and maintenance is more difficult because it tends to absorb the dust, dirt, and stains in your home. So, how do you go about keeping it clean for many years?

Vacuum or Wipe Regularly
The simplest method to keep your wallpaper in great condition is to vacuum it regularly. If it is a textured or flocked wallpaper, use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Start from the top and work your way down one panel at a time. If the wallpaper is non-textured or flat, you can use a microfiber cloth attached to a sweeper.

Do Not Use Water
No matter what type of stain you need to remove, you should not use water to clean your wallpaper unless it’s a washable type. Neither should you scrub wallpaper because it could come off. There is a special cleaning chemical made for such a task called a wallpaper dough, which is commonly sold at DIY, hardware, and home décor stores in Singapore. Just roll and knead a handful of the dough over the stain to lift it.

Test Washable Wallpaper
If the manufacturer said that the wallpaper is washable, you should test a cleaning chemical first on an inconspicuous part before using the product. Dab a dampened cloth on a small area and observe if it absorbs water, runs, or changes color. If it does, then it means the wallpaper should not be washed.

Wipe Off Grease and Steam
Some parts of the house, like the kitchen, are exposed to grease and steam. Although a scheduled light washing every few months will remove most of the stain, you should make it a habit to wipe off heavily exposed wallpaper regularly with slightly dampened sponge in a water and dishwashing liquid mixture. Make sure that the sponge isn’t overly soaked then pat-dry the wallpaper surface with a clean towel. You can also install a waterproof sheet made for protecting wallpaper from grease and steam.

Vinyl Wallpaper Can Be Washed
There is only one type of wallpaper that can be safely washed with water, but you should avoid soaking the cleaning rag or sponge because the water can still get through the cracks and edges. Moisten the rag or sponge and do not apply a lot of pressure when wiping the wallpaper. Don’t forget to rinse then pat-dry the walls after cleaning with lukewarm water.

Some Stains Are Tough
For stains that cannot be removed with spot-treatment using wallpaper dough, press an absorbent cloth or paper towel against the stain, then iron the cloth or paper towel set at very low heat. The heat will eventually loosen the stain and transfer it to the cloth or paper towel.


Is Your Job Making You Fat?

Now that you have a job, it is much easier to find money to pay the bills and save some for the future. But having money to buy most of the things you need also has its drawbacks. Add to that the lack of time to exercise because you’re always busy making money. Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself if your job is making you fat.

How many hours do you spend on your desk?
The most common cause for weight gain at work is lack of physical activity for days at a time. Most employees sit at their desks for hours, and that’s not healthy at all. You should take occasional breaks to stretch or walk around the office, although that’s not to encourage you to slack off.

How long do you need to commute?
Most employees start their day by traveling to the office, sitting for most of the eight hours at their desk, then spending some more time getting home. That means more time for sitting. Various studies have shown, however, that those who commute burn off more fat than those who drive to work. Walking and biking are also much healthier.

How do you spend your weekend and free time?
Check how you’re spending your free time and weekends away from work. Enjoying life is just as important as earning money for food and bills. Lack of physical activities and hobbies can cause more stress and therefore lead to various health problems. You should also check how your co-workers’ eating habits are affecting you. You may find yourself obligated to go on unhealthy lunches, parties, drinking and late night-outs. You shouldn’t avoid these completely, but you should also make an effort to say no occasionally.

Does your job trigger stress?
Stress can do things to your appetite, that is why some people turn to eating (or not eating) to compensate for the high levels of stress hormones that are wreaking havoc in the body. If you’re the type of employee who also needs to take home the job, your stress level is also much higher and will cause restless sleep that the body might compensate by making you feel hungrier. Employees in overnight shifts also tend to have more health problems that daytime employees, although the body will eventually adjust to the new schedule.

Does your food contain more calories?
Most fast-food are much more affordable than the fare sold at healthy restaurants, not to mention they’re also more accessible. For those who no longer have enough time to prepare a healthy meal, takeouts from the nearest fast-food chain are the most practical, but unhealthy option.

Does your company have wellness programs?
Not only should a good company be able to provide health incentives for its employees, but it is also partly responsible for keeping the personnel healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. One way of providing a way to de-stress is to set up wellness programs. However, only large companies are willing to invest in activities that they feel won’t bring in more profit.