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Archive for January, 2019


Why Laughing is Important In Our Life

The old saying “laughter is the best medicine”, may very much hold true. Especially in our time today where everyone notices they have so much struggle, sadness, disappointments and etc. Clearly, life is not always easy, but by sharing a good laugh we can make it much less miserable.

Benefits of Laughing

Lowers stress

Clearly enough, it isn’t very surprising that laughing can improve our mood very easily. When we laugh, our muscles become more relaxed, relieving tension around the body. Not only does laughing ease physical tension, it also significantly reduces the formation of stress hormones.

Good for the heart

Laughing also pushes us to exercise our lungs and abdominal muscles, which in turn improves our circulation and blood flow. This can help us maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and protect us from heart diseases.

Strengthens the immune system

Laughter doesn’t only reduce stress hormones, it can increase and strengthen immune cells as well. It can also specifically affect the lymphatic system which is responsible for collecting and cleaning waste all around the body.

Better social interactions

Having a good laugh with others can help you form better bonds and relationships. Because laughing can be contagious, people who can make others laugh easily are naturally alluring. They give off the impression that they are friendly, fun and easy to be with. 

Promotes a positive mood

Laughter increases the production of endorphins, hormones that make us feel happier.  It also encourages a positive mood not only for yourself, but also for the people around you. It can make your workplace livelier and making more tasks easier to carry out.

Ways to laugh more

 Joke around

One popular Singaporean joke that’s already been going around for a long time goes:

“Good morning sir, may I have your order?”

“Big Mac for me, Cheeseburger for my son, McChicken for my DONKEY wife.”

“Big Mac, Cheeseburger & McChicken. Any side order, sir?”

“Lemme see. French fries for me, fudge sundae for my son, & apple pie for my DONKEY wife.”

“French fries, fudge sundae, apple pie. Any drinks, sir?”

“Sure. Coffee for me, coke for my son, & milkshake for my DONKEY wife.”

“Coffee, coke, & milkshake. That’ll be … dollars.”

“Here you go. C’mon son, let’s go to our table. Your DONKEY mother will collect the food.”

“Excuse me, madam. Sorry to intrude, but how can your husband be so rude? He kept calling you DONKEY, even to your son.”

“Hannor! HEE-HAW, so liddat one! HEE-HAW, veri bad one! HEE-HAW, neh give face one!”

Surf the internet

With the internet, it’s very easy to find funny things. It is a treasure cove for jokes, video clips, and more.

Laugh at yourself sometimes

Don’t worry if you think you’re bad at jokes, jokes aren’t the only ways to make others laugh. Share a story! We can’t deny that we have embarrassing moments from time to time and talking about those moments usually invites laughter.


The Benefits of Rice

With rice being the most widely consumed staple food around the world, especially in Asia, we just can ignore how important and how good it can be for our body. If you think about it, here are really just more reasons for you to get that Hainanese chicken rice.

The Nutrients

The different varieties of rice each have different nutritional values. White rice is mostly made up of carbohydrates, and a certain percentage of protein and fat. It is also a great source of iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and etc. Brown rice also contains carbohydrates, protein, and fat, but considerably more compared to white rice. It has about four times more fiber compared to white rice.

These nutrients are all beneficial for our bodies and can help us become healthier.

The Benefits

Supplies energy

Rice is a great source of energy because it is rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are fuel that our body and brain need for healthy functioning. Having rice provides us with more fuel so that we can finish our daily activities without getting tired too easily.

Promotes cardiovascular well-being 

Because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, rice aids our blood flow leading to a healthier cardiovascular system. Rice helps prevent the narrowing of blood vessels and cleans away excess sodium in the blood to prevent blockage in the arteries.

Controls blood pressure

The risk for high blood pressure can be found with having high levels of cholesterol, which we get from fatty foods. Too much intake of sodium also leads to an increased risk of high blood pressure. But rice is low on both fat and sodium. And as mentioned earlier, the other components of rice help to cleanse excess sodium in the blood.

May help prevent cancer

Rice, brown rice specifically, contains a good amount of fiber. It prevents the development and growth of cancer cells in the body. This is made possible because fiber because it enhances the body’s ability to move waste material so that they cannot affect other cells negatively.

Also controls blood sugar

Fiber also helps to regulate blood sugar and keeps it in check. It checks and slows the absorption of glucose into the blood so that it is distributed more efficiently to where it is needed. Having too much glucose in the blood is already a big enough reason for blood sugar to rise, but having too much glucose in the blood can also damage the cells around them.

Aids digestion

Having some rice has been known to help with constipation, dysentery, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Again, this is because of its richness in fiber. Soluble fiber helps with blood sugar and blood pressure while insoluble fiber helps with digestion. Insoluble fiber is not included in digestion, rather, it allows other food to move through your system easily.