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Interior Design


5 Interior Design Mistakes You Should Never Make Again

Design is something that’s highly personal, while there is no one set of rules that you need to follow to make your own HDB flat or condo unit in Singapore look good, there are many ways and things you can do to get that design aesthetic wrong. Here are a few interior design mistakes you need to stay away from as much as possible:

Not testing the color

It’s critical to test out the different variations of a particular paint color in any room or area before fully applying it. This is because you’re not just looking at the color of the paint when choosing one for your interior: you’re also looking at how well it works with the light, how well it works with the walls’ size and texture, and how well it coordinates with the rest of your furniture.

Styling around your TV

If there is one thing you should base your living room’s style around, it’s not your TV – there are better focal points that you can use that will give a much better effect. A better way to do this would be to design the entire area of your living room first, and only then adding the TV. This will make your sitting space look and feel a lot better to be in.

Not adding houseplants

A little green never hurt any interiors – in fact, adding a few houseplants here and there can bring a lot more joy and calm in the atmosphere than you think, and when given sunlight, watered, and taken care of properly, it can keep giving that for a very long time.

Repeating the same fabric or pattern

Patterns are great only when they’re limited to a small number of pieces, such as your curtains or your sofa pillows. Using matching fabrics or patterns for all parts of a room is tacky, and rarely used even by professional designers. Instead, keep things more varied and interesting by adding complementary colors and varying patterns, especially when it comes to window treatments, sofas, and chairs.

Pushing up all furniture against the walls

Pushing furniture against the walls isn’t always the same thing as maximizing space. While it might be better to push heavy things like bookshelves against the wall, doing so for all your appliances can actually make your spaces feel smaller. One alternative to this is to instead do the opposite: arrange furniture away from the walls in a strategic way. In the case of upholstery and tables, like chairs and sofas, it’s much better to group them in the center of the space to allow for cozier conversations.


The Pros and Cons of Flooring for Your Home

When choosing to renovate your home, an important thing to think about is the flooring. Different types of flooring have different pros and cons, and can be a difficult task if you’re looking to do them yourself.

For instance, though one type of flooring can be easier to install, that same type of flooring may be more difficult to clean. Another type of flooring can be both easy to install and clean, but may be more expensive than one that isn’t. Here are some of the different types of flooring to get you started:

1. Ceramic Tiles
Tiles have been used for a long time in a lot of homes, and they’ve become a go-to for a reason.
Ceramic tiles are strong, durable, and come in a wide variety of shades and colors that you can even mix and match to go along with the desired paint color or wallpaper for your walls. They are also easy to clean and sterilize, especially if you have small children.

One disadvantage that they have is that everything brittle, such as glass, tends to break when dropped on them. They are also difficult to install.

2. Wood Tiles
While ceramic tiles have been used for a long time, floating wood tiles have only come to use in households recently.

They do have the advantage of being easier to install, being stain-resistant, and much easier to clean. However, they are made of laminated wood strips, and thus can show scuff marks as well as being really slippery when wet.

3. Hardwood
They may not be made of laminated wood, but are instead strips fashioned from actual wood trunks. Common hardwoods used for flooring include hickory, maple, and oak.

Though hardwood floors are extremely durable, can be sanded many times throughout their lifetime, and don’t retain heat easily (great for keeping cool in Singapore’s humid climate), they are really difficult and labor-intensive when it comes to installation.

4. Vinyl
Vinyl is a fully synthetic polymer flooring that’s flexible and non-porous. Not only is it durable and easy to install, but it can be glued or even nailed to the floor. It’s also stain-resistant and easy to clean.

However, though cheap, vinyl flooring can actually be pretty dangerous. The process used to make vinyl tiles emits VOCs into the atmosphere as a by-product, and because sharp objects can damage this material, is really hard to repair, and sections are often entirely replaced when damaged.


Interior Design Ideas for Your Small Home

One of the most common housing choices in type of housing in Singapore is owning a condominium or having an apartment. This type of housing is perfect for the working class who are a large part of Singapore’s population. Having an apartment or condominium means having the comfort to live alone, pay your own small bills and have your own private life. Nonetheless, having apartments or condominiums may also mean small space and just enough area for house necessities like kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Despite these facts, one can still make the most of his place by assuring a desirable interior design.

Enormous interior design Ideas for small apartments  Small-Living-Room-of-Apartment-Decor

1.Creative Walls

The role of the wall is to divide the different areas of the house, but why not make it more creative by making it a space where you attach the cupboards for the kitchen as well as the living room? Most houses have a floor place of having the kitchen and living room near each other. Use the walls dividing this area to put the cupboard for the kitchen where one can put or display utensils and cupboard for the living room where the television, play station and other gadgets can be placed.


2. Mini Models

Choose a smaller table over a full-sized coffee table. Choose cute bean bags or mini sofas than a king’s chair. Go for creative beds like the double deck bed which has a workplace under rather than a bed. Refrigerators, ovens, pans, plates, glasses and other kitchen utensils also have their smaller versions which you can always pick. Not everything that is small looks thrifty; some really looks cute and even classy if you pick the right color and style for the furniture or house equipment you pick.

3. Light Colors

White, sky blue, mint green and peach are the desirable colors which you should use to paint your house. When one uses light colors, the space looks bigger, fresher and cleaner. This can also inhibit the accumulation of heat inside the house as well as eye sore because of the warm color. It can also easily match the color of the furniture you will pick.