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Business News in Singapore


Managing Your SME

There is a recent survey commissioned by IE (International Enterprise) Singapore showing 50% of SMEs are investing in China. IE and SCCCI (Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry) created an establishment in Shanghai which seeks to assist SMEs in exploring the Chinese market. This new venture will surely ease constraints on FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and slacken trade and services.


If you are thinking about venturing in China, you should know how to manage your SME. There are many competitions but you can be successful if you are really serious. You can consider the following things to ensure success:

  • Know your target. The first thing that you need to do is find your niche. This requires market study or research but when you identify that specific niche, you will surely grow.
  • Build your team. It is important that you build your team Do not just employ a person for the sake of filing a position. Build a team that can help you put together your business.
  • Be fast. If there are deliveries, always be fast. Lateness will reflect badly on your company. Respond to emails as soon as you can and return calls right away.
  • Be appreciative. Saying thank you is a powerful one. You should tell your customers and employees thank you all the time. It will show how much you value them.
  • Smile. Smiling will give glow to your place. People buy or avail of your services not because of your product or services, they simply like you and your welcoming smile.
  • Be optimistic . At the end of the day, attitude really matters. You have to keep that optimism so you can endure all things. Optimism is contagious you know. It will radiate and infect all people around you.


You should value your humble beginnings. Multinational companies start small. This means you have a chance to be bigger and better. Good luck on your endeavours!


Cloud-Based Technology Set to Improve SG Industry

In a partnership with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star), the Government’s Infocom Development Authority (IDA) is set to adopt the cloud-computing technology to aid them to be more efficient in their business operations.

Together, the partners will develop a customized cloud-computing solutions as agreed and signed through A*Star’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC). With this kind of capability, it is anticipated to incorporate cloud-based data analytics, social-media analysis and modeling systems. These kind of technology aims to tap on the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN) infrastructure.

The executive director of IHPC, Professor Alfred Huan, envisions that capital investment’s entry barrier will lower and that there will be a shorter idea-to-market implementation because what it can offer will enable businesses to evaluate data through the cloud-based data analytics, and will also help shorten the turnover period among companies that would utilize the social-media analysis and modeling systems. All these are to be of significant contribution to more convenient yet cost-effective tools compared to traditional systems in achieving the various needs of diverse companies in the country.

Cloud-based technology refers to applications, services or resources via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s server made available to users on demand. It increases storage capacity, enhances functionality or adds additional services on demand without having to commit to potentially costly communications or transportations, which has previously been a major barrier to development.


New Restaurants to Try in Singapore

There is nothing wrong if you are a foodie. There are many cuisines and dishes here in Singapore worth the taste. There are old restaurants that stood the test of time. But now, let us give chance to new and blossoming restaurants. If you want to discover what is new and you want to taste what they have to offer, you should begin with:

  1. SKIRT Grill. If you want Wagyu steak, SKIRT grill can give it to you. The steakhouse is famous for their simple yet very tasty steaks.
  2. Sur Nuevo Latino. If you are into South American cuisines, you should go here. You should try their sandwiches.
  3. Spathe Public House. For casual days, you can go to Spathe Public House. The place is famous for its big potions at a reasonable price.
  4. The Pelican. The Pelican is a seafood restaurant. They will indulge you with their seafood platter with lobsters, clams, oysters, prawns, etc. The good thing about this restaurant is its affordability.
  5. The Halia. This restaurant is located in Raffles Hotel. The original outlet is at the Botanic Gardens.  The restaurant is proud of its “big and small” plates. You must try their oriental duck.

Indulging to restaurants sometimes is not a sin. When you feel like hungry and you want to try something new, just do it. Trying and tasting new is an  adventure worth taking. If you want, you can include your friends and family. Whether it is expensive or not, the food and the company counts so do not think about the price. You do not eat at fancy restaurants all the time anyway. Just give yourself a chance and experience it.


Cost of Doing Lasik Surgery in Singapore

Contact lenses and glasses are simply the popular choices for those people who need some sort of vision correction. The Epi Lasik and Lasik surgery in Singapore have been a better way, as it offers permanent corrective action against those people who have poor eyesight. The only thing is that, since it offers a permanent solution, it is a costly one. Well, no matter where you search online, you would surely get a straight answer regarding the cost of Epi Lasik and Lasik surgery, since there are different factors determining the real cost of this matter.

Firstly, not everyone could take this kind of surgery. If you happen to be not a good candidate for this one, you may surely consider taking other eye treatments. Keep in mind, Lasik surgery in Singapore simply involves slicing a flap of tissue over the top of your cornea, leaving it open and start using the laser in order to reshape your cornea.

After then, once the cornea has been reshaped, the doctor would then replace the flap tissue back right over your cornea. There had been videos being shown that would present how the Epi LASIK and LASIK surgery would be like.

On the other hand, do you have any idea about how much would be the cost of Epi-Lasik and Lasik surgery in Singapore? Usually, you could expect like $2999 for an eye and about $3000 or more. Do not just merely have the surgery done by a certain doctor who would like to pursue the procedure for a charge of $299, though they are giving you simple reasons why this surgery could be this cheap. You must then consider everything prior to making up your decision.

Whenever you see the actual cost of LASIK, it would be on the “per eye” basis. It only means that you would be paying the price for every eye that receives the treatment. There would also be some instances in which you don’t need to have your eyes treated. Thus, you would not be paying for both of the eyes in this manner. Epi LASIK and Lasik surgery in Singapore may even cost slightly higher rather than what it was used to. However, the procedures being offered are much better.


Great BBQ Wholesale Food Gains Popularity

Throwing a BBQ food party with a BBQ wholesale is a great way to treat all your clients and friends. If you are planning to throw a grand party to celebrate your 10th marriage anniversary in Singapore and love to have a BBQ menu, it is very much possible even if a majority of your guests happen to be hard core veggies. The solution: check out the food from a grilled or barbeque wholesale and hire their catering service.

Of course it is a challenge that you want to make happy both non vegetarians and vegetarians arriving to your party, and to implement your decision to make your event a memorable one, you need to find a good BBQ catering service or BBQ wholesale provider that is open to the idea of grilling food that are vegetables rather than the usual BBQ food that is all mutton, pork, and other types of meats and seafood.

Find out the right BBQ catering service in Singapore that suits your requirements. Believe me – if you are able to get through the maze of various BBQ wholesale and catering services and arrange one that delivers really delicious bbq food, you will have an amazing event that will be talked about even years down the line. Once you have decided to hand over the task of preparing and serving food items to a Spring Ocean, a Singapore food provider offering BBQ wholesale prices, much of your headache revolving around the quality of food is removed. But how do you find substitutes of food like otah and satay that have become integral dishes in all parties serving food. Satay is meat chunks grilled with the help of skewers while otah is fish served fresh after adding spices and wrapped in banana leaves. While people of love satay and otah, there are some barbeque food vegetables that taste just as good and look mouth-watering once they have been grilled and properly prepared by an on-site catering service.

BBQ wholesale offers interesting options for vegetarians: There are lots of items that can be substituted for meats in any BBQ party and cheese is one such great option. One cheese variety in Singapore that is very popular is Halloumi cheese and stuffing it instead of meat makes BBQ catering delicious even for non-vegetarians. The reasons why this cheese is loved by catering services is that it does not melt and can be sliced easily. Those provided by can even be put on skewers and grilled like meat. While grilling turns the cubes of this cheese brown from outside, it remains soft inside.


Accounting Software and Proper Accounting Records

All businesses in Singapore including online based businesses are required by the tax department to have proper accounting records. Now this can be done easily by using an accounting software for small to medium businesses who do not require complex accounting features. When approaching an accounting software company, ask for a demo and customization to suit the requirements of your business.

Talking about reliable sources of accounting software in Singapore, keep in mind the requirements of your business as there are available not just industry specific, but also programs that are dependent upon size of the business. So you need accounting software Singapore that lends itself to small business if you happen to be a small entrepreneur. You also need to ensure that the program matches with the accounting system that you are making use of. You must see that the software is capable of customization to suit your business requirements to a T.

Because of the increasing popularity of Singapore accounting software, there are many vendors selling them in retail stores as well as stores that specialize in computer stationary and software. There is no need to worry if you feel you do not have a friend doing business of accounting software as you can always ask for genuine software with a guarantee. When you are prepared to pay high for original accounting software, you must insist on a demo to try it to have a feel of the software. Another feature that you must check is whether the accounting system and software is compatible with your existing computer system and hardware or not.

If you are not satisfied with the features of the accounting software available in the market, you can always look for a reliable source of a custom accounting system solution on the net provided by customised developers. This allows you to look for those features that are not available in the market and also to compare similar products and their prices on different sites. Asking for the opinion and recommendations of other entrepreneurs for the source of accounting software is also a good idea.


How To Assess a Condominium Management Company

In every year, ongoing maintenance for a condominium is conducted via online and offline methods. The condo management company in Singapore must sign a contract with every condo owners association they work with. An administrating contract will be signed, and the condominium management starts its business in exchange for a monthly fee. However, besides the specifications from the MCST contract, you might also discover that you or other strata title owners need some other services. For example, taking care of the green areas around the block is not a part of the classic real estate management contract, but you could add it if the majority of the owners request this service. Getting contractors to paint the common parts of the condo is another task of a Singapore condo management firm’s responsibilities. The condo owners must tell the condominium management company about their plans to paint the condominium in the future, and the MCST company must come with a plan in the shortest time possible. It is the responsibility of the strata title owners to pay their bills on time, but the real estate company executes the works requested immediately after the sums were gathered. The property management Singapore company is responsible to maintain and change the condo sanitation installations, cleaning the common spaces and making sure the garbage is disposed at least twice a week. The condominium management company must also offer you services of repairing and replacing the roof. The MCST company has contracts with several materials providers, so once the money is paid for a work of this kind by the strata title owners, the real estate company must begin the work immediately.


The professional property management Singapore must not wait for the condo owners to complain about different problems. On the contrary, the condominium management company must always propose new improvements and reparations to the locators. The pipes might have leaks, the gas installation might be old, and it is the responsibility of the MCST company to observe and to propose solutions to the strata title owners. Be sure to keep in regular touch with your managing agent to ensure that proper communication is kept throughout the tenure in order to have good working relations between the condo management firm and the council members and owners of your condominium in Singapore.