If you are the fun-seeking traveler, the time-bound business man or just simply the curious passenger caught in a lay-over in Changi Airport, you may as well enjoy yourself and check out the lush greenery just waiting there to be discovered by none other than you. Discover the world of the majestic metamorphosis of one of the most beautiful creatures ever created here on earth—the butterflies.


See them flap their wings for the very first time and capture this wonder-filled moment in the Mini-Eden discreetly placed in Changi Airport. A man-made paradise was created here in Changi Airport and for the record; this is the first Butterfly Garden in the world that was ever made in an airport.

There are over a thousand butterflies thriving in this garden. Different species of these lovely winged-creatures soar around in this haven which is full of flowers and plants especially planted for them to get the right nutrition that they need. The climate is also taken cared of so as to recreate a natural environment for the butterflies. Visitors are also reminded to be mindful of their actions in order to maintain the serenity surrounding the said garden.

Only a maximum of 30 visitors are accepted at a time to get an up-close and personal experience with the butterflies. It is rather sweet that the airport thought of showing to the world how nature and man can co-exist together without harming each other. The butterfly garden is just an icing on the cake because there are more gardens that you can check out in this airport than you can ever imagine.


Are you feeling rather blue although you may be in a crowd of people and you are quite confused on the endless free things you can avail in this huge airport? Well, why don’t you try to catch a glimpse of a ray of sunshine? It may help you cheer up and have a smile painted on your face.

This glimpse of sunshine is quite different from the daily dose of sunshine that we are familiar with. It is something that you can also touch with your very own hands. Yes, please proceed to Terminal 2 and be awed by the rays of sunshine embodied in the beautiful sunflowers which are actually grown and groomed at the edge of this very airport.

Wait there is also another garden that is worth your time. It is called the Enchanted Garden here in Changi Airport. Of course, you might be wondering why it is called that way, is that right?  I think you have guessed it right. It’s really enchanted because you will see it come to life.

The flowers will magically bloom right before your eyes and you will vividly hear the sound of nature with your very own ears. The best part in this Enchanted Garden is the massive stained glass molded in a bouquet-like shape and lit up in a magnificent brilliance which illuminates the entire garden. You won’t ever regret spending your precious time to check out these mini-heavens recreated on Earth only in Changi Airport.