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Helpful Traveling Tips


An Introvert’s Guide to Enjoying Group Travels


Travelling solo has its own perks, but so does travelling in groups. Even the most introverted traveller will surely agree that getting outside of your comfort zone is of the main reasons to travel. That said, we’ve listed down some tips on how an introvert like you can equally recharge and engage on your next trip.

travel, vacation and friendship concept - group of smiling friends in city

  1. Feel the Excitement

One of the best ways to enjoy your group travel is to get excited about it. Ramping up some positive thoughts about your group trip will definitely make it seem less daunting to you. Also, consider doing some research about your destination beforehand to know more about the place, as well as to convince yourself that travelling with a group is way better than just being in your home alone.

  1. Free Up Your Schedule

Fill your days before and after your trip with lots of alone time. Give yourself a night of solitude with a good book, a glass of wine and a bubble bath before hitting the road with your circle of friends. After all, nothing discourages an introvert the most from group travels than failing to have a proper ‘me’ time to decompress and relax.

  1. Engage With Others on Night One

Group dynamics are often established on the first or second day of the trip, so you need to employ some strategy here. One of the best strategy is to stay up late and take the initiative to engage with your travel buddies as soon as the trip begins.


Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not antisocial, awkward or shy. They just take some time to process everything internally. Showing your sociable side early on your trip will help you have an easier time disengaging or hanging back later on, and it won’t be seen by others as being aloof or rude.

  1. Create Opportunities for an Alone Time

Just because you’re travelling in group doesn’t mean that you can’t have some time alone. Think ahead and see where you can insert your little solo moments. You can wake up an hour earlier to sip your coffee in silence, or take the opportunity to explore the beach on your own. Adding some ‘me’ time moments on your trip will definitely make the experience less exhausting and more worthwhile.

  1. Schedule Refuelling Days

Add an extra day or two of staying alone after your trip ends and before returning home so you can create some space to transition back into reality. If this is not an option, schedule a day when you return home for some nap and other activities to fill up your energy bank.

Going on a group travel is one of the best ways to satisfy your wanderlust if you’re hesitant to travelling solo. Just make sure that you understand what your needs are and you go with an energy management plan in mind. You’ll definitely be surprised on what you’ll learn about yourself in the process.


Why It’s A Good Idea To Travel With Your Best Friend

Travelling is always a fun thing to do especially if you consider this one of your life passions and goals. But what makes travelling even more special is not necessarily the place but who you travel with. Choosing who you travel with says a lot about you and your relationship with that person. You wouldn’t normally want to travel with someone you don’t like in the same sense that you’d only want to travel with those you want to be with. Or else you’re better off alone.


Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to travel with your best friend:

There’s the anticipation to a very memorable trip

The thought that you’ll be going on a trip adventure with your best friend can build up anticipation and excitement like no other. You’ve always had a great time with your best pal so this trip will only mean even more amazing time together. You can already imagine all the fun you’ll be having as well as all the laughter you’re both going to end up with. The thought alone already makes you smile.

There’s no boring time

Time spent with your best friend means talking over just about anything under the sun. This is someone you can share your honest opinion with without the fear of being judged or criticized. You can even talk about silly things as if they’re all that matters in the world. There’s also a long timeline to look back on to provide plenty of topics you can’t get enough talking of.


There are plenty of things you can do together

You two can be so much alike you even both agreed to go on this trip together. That means you’re both willing to create even more wonderful memories by doing a lot of new fun activities. These may be the realization of those things you’ve only dreamed and talked about when you were younger. Sitting on the street gutter together in grade school dreaming about how it’s like riding on a hot air balloon – and now you’re finally able to actually ride one!

There are more opportunities to learn together

Your best friend is someone you respect and believe in and this travel together may give you a lot of insights. The insights may help you get to know your best friend much better or in a different light and even help you get to know your own self further, too.



Mistakes to Avoid During Traveling

Traveling is one of the most enriching if not memorable experience one could ever ask for. Though we will spend some money, nothing compares to the joy we feel whenever we discover something new, exciting and amazing. For newbies, we seek the advice and thoughts of experts to avoid gaffes during traveling.


To save ourselves from the headaches and hassles of traveling, here are some gaffes that we need to avoid:

• Purchasing airline tickets for the incorrect day: It is okay if the airline allows you to transfer or refund the tickets but that is beyond hoping. You know perfectly well that no matter the circumstances, the airlines will never transfer or refund tickets. If you do not want to waste money, be sure when you are booking it.

• Missing the boarding announcement: The greatest mistake that you will ever make is to miss the boarding announcement. When your flight is delayed because of something, make sure that you are always updated of its status. Be attentive.

• Going to the wrong destination: Discovering the place is a unique experience but when the family is steered to the wrong direction because of your navigation prowess, you wasted your precious time.


• Catching the wrong train: Catching the wrong train is both a memorable experience and a funny one. It is not every day that you catch the wrong train. When you are boarding a train, make sure that you are in the right railway especially if you cannot afford to delay a day.

• Drugging yourself before the flight: Taking pills (specifically Ambien) is common for those who want to sleep soundlessly during the travel. There are even those who take pills before leaving home. The challenge here is when the flight is delayed and you fall asleep in the lounge and wake up missing the flight – this is an expensive mistake.

• Using the wrong words: There are some words lost in translation and that is something that you need to be careful about. You do not know you are inviting trouble with just a mispronounce word. Before going to a specific place, make sure to learn some basic words and know how it is pronounced. However, you are a tourist, you are welcome to make mistakes especially about the language.

• Not traveling enough: For those who haven’t travelled enough, perhaps it is one of their greatest regret in life. When you are young and adventurous, you should travel more and not live to regret it when you become old.
Now that you know some gaffes, you are ready to leave Singapore and be on your next travel.



Strategies for Flying Comfortably

We just want to fly comfortably regardless of the length of travel. Whether it is near or long-hauled flights from Singapore to some place, we only want to avoid the discomfort from cramped seats to intolerable cabin temperature. We can avoid discomfort by upgrading to first class but is it necessary?


Do we need to spend more just to be comfortable as much as possible? Fortunately, there are different strategies that we can consider for flying comfortably without upgrading. Here are some strategies:

• Drink water: Not all people know that flying takes out a lot of fluids. Pilots are recommending that passengers drink lots of water during the travel. Hydrating is the key to being comfortable. According to some experts, you have to drink at least one quart of water every four hours.

• The potential of pills: For passengers embarking on long journeys, they consider pills if they want to sleep but it need proper timing. Do not take pills upon leaving the house because sometimes, flights are delayed and you will be out of it by the time you board. It is better to experiment before the big day so you will know how long it can affect you.

• Do not drink: Experts are highly recommending the passengers not to drink. If you want to feel rested and fresh during and after the journey, you should avoid drinking. If you prefer to drink to facilitate sleeping, just limit it to one glass.


• Choose healthy foods: The food is something that you can consider in advance. When travelling, it is crucial that you choose healthy meals. If you did not want to get it from the airline, just grab healthy foods like protein bars, fruit and almonds. The meals should be light. If you want to fend-off thirst, just bring a gum since it can bring saliva.

• Dress comfortably: As much as you want to dress and travel in style, the reality is that it can be pretty damning. The key here is to dress comfortably – even if it is just flats, jeans and shirts.

• Look for entertainment: If you do not consider sleeping at all, you have to think of diversions or entertainments. You can for instance bring your laptop, a book or a crossword puzzle. If that is not enough, you can download movies at home and screen it when you are in the plane.

• Block it: If you are really plan on sleeping all throughout the journey, the best way is to block everything out. You just need to bring head phones, eye masks and earplugs.



Avoid Overpaying for Your Hotel Accommodation with These Smart Tips


Are you planning for your next vacation? If so, making sure you’re getting the best deals for your accommodation is among the major factors when it comes to choosing a hotel to stay in. There are several things you can do to ensure you’re getting a good price without worrying about getting poor quality services and amenities. Here’s how to book your hotel accommodation smartly for a fraction of a price.


  1. Know When’s the Right Time to Book

You can greatly benefit from knowing when the high and low seasons are. Obviously, expect to pay more if you head to the Caribbean islands during summer season. However, keep in mind that busy times can also vary from day to day. Schedule your trip on a weekend and you’ll likely pay double than what you’d pay on a weekday.

  1. Go Direct Booking

Many hoteliers believe that in order for the consumers to book directly through their official website, rather than through sites like Agoda and Expedia, they should offer good value for their accommodations, such as offering rewards points and/or discounted prices. Use aggregator sites to check out prices across different brands, but when booking a specific hotel, it’s worth checking the direct booking rate.


  1. Check for Additional Fees

When checking out prices, don’t immediately believe the upfront price you see online—do your research. Always check for additional fees, and include them when comparing brands. Some of the additional and hidden fees that aren’t included in the display price are Internet fees, housekeeping fees, pet fees, safe fees, and cancellation fees. It’s common to see that the cheapest hotel ends up not being the best deal after all.

  1. Take Advantage of Last-Minute Offers

Contrary to early bookings, great bargains can also be found in last-minute bookings. Last-minute bookings have lower average rates as hoteliers aim to fill as many hotel rooms as possible.

These tips can help you save more than you think on great hotels. So instead of booking a hotel that’s farther away from your destination’s attractions, consider these tips to find nicer and more convenient accommodation that’s perfect for your budget.