You have credit cards but you miss payment last month for reasons you only know. You are not alone. Here in Singapore, according to the Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS), a large number of people missed payments on their bills last year. The role of CBS is to deliver bank information to fortify their risk assessment.


CBS found out that about 14.64% of clients missed at least payment on their accounts in 2013. If you recently forgot about your credit card payment, you have to act immediately before the bank summons you. Here are some things that you should do to handle missed credit card payments:

  • Pay immediately: When you realized that you miss the payment, you should make the payment right away. Do not wait for the next billing statement. You should know that creditors will report your delinquency after 30 days so do not wait for the next statement. If you have money, pay it.


  • Ask for leniency: You have to call your bank and ask for leniency if you will make a late payment. Creditors will be lenient to you especially if you are not a late payer by nature. There are creditors who will waive late payments if you ask for it.
  • Remember your due: The best thing that you can do is to remember your due date. You can put it in your smartphones as a reminder. You can even post the due date in your notebook. It will be up to you.  

If you cannot sustain the payment, you should let the bank know right away and have your card cut. It is better to consider debit card than credit card.